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Competitive Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – New Economics MCQs

Competitive Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – New Economics MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Economics ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Economics mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Economics then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Economics MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of objective questions and answers related to Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Economics to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Miscellaneous ( Economics )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) in past papers. Past papers of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs. Past papers of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs. The Important series of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs are given below:

Power is_________________?

A. restricted to a small elite in traditional societies
B. the most important feature of stratification
C. widely distributed and diffused in industrial societies
D. all of the above

Martin Luther king,s status was based on his_____________?

A. property
B. wealth
C. social influence
D. color

Max Weber believed that_______________?

A. class was based on exploitation of the masses
B. property was the only determinant of class
C. class is closely related to life chances
D. societies should have at least three classes

Marx,s view of social class is that______________?

A. private ownership of the means of production perpetuates class divisions
B. religion helps fight social inequality
C. talented people will always rise to the top
D. the bourgeoisie will eventually triumph

The structural functionalist explanation of social stratification asserts that________________?

A. resources are plentiful so there is enough for all
B. there is a limited number of skilled talented people thus they should be rewarded
C. nature demands the existence of social classes
D. people were not meant to work

Social Darwinists believed that________________?

A. the weak shall inherit the earth
B. only the strongest persons should control the resources of a society
C. resources belong to all the people
D. natural selection was a hoax

In stratified societies categories of people are ranked by______________?

A. prestige
B. power
C. wealth
D. all of these

Social ranking is based on________________?

A. sex
B. age
C. wealth
D. all of the above

“The ability of one individual or group to control the actions of another individual or group without the latter’s consent” is a definition of____________?

A. violence
B. coercion
C. power
D. force

All systems of stratification display the following characteristics except_________________?

A. ranking
B. segmentation
C. differentiation
D. institutionalization

Among the reason for overturning death penalty verdicts on appeal are______________?

A. findings of incompetent counsel
B. improved DNA technology
C. indications that prosecutors or police withheld information
D. all of the above

According to criminologists_______________?

A. the death penalty is a sing of an uncivilized society
B. the death penalty does not act as a deterrent
C. the death penalty does act as a deterrent
D. it is preferable to judge each criminal case individually

The high cost of fighting crime is due in large part to_______________?

A. high unemployment rates
B. the increase in organized crime
C. tax cuts instituted by the present administration
D. an increase in prison inmates

illegal acts that are characterized by deceit concealment or violation of trust is the FBI,s definition of_______________?

A. robbery
B. arson
C. white-collar crime
D. organized crime

A low incidence of crime is more characteristic of________________?

A. societies that value the social group over the individual
B. homogeneous societies
C. societies with a ruthless police force
D. only a and b

Drug addiction has been characterized as a victimless crime meaning ?

A. drug users are not responsible for their actions
B. drug addiction is a sustainable life style
C. addicts choose to be addicted and hurt no one but themselves
D. society does care what happens to addicts

Gambling and prostitution are included in the category of______________?

A. crimes against persons
B. organized crime
C. social order crimes
D. sins against religious teaching

Howard Becker’s term for the process whereby individuals are accused sermonized and punished is_______________?

A. secondary deviance
B. primary deviance
C. tertiary deviance
D. labeling

Criminologists Cloward and Ohlin Classified delinquent gangs into which of the following categories ?

A. Realist drug and alcohol territorial
B. Ritualistic territorial rebel
C. Conflict subcultural criminal
D. Criminal realist conflict

A medical model of deviance assumes that it is caused by_________________?

A. abnormality
B. illness
C. mental defects
D. all of the above

Serious mental disorders that often require periods of hospitalization or institutionalization are called____________?

A. sociopathology’s
B. neuroses
C. psychoses
D. all of the above

Biological explanations of deviance________________?

A. were popular during the first half of the 20th century
B. are strongly supported scientifically
C. agree on the causes of deviance
D. explain all types of deviance

According to the differential association theory deviant acts are_________________?

A. caused by abnormal chromosomes
B. considered normal by some antisocial individuals
C. learned through interaction with others
D. the result of social deprivation

Which of the following acts does NOT constitute a crime if committed by an adult ?

A. Copyright infringement
B. illegal drug use
C. Prostitution
D. Truancy

Miscellaneous MCQs

The exchange system is based on_______________?

A. lack of labor
B. supply and demand
C. government reaction
D. goods and service

Which of the following is an index crime ?

A. speeding
B. being in a football pool
C. robbery
D. all of the above

Aggregate demand is defined as_________________?

A. the lack of demand for goods and services
B. one person’s demand for goods and services
C. the total demand in a society or on a world level for goods and services
D. none of the above

Labeling theory has been criticized because_________________?

A. an undiscovered teller who steals from his bank is still a deviant
B. it discounts the power of anomie
C. it does not take biology into consideration
D. it is necessary to be realistic about people’s behavior

Deviance that has not been discovered is called ?

A. final deviance
B. secondary deviance
C. primary deviance
D. sinful deviance

The middle- and low-income nation are located mostly in_______________?

