Change the world virtual model united nations

Change the world virtual model united nations

Change the world virtual model united nations


Apply for change the world virtual model united nation .

The change the world MUN (CWMUN)

Virtual addition is the first UN simulation in the world that takes place online and reserved to school and university level students the virtual model UN is an entirely digital experience that can be used through most modern communication technologies. The training activity is faithfully reproduce within a stimulating virtual ecosystem that let participants fully identify with the simulation works ,interact with other students and work in a team using their computer or smart phone .

The world has never been so close at hands .


 The change the world model united nations will learn from March 8 -12 and 19-23 2021.

In 2021  the change the world virtual MUN will be in the double addition .The first in March and second in april .


CWMUN is a unique training experience .you can keep traveling without leaving your home ,stay updated and understand what’s going on in the world .improve yourself by continuing to grow your talent .With CWMUN virtual edition participants will

★Get in touch with students all over the world and expand your network .

★interact with experts , ambassadors , journalist ,scientist and great sports champions .

★live the experience of modern UN Role playing one of the ambassador of the United Nations and improve your skills in international relations .

★Make the best use of technology we have by putting it at the best of service at your talent .

★live the experience of united nations at home without jeopardizing the quality of your study also having fun with your friends .change the world virtual UN is not a simple online simulation , it’s a community , it’s  a real world to put your talent into practice joint incredible challenges .

★add a valuable learning experience to your resume .you will get your certificate of attendance at the end of simulation .


Team challenges definitely represent a super new thing to the CWMUN virtual edition .All The participants in the CWMUN virtual edition besides their country / committee assignment will be assigned to a team of 30 students with whom to participate in fun online challenges.

★All the team will be competing and their goal is to win by collecting as many points as possible to climb the ranking .

★The wining team will get fantastic benefits and will enter straight into “The CWMUN VIRTUAL EDITION  BEST OF “the simulation between the strongest delegates ever .


★Each member of the winning team access to the CWMUN VIRTUAL EDITION BEST OF.

★The team winning “CW VIRTUAL MUN BEST OF”  will be winning team of the whole simulation and will get a special bonus on participation in the next edition of change the world in new York

(march 2021 )or singapore( may 2021) .


Types of opportunity           Model UNITED NATION.

Open to                                  school and university students

 Organizer                               change the world model United Nations

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