What is an Offence? Explain in Detail?

Note: Relevant law about offence is present in Section No. 4 and 345 of Cr.P.C. (i) Introduction :- Purpose of criminal law and criminal Justice is to free human society from offences, to save mankind from commission of offences, and to minimize commission of offences among human beings. It reveals that term “offence” is of … Read more

What is Charge? Explain Charge in Detail?

Relevant law about charge is present in Sections No. 4(c) & 221 to 239 of Cr.P.C. (i) Introduction:- One basic requirement of fair trial in criminal cases is to give precise information to accused about accusation against him. Reason is that such information is considered important.for accused for preparation of his/her defence against accusation. Such … Read more

Definitions of CrPC

Bailable offence Charge Place Public prosecutor Bailable Offence:-  It means that offence, which is shown as bailable in second schedule of Criminal Procedure Code or which is made bailable in any other law, which is in force for time being. Charge:- Charge includes any head of charge when charge contains more heads than one. Place:- Place includes … Read more