A. the southern regions of the world
B. the northern regions of the world
C. the North-South Axis
D. the North and South Pole

What percentage of the earth’s people live in low-income areas ?

A. 35%
B. 10%
C. 56%
D. 5%

The largest of the world regions containing 44 countries is_____________?

A. Asia
B. Europe
C. North America
D. Sub-Saharan Africa

The desert and semi-arid regions of the Middle East are resource-poor except for_______________?

A. uranium
B. oil
C. dates
D. coal

The most advanced form of regional cooperation is exhibited by______________?

A. The Middle East
B. Africa
C. Europe
D. The Pacific Rim

When a state experiences a foreign policy crisis_______________?

A. the Chief State makes all final decisions
B. the United Nations is contacted
C. both general and administrative personnel are involved
D. Henry Kissinger is contacted

The Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan and NATO are characteristic of which period ?

A. interventionism
B. isolationism
C. containment
D. internationalism

When President Kennedy told the Soviet leader to withdraw Russian missiles in Cuba it was an illustration of one of the following types of foreign policy ?

A. general
B. crisis
C. administrative
D. threatening

An example of a state that has had to worry about and defend its very physical existence is_______________?

A. Palestine
B. Israel
C. Egypt
D. Lebanon

Political scientist Morgenthau and the realist school believe that foreign policy is based on_______________?

A. rights of humanity
B. morality
C. exercise of power
D. what is best for the people of a nation

In the present national power is based on________________?

A. location and population
B. size and resources
C. political ideology and wealth
D. specific combinations of attributes

The type of foreign policy decisions made by the governmental bureaucracy fall into the category of_______________?

A. legislative decisions
B. administrative foreign policy
C. crisis decisions
D. constructive foreign policy

Which perspective looks at the world-wide context and emphasizes economic factors ?

A. Neo-realism
B. Realism
C. Globalism
D. Pluralism

An ideology or doctrine spread through persuasion is______________?

A. propaganda
B. foreign policy
C. journalism
D. diplomacy

“The capacity of a nation to use its resources to affect the behavior of other nations” is a definition of________________?

A. diplomacy
B. foreign policy
C. power in the context of international relations
D. international law

If the GNP increases by 8% and prices increase by 3% the actual growth rate is_______________?

A. 8%
B. 5%
C. 11%
D. 3%

When the government must pay for fighter planes based on commitments made five years previously the spending the spending is called________________?

A. balanced
B. uncontrollable
C. discretionary
D. unavoidable

Manipulation of taxation and spending levels is______________?

A. fiscal policy
B. incomes
C. monetary policy
D. revenue policy

What is the Phillips curve ?

A. a special kind of screw driver that reflects the functioning of the economy
B. a reference to a government economist favoring high taxes
C. a graphic representation of conflict between full employment and inflation
D. a deflationary curve

Miscellaneous MCQs

Engineers lawyer’s investment bankers’ top CEOs entertainers and so on are described as_____________?

A. generation x-ers
B. nouveau riches
C. baby boomers
D. symbolic analysts

Economic policies do not work as well as they should because of obstacles posed by______________?

A. timing
B. implementation
C. interpretation
D. all of the above

During and after a depression the government can use fiscal policy through its powers of_____________?

A. spending and taxation
B. income ceilings
C. wage regulation
D. bank regulation

A demand-side theory that focuses on the role of money to finance aggregate demand is termed__________?

A. monetarism
B. the gold standard
C. Reaganism
D. cash and carry

The Keynesian revolution acknowledged_________________ ?

A. the need for the intervention of the owners of the means of production
B. that the market was inherently unstable
C. that the masses were being exploited
D. that industrial workers were becoming the new bourgeoisie

One of the functions of public policy is to________________?

A. mediate among conflicting economic goals
B. ensure that everyone is a sinner in the economy
C. plan to ensure the correct mix of supply and demand
D. none of the above

In economic growth it is important to consider________________?

A. the quality of capital and labor
B. the quantity of capital and labor
C. the quality of the labor force
D. all of the above

A way of calculating the total output of the economy and all incomes earned within the Pakistan regardless of whether the resources are Pakistan or foreign is_______________?

A. the GDP
B. the NNP
C. the GNP
D. the SPQR

Income distribution according to productive contribution is____________?

A. efficient but inequitable
B. efficient and equitable
C. inefficient but equitable
D. a tenet of communism

Congestion pollution urban decay and similar side effects of the market system are termed_____________?

A. internalities
B. externalities
C. negatives
D. tangentials

The public sector_________________?

A. employs one of every four workers
B. is bloated with a large bureaucracy
C. is less efficient and effective than the private sector
D. all of the above

“Laissez-faire” is a policy that appeals to_______________?

A. political independents
B. political liberals
C. political conservatives
D. political freethinkers

Participant observation_________________?

A. involves experimental controls
B. requires the researcher to disguise his or her identity
C. is exclusively used by anthropologists
D. may compromise the objectivity of the researcher

The main function of organized labor is to_______________?

