Category: Intro to computer

What are Hardware Components?

Hardware are the physical components which we can touch and feel. Computer Hardware are the collection of physical components that constitutes a complete computer system. There are many physical components referred as items of computer hardware as like monitor, mouse,

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What Are The Input Devices?

Input Devices A peripheral device used to input data and instructions into the computer to perform specific tasks. Computer would be only a display device and will not let users to interact with it if there is no input device. Types

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Functions & Components of Computer

There are most important functions of computer device which given below: First take input from the user Then store the instructions/data in memory for future use when required to perform again after calculating the instructions either correct or having some

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Definition of Computer

A computer is an electronic device which contains an operating system. It works on the basis of given instructions by someone. This electronic device is capable to receive information in particular form and perform actions or sequence of operations on

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