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English Mcqs Fill in the blanks For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC And Other Tests | Latest English MCQs

English Mcqs Fill in the blanks For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC And Other Tests | Latest English MCQs

Tab this page to check “Latest English MCQs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others. The English term fill in the blanks ask you to find out the missing words from given sentences to complete English mcqs. Most occured mcqs of English in past papers. Past papers of English mcqs. Past papers of English MCQs. Fill in the Blanks Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The English mcqs of fill in the blank having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related English mcqs of fill in the blanks. The following fill in the blanks mcqs are given below:

Ocean currents play a _______role in setting long-term climate_________.

A. important … variations
B. vital … date
C. major … patterns
D. unusual … changes

I promise to ________ you in all circumstances

A. stand off
B. stand with
C. stand up to
D. stand by

It’s difficult ______ reconcile such different points of view

A. in
B. to
C. with
D. on

The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on _______ one point only.

A. stressing
B. devoting
C. avoiding
D. decrying

In the test, we will _________ your work and then give you detailed feedback.

A. assess
B. measure
C. judge
D. check

A speed limit is the _________ legal speed that you can travel on the road.

A. biggest
B. highest
C. maximum
D. longest

The President’s speech was so ___________ that many people were persuaded to accept the need for change.

A. articulate
B. expressive
C. eloquent
D. calm

There is something wonderful _______ him.

A. for
B. about
C. of
D. inside

If she is not interested, we will __________ the proposal.

A. impulse
B. abandon
C. vaccant
D. remove

The police forces have launched an operation to _______ out the kidnapped person

A. touch
B. track
C. nib
D. trace

Some people __________ to the officer against him about his mis-deeds

A. question
B. complained
C. asked
D. informed

If we go to the park, ______ you like to come too ?

A. are
B. shall
C. would
D. am

It is certain that human beings ______ latent power of which they are only vaguely aware

A. impose
B. possess
C. exhibit
D. knowledge

It is already 5 o’clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus?

A. have enough
B. have it in
C. make it in
D. made it

The man __________ down the road is my brother.

A. hurried
B. hurry
C. to hurry
D. hurrying

All of us are devoted ________ one another.

A. at
B. of
C. to
D. with

I am very much ________ to meet you.

A. to delight
B. delight
C. delighting
D. delighted

I shall look _________ the matter.

A. about
B. in
C. into
D. after

He is blind _________ one eye.

A. to
B. of
C. in
D. with

The building is not safe and must be ___________down.

A. pulling
B. pull
C. pulled
D. pulls

He _________ in Pakistan.

A. is living
B. lives
C. live
D. living

There is something wonderful ____ him.

A. for
B. about
C. of
D. inside

After_____________smoking, they let the cigarette fall on the wood floor.

A. had finished
B. finishing
C. finished
D. finishes

The song in the play cannot be deleted as it is _________to the story.

A. innate
B. intervened
C. exacting
D. integral

The lion sprang____________the buffaloes.

A. in
B. at
C. upon
D. on

My brother is devoted _____________religion.

A. at
B. to
C. with
D. in

She remained a __________all her life.

A. spinster
B. unmarried
C. bachelor
D. single

My father was angry ________my failure.

A. on
B. in
C. with
D. at

Do not stay in the grasslands after dark, as some animals become _________when they see humans.

A. alerted
B. provoked
C. aggressive
D. threatened

___________you wake me up so early on a Sunday?

A. Must
B. Dare
C. Could
D. Will

The company let me ____ time off work.

A. take
B. to take
C. taking
D. took

There is quite tenuous evidence _________it.

A. at
B. with
C. for
D. must

I assume ______________with me.

A. every one to agree
B. that every one agrees
C. every one agreeing
D. that every one to agree

That was __________movie I have ever seen.

A. most worst
B. the worst
C. worse
D. bad

_________the rain forests is very important, if we do not want the flora and fauna found there to become extinct.

A. Destroying
B. Reserving
C. Preserving
D. Maintaining

He has many friends, but _________are good ones.

A. the few
B. few
C. a few
D. the some

If I had helped him, he ____________drowned.

A. would not be
B. will not be
C. will not have
D. would not have 

I am very much __________to meet you.

A. to delight
B. delight
C. delighting
D. delighted

When will you hand ____ your assignment?

A. in
B. down
C. back
D. into

If we go to the park, __________you like to come too ?

A. are
B. shall
C. would
D. am

The housewife __________the cakes burning, and ran to switch off the oven.

A. smells
B. smell
C. smelt
D. smelling

John said he __________to play at home.

A. would prefer
B. will prefer
C. prefer
D. had prefered

The man ___________down the road is my brother.

