Benefits of proper diet and exercise

Benefits of proper diet and exercise

Just as life is a great gift from God Almighty, so is good health an invaluable gift of nature. Fitness plays an important role in taking full advantage of the joys and pleasures of life. In fact, only a healthy person can fully enjoy the blessings and pleasures given by Allah Almighty. Someone has said that health is a thousand blessings. The system of nature has devised an automated system in our body to protect our health and maintain our body for a proper period of time, which makes the human intellect stunned to consider.

There is an unending series of diseases and their healing in the human body. Inside the human body, an automated immune system is always active, which automatically eliminates the many diseases that occur in our body. For example, our mouths produce a lot of germs every day that are very harmful to various organs and especially our heart. But when a person walks fast and when he opens his mouth to breathe fast, many dangerous germs are killed as a result. It is as if proper exercise gives our body countless benefits that are not usually known to us

Research shows that a diet rich in fiber is very beneficial for humans. Researchers say that the human diet should include 25 grams of fiber per day, while 30 grams of fiber is more appropriate. Fiber naturally lowers the risk of diseases such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes. It also helps control weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Fiber can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta made from peeled grains, pulses, lentils, fruits and seeds. A normal-sized banana contains about three grams of fiber. Half a cup of barley contains 9 grams, a large slice of brown bread 2 grams, a cup of cooked lentils 4 grams, cooked potatoes with peels 2 grams, a carrot 3 grams, apples with peels 4 grams of fiber.

Benefits of proper diet and exercise

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