BREXIT (The vortex to leave the EU or not)

There are many hot issues being discussed around us, nationality and on international forum. BREXIT is one of them being discussed on international forum. Now, we are here to describe some information regarding BREXIT so one may be able to understand about this hot issue.

The word “BREXIT” is derived from two words “British exit” which denotes the exit of the Great Britain (UK) from the European Union. The UK consists in England, Wales, north Ireland, and Scotland. Some time ago, South Ireland was also included in the important meetings related to UK, like voting or other important decisions but now a day it is not included due to their own issues and securities.

The story began when UK considered that it should not be the member of European Union anymore. European Union was basically a trade union of twenty eight (28) European countries including the UK which purpose was to improve the following areas:

1. Trade

2. Economy

3. Prosperity

4. Mutual Cooperation

to strengthen the economy of such countries, those were member of the European Union. It was formed on 1st of November 1993 in Netherlands. Its headquarters is in Brussels which is a famous city of Belgium.

On the other hand another organization was formed by the name of world Trade Organization having same objects but not only at the level of Europe but at the world level. Its headquarters is in Geneva which is a beautiful city of Switzerland. It was formed on first of Jan, 1995.

It was 23rd day of June 2016, when the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Unions through a referendum which result was a defied and roiled economy of the UK in the global market. Moreover it was resultant to the fall of the British pound comparatively with context to the Dollar in the last thirty (30) years which was the alarming situation for the UK. They had a possible threat of the non-cooperation by the other countries of the European Union with than due to which their economy and other obligations may be affected.

So, the David Cameron who remained the PM of UK from 11 may 2010 to 13, July 2016, called a referendum. On the other hand, there May, who remained the Prime Minister of UK from 2016 to 2019, was in favor of BREXIT. She won the referendum with the result of 51.9% votes in favor of BREXIT at that time. The Composition of that referendum was as under.

England => 53.4% votes in favor of BREXIT.

Wales => 52.5%

North Ireland => 44.2%

Scotland => 38%

Total => 51.9%

As a result, on 24th Jan, 2017, the supreme court of UK passed an order that the parliament must pass the legislation to another triggering of article 50 (SC, UK). After a couple of days on 26th Jan, 2017, UK Government introduced a 137-word bill to empower Thera May to initiate BREXIT. As the result of that bill, on 29th March, 2017, the process to leave the European Union started. It was a two (2) year process from 29th March, 2017 to 29th March, 2019. After that on 14th Nov 2019, the British withdrawal agreement was published as more than 50% of the parliamentarians wanted to be the member of European Union. On 15 Jan 2019, UK Government was defeated again by 202/432 votes.

On 12th March, 2019, the referendum were hold again and the result was again a defeat of UK government by 242/391 votes.

On 14th March 2019, UK Government passed a motion of 412/202 votes to entered the period of BREXIT under article fifty 50 of SC, UK until 30th June 2019.

Now due to the issues described above the date of decision regarding BREXIT has been extended till 31 Oct, 2019 which is considered as a final date, due to which this day is being called the BREXIT day. The UK has to decide now, till the date mentioned weather they won’t to leave the European Union or to remain with it. This decision has a lot of importance for UK and for the whole of Europe as in case of any decision; it will bring a lot of changes in the economy of that continent.