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Competitive Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – Most Updated Economics MCQs

Competitive Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – Most Updated Economics MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Economics ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Economics mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Economics then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Economics MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of objective questions and answers related to Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Economics to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Miscellaneous ( Economics )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) in past papers. Past papers of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs. Past papers of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs. The Important series of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs are given below:

Women are a minority group insofar as_______________?

A. they are treated unequally and are aware of their minority status
B. they control few resources
C. they are residentially segregated
D. all of the above

Male dominance is expressed_____________________?

A. for the lack of wage parity
B. by the frequent instances of sexual harassment on the job
C. in spite of ours being an egalitarian society
D. all of the above

Women first assumed subordinate roles when they_________________?

A. assumed primary child-care responsibilities
B. ceased to gather the majority of the food supply
C. stayed home when men hunted
D. left home to gather food

Form the dawn of history through the development of agriculture______________?

A. human infants and their mothers had to protected
B. men and women participated in a sex-based division of labor
C. males were assigned hunting and other dangerous tasks
D. all of the above

It is fairly certain that male and female brains________________?

A. distribute sensory functions differently
B. differ in left-right communication
C. are functionally identical
D. differ in size weight and capacity

Ageism asserts that___________________?

A. each stage of life has its own rewards
B. wisdom accompanies advancing age
C. the young are superior to the old
D. life begins forty

The most obvious effect of sexism on women has been that they__________________?

A. have become masculine since they joined the work force
B. have been denied alternatives to the roles of wives and mothers
C. have become passive and accepting of the status quo
D. realized that motherhood had fewer satisfactions than a career

It has been found that disengagement is usually________________?

A. never forced
B. very voluntary
C. often forced
D. rarely enforced

Sex roles are______________?

A. behavioral norms into which males and females are socialized
B. equivalent to macho roles
C. behavioral norms into which only males are socialized
D. what women are attempting to throw off

Sex stereotypes are traditionally found in________________?

A. movies
B. books
C. segregation of boys and girls in certain activities
D. all of the above

There is no conclusive evidence that differences in the behavior of the two genders are due to______________?

A. hormonal differences
B. anatomical differences
C. chromosomal differences
D. all of the above

The “feminization of poverty ” refers to________________?

A. an equal number of men and women being poor now
B. the fact that most men are rich
C. the fact that female-headed households are usually poor
D. the fact that women are more blessed than men in spite of poverty

The female role as a passive and domestic creature may be conditioned by_______________?

A. stress on male sports in school
B. children’s picture books
C. TV ads showing women as domestics
D. all of the above

When parents give rewards for certain sex role behavior the process is called conditioning and is the basis for________________?

A. the social learning theory
B. self-definition
C. initiation
D. bribing

Studies other than Mead,s show that_________________?

A. in most cultures’ males are more aggressive than females
B. biology is totally unimportant in sex role behavior
C. there is no pattern to aggressive behavior in either males or females
D. aggression is strictly socially learned

The hormone associated with male traits and aggression is_______________?

A. testosterone
B. Premarin
C. estrogen
D. progesterone

Males are conceived with which of the following chromosome configurations ?


The hormones involved in the development of sex characteristics are_______________?

A. estrogen and amylase
B. progesterone and testosterone
C. phlogiston and progesterone
D. progesterone and estrogen

The largest number of Latinos come form_______________?

A. Spain
B. Latin American
C. Mexico
D. Puerto Rico

Psychologists researching the causes of prejudice have found that_______________?

A. it is caused by anger
B. it may have an evolutionary origin
C. it is directed at a target from a different group
D. all of the above

The term “prejudice” implies that_________________?

A. one takes action against minorities
B. one refuses to change one,s mind even when confronted by facts
C. one makes a judgment before having all the facts
D. ones judgments are BOTH preconceived and unchangeable

Prejudice diminishes as___________________?

A. assimilation occurs
B. the majority becomes more oppressive
C. the economic status of minorities becomes equal to that of the majority
D. the economic status of minorities declines

In the social sciences discrimination as a concept means_________________?

A. the physical ability to see in the dark
B. actions taken as a result of prejudicial feelings
C. ability to discern the direction of social relations
D. having good taste in art and music

When confronted with evidence contrary to their beliefs prejudiced persons will______________?