A. hurried
B. hurry
C. to hurry
D. hurrying

________you leave now, you will be late.

A. Till
B. Until
C. Unless
D. Although

The _________were arrested for illegally hunting the bears.

A. poachers
B. soldiers
C. rangers
D. villagers

If you had followed the rules, you ____________disqualified.

A. would not be
B. will not be
C. will not have been
D. would not have been

My younger sister constantly misbehaves and is always causing ___________.

A. violence
B. hostility
C. mischief
D. courtesy

He tends to___________to any suggestion I make in meetings.

A. agree
B. differ
C. accept
D. cooperate

____________your instruction, we have closed your bank account.

A. With regard to
B. In lieu
C. In accordance with
D. On account of

It is certain that human beings _______________latent power of which they are only vaguely aware.

A. impose
B. possess
C. exhibit
D. knowledge

_________she is clever, she often makes mistakes.

A. Since
B. Despite
C. Although
D. Yet

It is already 8 o’clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus?

A. have enough
B. have it in
C. make it in
D. made it

Do you prefer___________ or traditional art forms?

A. foreign
B. contemporary
C. archaic
D. simultaneous

The problem ____________a lot of thought.

A. calls for
B. calls on
C. comes across
D. comes into

I promise to ___________you in all circumstances.

A. stand up to
B. stand with
C. stand by
D. stand off

The farmers ____________their farms, if they had known that a thunderstorm was approaching.

A. would leave
B. will leave
C. will have left
D. would have left

He has _________ his mind to Join Pak Army.

A. made by
B. made with
C. make by
D. made up

The Paralympics is a competition for the ______________.

A. discouraged
B. disadvantaged
C. disabled
D. despised

The girl ran ___________the field when she saw her father after long time.

A. on
B. across
C. in
D. along

She made her stepson her _______to her large fortune.

A. hair
B. heir
C. hare
D. here

I ____________a single word he says

A. am not believing
B. don’t believe
C. not believe
D. will not believe

The flight stewardess the passenger _____________.

A. where to land the plane
B. when to start travelling
C. how to fasten the seat belt
D. how to judge the altitude of the plane

The colour of the walls in my room has faded _______.

A. with
B. in
C. away
D. on

Many people reported ___________a noise in the night.

A. having heard
B. to hear
C. to have heard
D. been hearing

It’s difficult __________reconcile such different points of view.

A. in
B. to
C. with
D. on

I am exhausted, let’s _________a day.

A. call it
B. call off
C. call at
D. call in

The agenda for the meeting is __________ the notice

A. subscribed to
B. forwarded in
C. enclosed with
D. delivered as

The worker used __________ to patch up the hole in the wall.

A. soil
B. cement
C. sand
D. grass

Macbeth’s desire _________ power brought about his downfall

A. with
B. for
C. in
D. as

How did these things come __________?

A. about
B. at
C. into
D. down

The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on ___________one point only.

A. stressing
B. devoting
C. avoiding
D. decrying

The news was__________good to be true.

A. so
B. too
C. very
D. as

He decided to __________his degree examination in order to get a higher score.

A. reappear
B. redo
C. rewrite
D. remake

How much longer__________this book?0

A. will you have needing
B. will you be needing
C. you are needing
D. have you needing

____________you hear the President’s speech?

A. Has
B. Have
C. Had
D. Did

Army ___________troubled places as curfew remained in force.

A. walking
B. moving
C. patrolling
D. running

I _________ to Islamabad with some friends last night.

A. am gone
B. went
C. have gone
D. am going

He wore multiple bracelets on __________hand.

A. either
B. each
C. every
D. neither

She has only ________friends.

A. less
B. fewer
C. more
D. a few

The smoke went ________ the chimney.

A. in
B. by
C. up
D. on

In the test, we will ____________your work and then give you detailed feedback.

A. assess
B. measure
C. judge
D. check

We shall go for a picnic if the weather ____________good.0

A. is
B. was
C. had been
D. has been

A Computer is hard to repair as there may be hundreds of different ____________?

A. objects
B. parts
C. components
D. materials

Mr. and Mrs. Khan go for a ________ walk just before dinner.

A. vivacious
B. brisk
C. vibrant
D. slow

Water is made up of two __________ , namely oxygen and hydrogen.

A. aspects
B. section
C. solutions
D. elements

________weight gain or weight loss is not good for your body.

A. Expressive
B. Excessive
C. Explosive
D. Extensive

Although he had no ____________injuries, doctors found that he was suffering from internal bleeding.

A. outlying
B. external
C. outside
D. exterior

Ali must have the________to stick to his diet, if he wants to lose weight.

A. decision
B. determination
C. obstinacy
D. obligation

A speed limit is the___________legal speed that you can travel on the road.

