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CSS Exams, Subjects, Syllabus, Preparation, Requirements Central Superior Services in Pakistan Full Detail

CSS Exams, Subjects, Syllabus, Preparation, Requirements Central Superior Services in Pakistan Full Detail:

Meaning of CSS

The term CSS stands for Central Superior Services. Central Supervisor Service is an entrance test to the government. The applicant if selected would directly be posed on the 17th Grade Officer. Age limit for CSS exam is 21 to 30 years. The applicant must have 2nd division graduation degree or C grade of Pakistan or foreign University recognized from Higher Education Commission (HEC). CSS is not too much difficult test to attempt, infarct it needs deep study and concentration of anyone’s who is willing to do so.

The following steps can make student to be fully able for CSS test (Exams):

  1. Applicant may read and learn “Who is Who and What is What”.
  2. He/She should read dawn news daily for all types of information.
  3. There are certain academies for the preparation of CSS but visit for one month training to let know what are the key point then do your self study for better results.
  4. Applicant do not leave prayers, he or she must say five prayers a day.

Skills for the effective study

Willingness of study:

Firstly willingness of the student is very important. Student have desire to study to read every topic deeply and understand its key points. Student does not consider study a burden for him/her. If he/she thinks that study is burden he/she may not study as he/she should. He/she must have thirst for study only in this way student can study his subject properly with full focus and concentration.

If the student start study in such situation when not interested, then it is very difficult to get aim/goal. Sometimes, students study merely to get passing marks in the exams. They were feared that they would fail the exam so they crammed some important questions to pass the exam.

Purpose/Aim of study:

Whenever a person starts study firstly mind would not creep with any other thinking. If mind remain fresh and there is no thought anyone can study with full focus. Otherwise, useless thinking may disturbs is studies and cannot done work properly.

The mean of study is not only read a line or a passage or a paragraph. Its main purpose is to understand the object of line or passage or paragraph. Though, we can not understand what writer want to express indeed. But it is a fact that by reading with full focus we can understand the aim of line or passage or paragraph to a great extent.

Concentration only on study:

If the student do not pay full attention to his studies they might fail the exam or get poor marks in the examination. So, it is very important to study with full concentration and focus. Sometime due to fear of failure students cram up important questions to get passing marks in the exams. This habit is altogether a wrong habit and it makes a person dull work denying.

Sometime, when a student starts studies some thoughts creep in mind. So, which cause not enable to study with full concentration. Student whenever start studies must make mind fresh and through all extra thoughts out of it. So that study can be done with full of attention. If some thoughts are time and again coming, first complete task earlier then start study.

Memorization of some important things:

During studying there are some methods that make your study worthy. Student when sit on the studying table, their mind should be fresh from issues of daily routine. They do not think of other persons who are better then them. This make feel sad and may have feeling of inferiority. So they must through all the thoughts out of their mind.

While studying the student does not just read out the book only. They must kept some important key points in their mind. They also memorize some important and extra ordinary things that would catch good marks in the exams like derivations, names drives from other languages etc.

Making questions and searching their answers:

While reading the book student may have a wonderful habit. That is to make questions from every line or every passage. Student must try to make more and more questions. And after that they should try to find out their answers. Such habit makes study ever lasting and worthy. It is the habit of intelligent students. Successful personalities always have some different skills and this is one of them.

Discussion with others:

After making questions student may find answers of these questions. It is not an act of shame to discuss some topics with others. Indeed, it increases once knowledge and in this way students can have a chance to study together. In this way, in the short time much of the knowledge can be collected easily.

Parts of CSS exam:

There are four parts of CSS exam:

  1. Written Test
  2. Medical Test
  3. Psychological Test
  4. Viva Vice

Subjects in CSS

There are six compulsory subjects in CSS. Each has 100 marks so total marks are 600.

CSS exam has 12 papers in which 6 compulsory papers and 6 optional papers are included. As mentioned above each paper has 100 marks, hence there are 600 for compulsory papers and 600 marks for optional papers. Total marks are 1200. Optional subjects are for 600 marks are to be selected from given list by FPSC.