A. change their judgment to conform to new evidence
B. suspend judgment until more evidence is found
C. refuse to change the original judgment in spite of evidence to the contrary
D. apologize to the victim of their prejudice

What is the basis of racist ideology?

A. An inaccurate interpretation and social application of Darwin,s theory of evolution
B. An invention of European colonial governments
C. “Social Darwinism “applied to religious beliefs
D. The New Testament

For many second and third generation immigrants ethnic background is less a focus of identity than______________?

A. race
B. religion
C. social class
D. residence

Which of the following is NOT true of minority groups ?

A. They are recognizable by their visible ascribed traits or cultural customs
B. They are aware of a common group identity
C. They are not aware of their minority status
D. They are subject to differential treatment

The dominant group in a society is the one that is the_________________?

A. most powerful
B. largest
C. subordinate
D. oldest

Stratification systems tend to________________?

A. differentiate among people within societies
B. oppress children and the old
C. equalize the status of people in a society
D. create conflict between old and young

The Black movement to the urban North from the rural South was similar to______________?

A. moves of professionals from New York to Los Angeles
B. immigration from Europe
C. the experience of the American Indians
D. the arrival of the Cuban middle class after Castro

Miscellaneous MCqs

According to Gordon Allport much prejudice is based on________________?

A. economic competition among different groups
B. lack of human compassion
C. equality of groups
D. plain ignorance

The decline of unskilled factory jobs has increased black unemployment The situation is a result of______________?

A. structural discrimination
B. nature of life
C. individual discrimination
D. personal discrimination

Admiration of power and intolerance of differences is linked to a_________________?

A. unprejudiced personality
B. Democratic personality
C. authoritarian personality
D. totalitarian personality

Racism is based on the belief (s) that_________________?

A. minority groups should not have access to wealth and power
B. the dominant majority is the fittest from a Darwinian point of view
C. groups inherit certain traits that are inferior
D. all of the above

When a minority group accepts the culture of the dominant group it is called_______________?

A. acculturation
B. accommodation
C. amalgamation
D. assimilation

In recent years there was an awakening of ethnic identity among the following groups__________________?

A. Hispanics
B. African Americans
C. Native Americans
D. all of the above

Second- and third-generation immigrants failed to melt in the melting pot because of_______________?

A. residence stability
B. language differences
C. religion
D. skin color

Classification of human races is_____________________?

A. restricted to skin color
B. vague because of overlap of traits
C. clear-cut
D. done according to physical appearance

Ethnic groups are based on_________________?

A. genes
B. common customs and /or identities
C. skin color
D. eye shape

Discriminatory behavior prompted by the knowledge that prejudice exists on a society wide level is called______________?

A. attitudinal discrimination
B. cultural discrimination
C. institutional discrimination
D. personal discrimination

Stressing the desirability of retaining each group,s cultural distinctiveness is part of the ideology of______________?

A. melting pot
B. Anglo-conformity
C. ethnicity
D. cultural pluralism

Scientists agree that________________?

A. there are fifty two races
B. there are three races
C. there are no races
D. all of humankind is descended from the same common stock

Conflicts between the dominant group and minorities develop because_________________?

A. minorities perceive themselves as different
B. minorities are perceived as different
C. the dominant group has coercive power
D. all of the above

The difference between racial minorities and ethnic minorities is_______________?

A. ethnic minorities do not suffer from discrimination but only from prejudice
B. in the size of each group
C. racial minorities differ biologically ethnic minorities differ culturally from the dominant group
D. racial minorities have been here longer than ethnic minorities

Membership in specific racial ethnic and religious groupings is________________?

A. a biological rather than a social product
B. a variable of the stratification system
C. characteristic only of industrial societies
D. the cross every individual must bear

Global inequality is evident in_______________?

A. per capita
B. the size of families
C. the items rich countries throw out
D. all of the above

Craftsmen foremen secretary’s office workers belong to the________________?

A. middle-middle class
B. upper-middle class
C. working class
D. “new class”

Miscellaneous MCQs

Where one stands in the social hierarchy is intimately related to________________?