A. biggest
B. highest
C. maximum
D. longest

I would really ____________if you could help me out.

A. value
B. respect
C. appreciate
D. regard

There was an_________response for the marathon.

A. overwhelming
B. excessive
C. overriding
D. extreme

What was the main__________behind london bombings.

A. objective
B. motive
C. aim
D. purpose

Health__________labels have adorned cigarette packages since 1966 in USA.

A. note
B. information
C. message
D. warning

Did the boys turn _________for football practice?

A. up
B. back
C. on
D. in

A system is __________if it is easy for citizens to access and understand.

A. transparent
B. clear
C. lucid
D. translucent

The fireman managed to put ____________the fire.

A. down
B. away
C. out
D. off

The teacher found many mistakes in my composition, when she went__________it.

A. about
B. into
C. for
D. through

The powers of the party are_____________in several places in the Constitution.

A. named
B. numbered
C. enumerated
D. counted

The sparrows took no _________the bread.

A. notice of
B. notice from
C. notice about
D. notice to

He shows great ability ________Mathematics.

A. for
B. at
C. about
D. in

Please ___________two colour passport photographs to the application form.

A. link
B. fix
C. hook up
D. attach

If everything goes according to __________, work will be complete in December.

A. time
B. timing
C. schedule
D. lineup

There ___________any message from my teacher since she moved to London.

A. wasn’t
B. isn’t
C. hasn’t been
D. hadn’t been

May I give you_________advice?

A. little
B. some
C. an
D. one

Four independent__________testified to seeing him at the scene of the crime.

A. spectator
B. witnesses
C. person
D. attestant

Could I have a ______-of chocolate?

A. slice
B. bar
C. block
D. piece

There is something wonderful ___________him.

A. for
B. about
C. of
D. inside

She has been supporting her family ________her husband’s death.

A. at
B. on
C. from
D. since

The department head insisted that he _________absolute authority to regulate office work.

A. gives
B. is given
C. would give
D. would be given

My husband asked him if he’d ever been convicted ___________a crime.

A. by
B. of
C. with
D. on

She lived ___________juice for ten days to slim down for the fashion show.

A. by
B. with
C. in
D. off

Javed, two of___________brothers attend primary school, wishes to be a school teacher after his graduation from the University.

A. them
B. whom
C. whose
D. which

The deadline was nearby, so Mrs. Jamal had her students’________their essays.

A. to complete
B. complete
C. completing
D. completed

Can you help ________up the mess?

A. with clear
B. clear
C. to clearing
D. me clearing

It’s about time you ___________exercising regularly.

A. should start
B. started
C. start
D. will start

Make only a few rules for students that emphasize ____________behaviour.

A. fitting
B. correct
C. appropriate
D. useful

I usually have bread and butter for breakfast, but yesterday I _________ pasta.

A. had been
B. have been
C. have
D. had

The situation in the factory _________)no signs of improvement, as the ongoing strike entered second day.

A. exposed
B. displayed
C. showed
D. view

He give a lecture in which he pointed ________ an error in the book.

A. with
B. by
C. out
D. in

Have you met Fatima? She is a friend of ____________.

A. my mother’s
B. my mother
C. my
D. me

The confusion __________ the discovery of the body made everybody lose track of time.

A. was caused by
B. had caused
C. had been caused by
D. caused by

The boy I was about to meet _________ play a very important role in my life.

A. might have
B. is going to
C. would get to
D. has had to

When I asked him ______ the keys , Bilal said he had no idea where they were.

A. could he see
B. if he had seen
C. if did he see
D. that he had seen

__________ me to your mother when you are in London.

A. Remind
B. Tell
C. Remember
D. Greet

Our new digital photo-print machine, the manual ________is lost awaits to be set up properly.

A. where
B. of what
C. by whom
D. of which

He ___________ as a teacher before he became a lecturer

A. was worked
B. had worked
C. have worked
D. have been worked

When the doorbell rang, I was __________ my bath.

A. have
B. in
C. having
D. with

I never miss a football match.I __________ fond of it since my childhood.

A. Has been
B. Have been
C. Am
D. Will be

Although he was a hardened criminal, his one__________feature was his love of children

A. Recovering
B. Saving
C. Redeeming
D. Acquiring

The Master was annoyed_________the servant.

A. On
B. With
C. To
D. Upon

She deprived her husband__________all he had.

A. To
B. With
C. Of
D. from

I am not concerned________his affairs.

A. At
B. With
C. To
D. on

i think we are agreed on the main points. Does anyone want to bring ________ anything further.

A. Down
B. Around
C. About
D. Up

South Africa brushed ___________ the threat of tougher economic sanctions.