Compulsory subjects ( 600 Marks):

  • Essay 100
  • English (Precis and composition) 100
  • General Knowledge:
  • Paper -I General Science and Ability 100
  • General Science: ( MCQs=20 Marks, Subjective=40 Marks, Ability=40 Marks)
  • Paper -II current affairs 100
  • Paper -III Pakistan affairs 100
  • Islamic Studies and comparative study of different religions. (For non-Muslims)100

Total : 600 *MCQs are to be attempted on computerized OCR Answer sheet, whereas subjective questions are to be attempted on Answer Book.

Optional Subjects (600 Marks):

The minimum standard of optional subjects will be that of an honor’s degree of a university in Pakistan. The candidates are required to select optional subjects carrying a total of 600 marks from the following groups as per rules given in column-1 below:-

Group-1 One subject carrying 200 marks

Accountancy & Auditing  200
Economics 200
Computer Science  200
Political Science  200
International Relations  200

Group-2 One subject carrying 200 marks or 2 Subjects carrying 100 Marks

Physics 200
Chemistry 200
Applied Mathematics 100
Pure Mathematics  100
Statistics 100
Geology  100

Group-3 One subject carrying 100 marks

Business Administration 100
Public Administration 100
Governance & Public Policies  100
Town Planning & Urban Management  100

Group-4 One subject carrying 100 marks

History of Pakistan & India  100
Islamic History & Culture  100
British History  100
European History  100
History of USA100

Group-5 One subject carrying 100 marks

Gender Studies  100
Environmental Sciences  100
Agriculture & Forestry  100
Botany  100
Zoology 100
English Literature  100
Urdu Literature100

Group-6 One subject carrying 100 marks

Law  100
Constitutional Law  100
International Law  100
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence  100
Mercantile Law 100
Criminology  100

Group-7 One subject carrying 100 marks

Journalism & Mass Communication  100
Psychology  100
Geography  100
Sociology  100
Anthropology 100
Punjabi 100
Pashto 100
Balochi 100
Persian 100 
Arabic 100

How to appear for CSS exam

There are some skills which enables a person to pass CSS exam. It needs handwork and struggle.

7 Key points for CSS exam preparation:

1. Analyze past papers of last five years

2. Choose optional subjects which you interested

3. Specially concentrate on English.

4. Write at least three hour daily (Use your creativity)

5. Practice test should be observed deeply

6. Time management would be more effective

7. Stress Management (avoid stress).

For the appearance in CSS exam firstly candidate deeply make an observation of last five year’s papers. So that they might have some idea about the exam and important questions. The applicant have to take interest in English to make it perfect.

An appropriate timetable should be made to do every on the time. The candidate have to make a long distance from stress and depression. They must practice daily test in a proper way.

Preparation at home:

Those who have to make preparation of CSS at home, must select right books for study. They may get basic information about CSS firstly. They have to choose right magazines and newspaper for general knowledge. Applicant may test their skills and abilities weather intelligence level is high or low. They must set time table for their studies and sit for study on the proper time.

10 Tips to clear CSS exam :

1. Do not study too much just prepare relevant parts.

2. Observe last five years past papers, It will guide you and help you a lot.

3. Approximately 6-9 months preparation enough to pass CSS exam. Don’t study more and more. Just focus and observe yourself how much you can do in a good way to reach this goal.

4. Your first preference will be to appear in the exam not to test yourself.

5. Avoid those who discourage you instead of encouraging.

6.15-16 hours study on daily basis. That would be enough.

7. Pay certain attention to physics because it is high scoring subject. So you can get 120 to 140 marks.

8. Your main focus should be English precise and Islamiat as both are compulsory and many of them fail due to multiple conditions.

9. Don’t be disappointed, in last two months study with full of concentration.

10. Psychology, Sociology, Journalism are considered high scoring subjects. About 50 percent people appear without any prior knowledge.

I’ve have try to share all the knowledge, important points, Subjects, and many of the other relevant queries which guide you in a better way. If you’ve still any query then please comment below box so that we can contact you. Thank you! Stay Blessed and do your best the way you can. Best Wishes for all of you who read this article.

CSS Exams (Central Superior Services) in Pakistan Full Detail: