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Competitive Water Management MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Up to Date Agriculture MCQs

Competitive Water Management MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Up to Date Agriculture MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Agriculture MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Software engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) in past papers. Past papers of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. Past papers of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. The Important series of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs are given below:

Specific weight of a liquid is defined as the weight per unit volume at standard Temperature & pressure therefore specific weight of water of water is equal to ____________ kg/m3 in MKS system ?

A. 995
B. 990
C. 999
D. 1000

Compressibility of a liquid is defined as vertical or contraction in volume with variation of pressure. Therefore water is considered as ___________________?

A. Compressible
B. In-Compressible
C. Expandable
D. All are correct

The law which states that the intensity of pressure at any point in a liquid at rest is same in all directions_________________?

A. Archimed’s law
B. Darcy’s law
C. Pascal’s law
D. None

A channel artificially constructed for water conveyance of appreciable quantities with no problem of silting and scouring is called ____________________?

A. A regime canal
B. Alluvial canal
C. Stable canal
D. A and B are correct

An area is officially declared as drought effected if the mean Annual rain fall is less than of the annual Potential evaporation,______________?

A. 75%
B. 70%
C. 80%
D. 85%

The resultant pressure of water acting at ________________________?

A. H/3
B. 2H/3
C. H/2
D. None of these

A dam which the up lift pressure of the sub-soil water by its own weight is called _________________?

A. Arch dam
B. Buttress dam
C. Gravity dam
D. Concrete dam

To dispose of the surplus water from dam, a water way is constructed called________________?

A. Channel
B. Spillway
C. Water escape
D. All are correct

In case of silt deposition in the dam reservoir to dispose of the effectively ________________ be used?

A. Vortex pipes
B. Silt ejectors
C. Silt excluders
D. All are correct

The dam built for the purpose of diverting water from main stream to various courses of flow is called ____________________?

A. Detention dam
B. Coffer dam
C. Diversion dam
D. Gravity dam

Specific gravity of a liquid is defined as the ratio of its specific weight to that of pure water and standard temperature and pressure. Therefore specific gravity is equal to ___________________?

A. 1.0
B. 1.5
C. 1.2
D. 2.0

Surface tension is the property of a liquid which enables it to resist tensile stress. the surface tension of water is equal to ______________ Kg/m?

A. 0.006
B. 0.0056
C. 0.0065
D. 0.0075

An escape constructed with masonry or pitched with stones to dispose off surplus of tank or reservoir is called________________?

A. Water escape
B. paved-escape
C. Bye-wash
D. Disposal channel

The permissible limit of hardness of water fore low pressure boiler is _____________________?

A. 40 mg/litre
B. 30 mg/litre
C. 50 mg/litre
D. 60 mg/litre

Sterilization is the process of killing ___________ of water borne diseases, so as to make it safe for hospital use?

A. Fungi bacteria
B. Algai bacteriai
C. Pathogenic bacteria
D. Insects

Always flow inside the ground is ____________________?

A. Laminar
B. Rotational
C. Turbulent
D. Compressible

The resultant pressure of water on the face of dam is equal to ____________________ ?

A. 1/2 WH2
C. 1/2 WH
D. All are correct

The steep conduits made in the body of dam for running turbines to generate hydro-electric power are called__________________?

A. Chuttes
B. Tunnels
C. Penstocks
D. Weep holes

When reservoir is full on upstream side, the maximum stress comes upon__________________?

A. Face of dam
B. Bottom of dam
C. Top of dam
D. All are correct

Tanda dam is constructed on river ___________________?

A. Hub
B. Haro
C. Kabul
D. Kohat

Water storage efficiency in the root zone depends upon__________________?

A. Porosity
B. Coarse particles of soil
C. Fine particles of soil
D. Climatic conditions

Water available in root zone of plants, is about 50% of soil moisture content. which is always available to the plants is called________________?

A. Soil-moisture content
B. Effective water
C. Capillary water
D. All are correct

Readily available moisture is the % of moisture that is always easily available to plant and this moisture is called _________________?

A. 75%
B. 70%
C. 80%
D. 85%

__________% of total global water is saline and available in oceans ?

A. 96%
B. 95%
C. 97%
D. 97.5%

Agronomy MCQs

An aquifer in which water contained under high pressure as the’ aquifer is sand witched between two impervious layer is called___________________?

A. No-Artesian aquifer
B. Confined aquifer
C. Un-confined aquifer
D. All are correct

Volume of water that unit volume of aquifer will give up by gravity pull is called ____________________?

A. Specific retention
B. Specific yield
C. Specific volume
D. All are correct

The piezometric level of water in the well at zero discharges is called___________________?

A. Water table
B. Static water level
C. Full supply level
D. All are correct

In study of a granular material sliding on plane ground, the angle between the perpendicular and the surface in static condition is called ___________________?

A. Angle of friction
B. Angle of repose
C. Angle of internal friction
D. All are correct

The fixing of points in such away or the ground to have a correct lines for setting a canal or water course is called _________________?

A. Designing of canal
B. Alignment of canal
C. Lining of canal
D. All are correct

That part of the flow in a stream comes from sub-soil or valley, may be beneath the top surface of channel bed is called__________________?

A. Ground flow
B. Base flow
C. Sub-surface flow
D. All are correct

The ratio of specific weight of any liquid to the specific weight of water is called as _________________?

A. Density of water
B. Density of liquid
C. Specific gravity of water
D. Specific gravity of liquid

The weight per unit of liquid at standard Temperature and pressure is called___________________?

A. Specific weight
B. Mass density
C. Mass weight
D. Capillary rise is significant

The falling drop of rainwater become spherical due to _________________?

A. Surface Tension
B. Capillary
C. Compressibility
D. None of these

Piezometer tube is open to both ends mostly used to measure ____________________?

A. Vacuum pressure
B. gauge pressure
C. Atmospheric pressure
D. absolute pressure

A flow in which velocity of water particles is same at all sections is called ____________________?

A. Compressible flow
B. Uniform flow
C. Steady flow
D. Laminar flow

Flow in which each liquid particle has a definite path is called _____________________?

A. uniform flow
B. Steady flow
C. Laminar flow
D. Transitional flow

For a perfect incompressible liquid flowing in a continuous stream, the total energy of a particle remain the same, while the liquid particle move from one point to another this statement is called ___________________?

A. Pascal’s law
B. Continuity Equation
C. Bernoulli equation
D. Archimede’s principle

The discharge over a rectangular notch is determined by _____________________?

A. 2/3 cd. B (2g) 1/2 H
B. 2/3 cd. b (2 gh) 1/2
C. 2/3 cd. B (2g) 1/2 H3/2
D. 2/3 cd. b (2g) 1/2 H 5/2

The total energy line lies over the hydraulic gradient line by an amount equal to________________?

A. v2/2g
B. v/2g
C. v2/g
D. v/g

A channel is said lo be of most economical cross section, for a given cross-sectional area and bed slope when it __________________?

A. Has minimum wetted perimeter
B. Gives max Discharge
C. Involves lesser excavation
D. All of these

in most economical Trapezoidal section, half of the Top width is equal to _________________?

A. Depth of channel
B. Bottom width of channel
C. Sloping side of channel
D. None of these

if the depth of water in an open channel is greater than the critical depth, the flow is called________________?

A. Non-critical flow
B. Critical depth
C. Sub-critical flow
D. Shooting flow

Art of growing crops, management of live stocks, husbandry and farming is called________________?

A. Agriculture
B. Water management
C. crop farming
D. all are correct

Art of making saline un-cultivable lands capable of re-cultivation is called.___________________?

A. Reclamation
B. Growing crops
C. Fertilization
D. Water application

Which of the following is a cash crop ___________________?

A. Paddy
B. Maize
C. Cotton
D. Wheat

Out/ of a well water is more than canal water because____________________?

A. Conveyance losses in well irrigation are less
B. Lifting of water increase cost of well water
C. Well water is clear than canal water
D. Well water is used economically

Horticulture MCQs

A watershed canal __________________?

A. Is most suitable in hilly areas
B. Avoids the cross drainage works
C. Is generally aligned parallel to the contour of the area
D. Irrigates only on one side

The process of consolidation of stabilized earth work in canal or river embankments. In this process the soil is deposited in layers of specified thickness and at a particular moisture content is called __________________?

A. Compaction
B. Densification
C. Soil stabilization
D. All are correct

When the reservoir is full, the maximum compressive force in a gravity dam is produced ___________________?

A. At the toe
B. Within the middle third of base
C. At the heel
D. At centre of base

The ideal crop for wastewater or sewage irrigation is _______________________?

