Corruption is such an anathema which is devouring our society like a termite. It has become so enhanced that it has planted its roots in every walk of life like politics, religion,  social activities, national activities, profession, households and other activities related to our daily life. There are two types of things in our lives, one is called necessity and the other one is known as desire. The element of corruption occurs when we focus towards our desires without having proper power or ability to obtain it.

Corruption is the main cause of flub or vitiation in the society. It concusses our society in various ways. Such as a political corruption occurs when the politicians or their Journeymen tries to cast fake votes to get success in elections or when they makes any influence on any of the department of this country to achieve their objections. A religious corruption occurs when some of our religious persons try to amend the rules or laws of the society in the name of religion, according to their own will. Moreover we are corrupt as a whole in our social activities, such as we feel proud to have such benefits for which we are not entitled e.g. if we goes to a cinema to watch a movies and all the tickets have been sold, we would like to buy tickets in black instead of going back to home. By this example we may assess that how much corruption has been ingrained in our society. Corruption is also conspicuous in our national activities. We just celebrate our national days / gala as fun instead of understanding their quiddity. Now if we consider about professional corruption, we may scrutinize that we do not work hard at our work places and tried to be indolent. We may feel the element of corruption in our household activities when the ladies of our hoses don’t perform their household activities effectively without any reason. All of the above said elements derive us towards corruption whether it is preplanned or intentional but it is fact that all of these conditions are considered as corruption.

In the light of the above said, we should have to make some attempts to regularize our daily works without the element of corruption. For which, first of all we must have to absterge our intent and to work hard in every walk of life. Secondly, we should have to determine / decide that we will not seek any benefit which undue to us. Corruption always manifests when we desire more then we deserve. Moreover if we want to eradicate corruption from our society we must have to adopt the golden principles of Islam and have to become the true followers of our preaching.

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