A. strike
B. manage large corporations
C. bargain collectively
D. regulate safety

A professional trained in a narrow abstract field is a________________?

A. bureaucrat
B. specialist
C. vice president
D. foreman

Capitalisms roots can be found in_________________?

A. Christianity
B. feudal agriculture
C. machine-based production
D. dialectic materialism

The price system_______________?

A. is equitable
B. allows wealthy consumers to obtain more products
C. rations products among consumers
D. only B and C

The more consumers are willing to pay for a product_____________________?

A. the more of the product will be produced
B. the less producers will manufacture to raise the price still more
C. the more expensive the product becomes
D. the more they go into debt forcing them to stop buying

NAFTA binds which three countries into a single commercial entity ?

A. United States Canada Puerto Rico
B. Mexico Panama Costa Rica
C. United States Canada Mexico
D. United States Cuba Mexico

The condition of an increase in prices NOT triggered by an increase in demand is called_______________?

A. the Pigou effects
B. hyperinflation
C. inflation
D. restraint of trade

The marginal productivity of labor_________________?

A. is a political as well as economic issue
B. concerns wage rates and labor supply
C. is complicated by overlapping labor markets
D. all of the above

Which of the following is NOT a predominant goal of American society ?

A. a leisure-based society
B. a desirable mix of windfall profits
C. spectacular growth
D. none of the above are dominant goals

Income received by firms that is not returned to households or other firms is called________________?

A. unbalanced exchange
B. withdrawals
C. savings
D. exchange flow

Income received by firms from sources other than households is called_________________?

A. windfalls
B. incremental
C. injections
D. incidentals

The behavior of an individual firm is part of_______________?

A. major economics
B. microeconomics
C. macroeconomics
D. institutional economics

The participants in a market economy cannot pursue their goals freely because they are affected by_________________?

A. economic laws
B. the ratio of gold to paper money
C. prices and incomes
D. the religious institution

Inflation results when_________________?

A. demand exceeds supply
B. there is control of purchasing power
C. supply exceed demand
D. consumers have no purchasing power

Which is NOT a socioeconomic goal _______________?

A. Reasonable price stability
B. High and equitably distributed income
C. Full employment
D. Low prime interest rate

When supply and demand are essentially equal the economy is said to be in________________?

A. equivalence
B. equilibrium
C. a recession
D. abeyance

Public government agencies are________________?

A. households
B. firms
C. markets
D. central authorities

Professionalization means________________?

A. the same as unemployment
B. everyone is called by a title
C. there is a decrease in polarization
D. having theoretical knowledge in addition to training

What kind of a system is the economic institution ?

A. Cultural and social
B. Semantic and semitic
C. Religious and educational
D. Typically, American

The following factors are important in production_______________?

A. earth wind fire
B. water space air
C. animal vegetable object
D. technology time efficiency

Today most workers in the United States are employed in the_________________?

A. secondary sector
B. primary sector
C. tertiary sector
D. quaternary sector

Miscellaneous MCQs

When the American Cigar Co buys a pizza chain the process is called________________?

A. planned obsolescence
B. diversification
C. monopoly
D. takeover attempt

When a few powerful corporation dominate as industry the condition is called_____________?

A. government control
B. oligopoly
C. a free market for all
D. none of the above

The Industrial Revolution shifted the emphasis in ownership from land to______________?

A. serfs
B. the means of production machines tools materials
C. gold and silver
D. precious spices

Socialism and communism both call for________________?

A. government controlling parts of the economy for the common good
B. abolition of private property
C. revolutionary change
D. totalitarian government and dictatorship of the proletariat

Consumer sovereignty means that________________?

A. consumers create demand
B. production depends on supply and demand
C. producers supply what is demanded
D. all of the above

A member of a Navajo tribe can graze his sheep on clan land but he cannot sell it Navajo land is what kind of property ?

A. Private
B. Public
C. Communal
D. Indian

The production possibilities frontier refers to_______________?

A. the amount of each commodity that can be produced given available resources
B. limitless output of commodities
C. unlimited production of one commodity
D. none of the above

Material objects found in nature are called_______________?

A. land
B. labor
C. capital
D. time

In industrial societies consumption ?

A. is not a factor
B. maintains and fuels demand
C. must always be limited
D. is viewed unfavorably

Professionalization means__________________?

A. interlocking directorates
B. excessive upward mobility
C. racial polarization
D. a combination of theoretical knowledge and training

What does one call property owned by the state in the name of the people ?

A. public
B. common law
C. private
D. communal

A society’s economic system is largely determined by its concept of________________?

A. happiness
B. property
C. truth
D. justice

Resources are defined as___________________?

A. anything that is produced in factories
B. anything that is manmade
C. anything that is derived from natural including
D. everything that is needed for the production of goods and services including human energy

The primary function of the economy as a social institution is to________________?

A. show people how to obtain goods and services without having to pay for them
B. Provide a blueprint showing people how to survive
C. convict felons in Common Pleas Count
D. none of the above

Competitive Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – New Economics MCQs