A. how one performs one,s job
B. how much stress one experiences
C. how long one lives
D. only B and C

The loss of entire categories of jobs without the creation of new occupations would be_______________?

A. structural mobility of a negative sort
B. intragenerational mobility
C. horizontal mobility
D. status ambiguity

Members of the “New Class” occupy which of the following occupations_________________?

A. MBAs staring their own firms
B. Computer programmers
C. Out of work middle managers
D. journalists’ academics media commentators

Life expectancy is____________________?

A. about the same across social classes
B. lower for the lower classes
C. lower for the upper-middle class
D. lower for the middle class

The categories used by researchers to pigeonhole people into social classes__________________?

A. adequately reflect the complexity of the American class system
B. indicate that there are two classes the working class and the middle class
C. tend to be arbitrary and artificial
D. reflect the common -sense self-ratings of individuals

The victims of crime tend to be_______________?

A. members of the middle class
B. poor
C. members of minority groups
D. B and C

Max Weber’s notion of life chances closely resembles the concept of________________?

A. social power
B. personal power
C. social status
D. occupational prestige

The nation that social institutions reinforce and legitimize class division is derived from___________?

A. Karl Marx
B. Adam Smith
C. Emile Durkheim
D. Max Weber

The view that inequality is based on the corrupting and divisive actions of institutions is part of the ideology of_______________?

A. classical conservatism
B. social Darwinism
C. structural functionalism
D. classical liberalism

According to Blau and Duncan occupational upward mobility is greatly influenced by______________?

A. occupation of the father
B. the amount of education
C. the nature of the first job
D. all of the above

Inequality has been explained as______________?

A. serving the needs of society
B. resulting from the struggle for goods and services in a society
C. being part of the law of nature
D. all of the above

Which is NOT a type of social differentiation ?

A. Ethnicity and race
B. Stratification
C. Head shape and eye color
D. Sex and age

Present theories of stratification__________________?

A. answer the of what causes inequality
B. offer ways to end inequality
C. agree that inequality is an evil
D. offer two different ways of looking at inequality

Conflict theorists view stratification systems as______________?

A. effects of the law of nature
B. resulting from class struggles
C. mechanisms of coercion
D. BOTH coercive and resulting from class struggles

Which are the dimensions of stratification ?

A. Class status and power
B. Talent service goodness
C. Family background attractiveness wealth
D. Caste estate feudalism

People who suffer from status inconsistency__________________?

A. work hard to accumulate wealth to make up for it
B. tend to suffer more frustration and dissatisfaction than those whose status is consistent
C. usually do not worry about it
D. willingly accept a lower status in return for social recognition

Power is defined by Max Weber as the ability to__________________?

A. gain consent
B. carry out one,s wishes in spite of resistance
C. be the strongest in mind and body
D. do as one pleases

Most researchers today use only two approaches to determine social class They are the_______________?

A. reputational approach
B. life style approach
C. subjective approach
D. occupational prestige and socioeconomic status(SES)

Poverty is related to_______________?

A. lack of work ethic
B. technological changes only
C. patterns of prejudice and technological change
D. discrimination only

Some of the restrictions as work in a market include________________?

A. prices of resources for firms
B. income for labor
C. prices of goods and services
D. all of the above

The circular nature of the economic process occurs from_________________?

A. government to consumer
B. household to firm to consumer and back again
C. firm to firm
D. firm to consumer

The price system is based on_______________?

A. tradition
B. a government plan
C. consumer demand
D. the command of a ruler

What is meant by the public sector ?

A. Economic activities open to the public
B. Economic activities in which the government engages for the public good
C. Economic activities in which self-interest makes for personal affluence
D. The goals of the society

What forces prices down ?

A. Large consumer purchasing power
B. Elastic demand
C. Inferior products
D. Inelastic demand

Rates of poverty tend to be highest among_______________?

A. Female headed households
B. minorities
C. children
D. all of the above

The most likely factor to overcome the low status of a father’s occupation is______________?

A. education
B. hard work
C. religion
D. belonging to organized crime

Miscellaneous MCQs

The modern approach to studying social classes based on several dimensions of the stratification system is the______________?


Which society lacks social classes totally ?

A. China
B. The Soviet Union
C. The United States
D. none of the above

Which is characteristic of a strictly closed society ?