A. Dates
B. Banana
C. Mango
D. Orange

The season that starts from 1st October and ends on 31st March, runs for 182 days is called __________________?

A. Rabi season
B. Monsoon season
C. Kharif season
D. Wheat season

Weep holes are provided in canal lining to _____________________?

A. Give additional anchorage against sliding
B. improve strength of lining
C. Provide water into branch canals
D. Have drainage facility

Development of___________in river is due to meandering ?

A. Critical velocity
B. Delta
C. Cutoff
D. Turbulence

Rabi crops pertains to ___________________?

A. Monsoon season
B. Summer season
C. Throughout the year
D. Winter season

The delta the total depth of water consumed by a crop from 1st watering when matures, the delta for rice is___________________?

A. 80cm
B. 120cm
C. 100cm
D. 75cm

The delta the total water requirement of crop from the time of sowing to harvesting the delta of sugarcane is __________________?

A. 120cm
B. 80cm
C. 100cm
D. 70cm

Sliding failure occurs in a solid gravity dam when____________________?

A. Ratio of over turning moments exceeds than unity
B. Resultant of all forces cuts the base at the inner middle third point
C. Resultant of all forces cuts the base of the dam out side the toe
D. Shear friction factor Is less than 1.5

Sediment particles smaller than 0.002 mm which do not settle in water are called____________________?

A. Fine silt particles
B. Colloids
C. Fine clay particles
D. All are correct

An engineer who is approached by a client for the purpose of design of hydraulic structures like dam. Barrage or Regulator is called ____________________?

A. Irrigation Engineer
B. Consulting Engineer
C. Chartered Engineer
D. All are correct

A line shown on a contour map, set out on ground between certain constant points of slope is called___________________?

A. Contour line
B. Contour gradient
C. Gradient
D. Counter interval

Cultivation made on small plane steps because of more steepness of the area is called __________________?

A. Step farming
B. Terrace farming
C. Cascade farming
D. All are correct

The law that states that the discharge of sub-soil water is directly proportional to the loss of head and the area of soil sample and inversely proportional to to the length of soil sample ___________________?

A. Permeability law
B. Darcy’s law
C. Archimed’s principle
D. Thiem’s law

The contour of equal water heads and pressure in the soil mass beneath retaining structure are called___________________?

A. Equilibrium lines
B. Equipotential lines
C. Stream lines
D. Streak lines

The minimum moisture content at which a water drop if placed on a smooth surface of soil will not be absorbed immediately by the soil is called __________________?

A. Soil moisture content
B. Soil saturation
C. Moisture content
D. All are correct

The height from the top of the embankment to the normal water level in canal .Dam – Reservoir etc, which allows for small waves to splash without over flow is called___________________?

A. Free board
B. Free faced
C. Free space
D. Free end

A dam which is prevented from overturning by the action of lateral or vertical up thrust of water by its weight is called __________________?

A. Gravity dam
B. Buttress dam
C. Arch dam
D. Coffer dam

The formula used to calculate maximum flood discharge for a hilly () is_______________?

A. Ryve’s formula
B. Dicken’s formula
C. Nawab Jung Bahadur All formula
D. Inglis formula

A fluid is a substance that ____________________?

A. Always expands until it fills any container
B. Can not be subjected to shear force
C. Can not remain at rest under the action of any shear force
D. Is partially incompressible

Cavitation is caused by _____________________?

A. Low discharge
B. High velocity
C. Low pressure
D. High pressure

The velocity in a large canal or channel measured at a depth of ___________________ gives the mean velocity using the current meter?

A. 0.5m
B. 0.6m
C. 0.6 depth
D. 0.5 depth

The last length of the river before it falls into the sea is known as __________________?

A. trough stage
B. Mountainous stage
C. Delta stage
D. Sub-mountainous stage

The forces coming over the gravity dam is mainly resisted by ___________________?

A. Uplift pressure
B. Water pressure
C. Self weight of the dam
D. All the above

The precipitation that occurs because of frontal disturbances during the movement of barometric low pressure is called ____________________?

A. Orographic
B. Cyclonic
C. Hurricane
D. Convective

An instrument used for measuring pressure head, generally made up of a small pipe tapped into the side of conduit is called ___________________?

A. Manometer
B. Piezometer
C. Pilot tube
D. All are correct

Entomology MCQs

hail is precipitation in the form of balls or lumps of ice of size greater than _______________ formed by alternate freezing & melting?

