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Crescent School Lahore Fee Structure 2023 |

Crescent School Lahore Fee Structure for 2023: Overview

Crescent School Lahore is a renowned school that offers quality education services for primary, middle, and college levels. The school has a vast area and a beautiful building that makes it a prime choice for parents who seek the best for their children. The school has a history of 55 years and has continuously improved its system to provide the best possible education to its students. Once a student is admitted to Crescent School Lahore, he or she becomes a part of the school until college, making it tough to find an alternate.

Crescent School Lahore Fee Structure for 2023: Sections

Crescent School Lahore is divided into two sections: one for Montessori education and the other for Grades 1 through 10, including O-levels. The school comprises junior, middle, and senior sections for students in grades 1 through 10.

Crescent School Lahore Fee Structure for 2023: Fees

From for Grade 1 to 10 10,060 Rupees for Each Month

Crescent Model School Lahore charges the same monthly price for grades 1 to 10, which is 10,060 rupees. Each topic, including C-1, C-2, and C-3, costs 15,674 rupees per month for O-levels.

Crescent Montessori School Lahore Fee Structure:

The school has implemented a special system for Montessori schooling, which emphasizes learning through activities. The fee for Crescent Montessori School Lahore is approximately 9,000 rupees, but it is advisable to call the school for verification.

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Crescent School Lahore 2023

Crescent School Lahore Fee Structure for 2023: Campus & Facilities

Crescent School Lahore has separate campuses for boys and girls in the middle and senior divisions. In addition, there is a distinct college establishment. This section enables a knowledgeable staff to deliver more effective educational services.

Crescent School offers lots of things for students to enjoy like big fields to play in, horse riding and swimming pools. 


Crescent School Lahore is a well-established school that offers high-quality education and good amenities. The institution is known for generating intelligent and successful pupils. Parents should mark their calendars for admittance and make sure they do not miss the deadline.