A. Class
B. Estate
C. Caste
D. Strata

The following people enjoy both status and wealth in our society______________?

A. ministers
B. physicians
C. professors
D. research scientists

A modern definition of class maintains that social class is constituted by____________?

A. people especially endowed by nature
B. persons who have similar forms of power prestige or wealth
C. categories of people set up by governments
D. the owners of the means of production

Which of the following is a criticism of Marxist theory ?

A. Everyone is talented equally
B. inequality is a motivating force for people to rise in the stratification system
C. Marxism tries to explain all social problems
D. Democracy delivers equality better than Marxism does

Criticisms of structural functionalism include_______________?

A. sons of talented persons are privileged even if they themselves lack talent
B. who says that a football player is more important than a college professor?
C. is a stable society better than an unequal society?
D. all of the above

The classical conservative approach to stratification is that____________?

A. inequality is the law of nature
B. inequality results from exploitation
C. stratification must be legislated
D. none of the above

Stratification occurs societies that have a____________?

A. surplus
B. equality
C. shortage of everything
D. capitalistic system

In stratified societies categories of people are ranked by________________?

A. hunting lacks prestige
B. food is shared by all
C. food is hoarded by a few
D. none of the above

If a janitor got a job as a security guard because it was closer to home he would be experiencing_______________?

A. horizontal mobility
B. intragenerational mobility
C. vertical mobility
D. inter structural mobility

Negative life chances correspond to__________________?

A. lack of talent
B. a low position in the stratification system
C. a high position in the stratification system
D. lack of desire for an education

According to Karl Marx_______________?

A. status is also a phenomenon of stratification
B. classes are the result of different life styles
C. classes are determined by the relationship of a group in society to the means of production
D. classes are composed of the have-nots who eventually revolt against the haves

The greatest problem with capital punishment is that________________?

A. it is a cruel way to end someone’s life
B. many witnesses lie
C. sometimes an innocent person is put to death
D. only God has the right to kill

The rationalization for having capital punishment is that_______________?

A. societies need to threaten prospective criminals
B. it acts as a deterrent
C. it prevents capital crime
D. it protects the Biblical commandment against killing

Crimes that are tolerated more than others because they seldom include violence include_______________?0

A. price fixing
B. data rape
C. copyright infringement
D. all but B

Two nations with a low street -crime rate are________________?

A. Switzerland and France
B. Japan and Finland
C. Honduras and Mexico
D. Germany and Austria

Among the causes of violence the most probable is/are___________________?

A. violence presented as entertainment by the media
B. a street ethic that requires young men to commit murder to prove their manhood
C. a shocking decline in moral standards
D. poverty drugs and hopelessness

Embezzlement and fraud are two examples of_________________?

A. white collar crime
B. organized crime
C. crimes against persons
D. property crimes

Secondary deviance does not occur unless people_______________?

A. accept deviant labels and eliminate the behavior in
B. reject deviant labels
C. reject the deviant labels but maintain the behavior in
D. accept the deviant labels and maintain the behavior in

Another name for cultural transmission theory is______________?

A. labeling theory
B. anomie
C. innovation
D. differential association theory

A form of treatment for severe mental disorders that has been largely abandoned is_____________?

A. hypnotherapy
B. psychosurgery
C. psychotherapy
D. electroconvulsive shock therapy

Psychosomatic illness entails____________?

A. anxiety or emotional tension producing physical symptoms
B. bodily ailments creating mental disorder
C. purely imaginary physical problems
D. all of the above

Primary deviance______________?

A. is deviance of which we are all guilty at one time or another
B. is the first deviant act ever discovered
C. is a more serious offense than secondary deviance
D. occurs when deviants accept the label

Which of the following is an example of a sociological theory of deviant behavior ?

A. Mead’s theory of inherited criminality
B. Freud’s theory that anatomy is destiny
C. Cooley’s theory of original sin
D. None of the above

Which of the following is a social order crime?

A. Rape
B. Premeditated murder
C. Public drunkenness
D. Burglary

A condition of normlessness and separation from legitimate modes of behavior is termed___________?

A. alienation
B. anomie
C. trauma
D. anomaly

Competitive Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – Most Updated Economics MCQs