A. 5 mm diameter
B. 15 mm diameter
C. 10 mm diameter
D. 20 mm diameter

The depth of root zone for rice crop is about___________________?

A. 80 cm
B. 70 cm
C. 90 cm
D. 100 cm

A flow of water for a certain discharge when total energy of flow i.e. sum of potential, kinetic and pressure energies is minimum is called_______________________?

A. Sub-critical flow
B. Critical flow
C. Shooting flow
D. Normal flow

The angle between a head regulator and entrance of water, for smooth entry of water in a canal is kept as _________________?

A. 100°
B. 90°
C. 110°
D. 120°

A closed conduct or barrel used used for supplying water under high pressure to a turbine to generate electricity is called __________________?

A. Chute
B. Penstock
C. A tunnel
D. Syphon

An earth embankment built on one or both sides of a river, some distance away from its banks to control flood is called _______________?

A. Embankment
B. Dyke
C. Marginal embankment
D. Flood protective bund

A pipe flowing full, the liquid particles in the pipe has maximum velocity at __________________?

A. Bottom of pipe
B. Centre of pipe
C. Top of pipe
D. All are correct

The hydraulic gradient line (H.G.L)represents the sum of_________________?

A. Pressure head + datum head
B. Pressure head + velocity head
C. Water surface
D. Velocity head

velocity of gases is measured with a _____________________?

A. Barometer
B. Hot wire anemometer
C. Hot wire manometer
D. All are correct

From a water fall, if water is falling down at the rate of 100 N/sec: on the blades of a turbine when the height of fall is 100 m the power delivered to turbine will be______________?

A. 100 kw
B. 10,000 kw
C. 1000 kw
D. 5000 kw

Mercury does not wet the glass because of its property of ______________________?

A. Compressibility
B. Surface tension
C. Capillary
D. Viscosity

A type of flow in which water particles, while moving in the direction of flow, rotate about their mass centre is called _________________?

A. Laminar flow
B. Turbulent flow
C. Rotational flow
D. Circular flow

Permissible velocity of water flowing through concrete lined tunnel is usually __________________?

A. 5 – 6m/sec
B. 4 – 5m/sec
C. 3 – 4m/sec
D. 6 – 7m/sec

The depth of flow at which the energy is maximum is called ____________________?

A. Sub-critical depth
B. Super critical depth
C. Critical depth
D. All are correct

Water application efficiency increases if the plot to be irrigated is__________________?

A. Square
B. Circular
C. Rectangle
D. All are correct

Water available above the top of root zone of plants is about 15% of soil moisture contents, is mostly not available to plants celled_________________?

A. Irrigation water
B. Capillary water
C. Effective water
D. Hygroscopic water

Wilting point is that limit after that the crop starts feeding up and no water is available for plant, this point occurs after _________________?

A. 25% water available
B. 30% water available
C. 20% water available
D. All are correct

Estimated quantity of global water is __________which covers about 70% of earth?

A. 1.32x109km3
B. 1.30x109km3
C. 1.33x109km3
D. 1.35x109km3

_________% of total global water is fresh and its major portion is obtained from Rains ?

A. 3%
B. 2.5%
C. 2%
D. 3.2%

The property of soil which indicates the volume of water stored in the formation is called ___________________?

A. Field capacity
B. Porosity
C. Specific yield
D. Specific retention

The property of saturated soil mass which transmits appreciable quantities . water is called___________________?

A. Transmissibility
B. Porosity
C. Permeability
D. Discharge

The discharge of a well per unit draw down usually expressed as gallons or liters per minute is called ____________________?

A. Specific volume
B. Discharge
C. Specific capacity
D. All are correct

Ground water moving down wards in the un-saturated ground above the water table is called___________________?

A. Capillary water
B. Hygroscopic water
C. Gravity water
D. All are correct

To protect the face of embankment against the attack of wave wash with stone boulders is called _________________?

A. Pitching
B. Revetment
C. Armouring
D. All are correct

The mass per unit volume of a liquid at standard temperature and pressure is called ____________________?

A. Specific gravity
B. Specific weight
C. Mass density
D. None of these

The experiment of capillary rise is performed in a glass tube of smaller diameter, because___________________?

A. It is easily visible
B. Glass tube is lighter than metallic tube
C. Glass tube is cheaper than metal
D. Capillary rise is significant

Competitive Water Treatment MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Up to Date Agriculture MCQs