A. down
B. off
C. of
D. about

Jameel, who has been nervous and jumpy lately, suddenly burst ________ tears.

A. into
B. on
C. in
D. with

My Uncle has ______to spain and returned back.

A. went
B. gone
C. been
D. being

Drugs addicts in Pakistan are_________ in special centers set up by the Government.

A. Inhabited
B. Consulted
C. Consolidated
D. Indoctrinated

I am just____________out my new mobile.

A. Trying
B. Testing
C. Probing
D. Finding

Oh yes. Are you_________Away?

A. Long
B. Distant
C. Far
D. Quite

Not really. I’m quite____________?

A. Next
B. Near
C. Nearer
D. Nearly

You_________very clear.

A. Sound
B. Hear
C. Ring
D. Noise

Well, I did__________a lot of money on it.

A. Pass
B. Dispense
C. Spend
D. Dispose

I’ve already told you I’m in the____________?

A. Spot
B. Area
C. Place
D. Location

Well, this is very interesting but I am very___________.

A. Busy
B. Hurried
C. Occupied
D. Active

Don’t__________ – I’ll see you very soon.

A. Care
B. Concern
C. Worry
D. Mind

Oh there goes the front door bell – oh it’s you! I might have___________.

A. Believed
B. Thought
C. Considered
D. Guessed

He was abstained _______ salted food by the doctor.

A. From
B. In
C. For
D. To

The players agreed to abide _____ the referee’s decision.

A. In
B. By
C. With
D. Into

Modern industry abounds _____ opportunities for young people with good scientific qualifications.

A. For
B. In
C. Into
D. With

The boxing match proved to be a “big draw”.

A. a lovely spectacle
B. a huge attraction
C. a keen contest
D. a game without any result

This matter has been “hanging fire” for the last many days. It should be sorted out.

A. going on slowly
B. stuck up
C. hotly debated
D. ignored

He was undecided. He “let the grass grow under his feet”.

A. loitered around
B. sat unmoving
C. stayed out
D. moved away

He is using “backstairs influence” to sort out his matter.

A. Backing influence
B. Political influence
C. Deserving and proper influence
D. Secret and unfair influence

Play to the gallery means___________?

A. cater to the public taste
B. advertise
C. attempt to appeal to popular taste
D. depend upon the public for approval

Stew in ones own juice means_________________?

A. To destroy his memory
B. To fight with his mind
C. Suffer in his own juice
D. Suffer for his own act

The decision did not appear to “hold out” bright prospects.

A. show
B. highlight
C. offer
D. promise

He is “out and out” a reactionary.

A. no more
B. thoroughly
C. deadly against
D. in favour of

Plough a lonely furrow means______________________?

A. survive in isolation
B. do without the help of others
C. remain unaffected
D. remain non-aligned

It was he who put “a spoke in my wheel”.

A. helped in the execution of the plan
B. tried to cause an accident
C. thwarted in the execution of the plan
D. destroyed the plan

Adnan is “very different about” passing the Civil Services Examination this year.

A. Very hopeful of
B. Dead sure of
C. Lacking self confidence about
D. Reasonably certain of

Because of oil crisis, the prices of commodities are looking ______________?

A. on
B. at
C. up
D. to

He exclaimed with shock __________________________________?

A. that it was a very tragic accident
B. that it was a tragic accident
C. that it is a tragic accident
D. it was a tragic accident

I enquired of him __________________________________?

A. if he did want to join the course
B. whether if he wants to join the course
C. if he wants to join the course
D. if he wanted to join the course

I dont agree with you; I think_______________________________?

A. it is rather fairly good film
B. it is rather a good film
C. it is fairly good film
D. it is fairly rather good film

Complete the following sentence:  The doctor advised the patient ______________________

A. to not to neglect his health
B. that no to neglect his health
C. not to neglect his health
D. don’t neglect your health

As he was not prepared for making a speech , he broke ______________ in the middle.

A. in
B. off
C. of
D. into

Pick the correct response from following sentence “In the beginning he worked honestly but later he turned __________________ to be a cheat”

A. Out
B. For
C. Up
D. In

Complete the following sentence: No sooner did the thief see the policeman _____________.

A. he had run away
B. he ran away
C. when he ran away
D. than he ran away

Our plan _____ to succeed.

A. bid fair
B. boil down
C. pass by
D. hand and galore

Nothing must be allowed to _____ our search for the truth.

A. interfered from
B. interfered into
C. interfered upon
D. interfered with

I _____ an old friend in Empress market this morning.

A. came round
B. came around
C. came across
D. came with

Earth is closest to the sun every year in early ______________, when it’s winter for the Northern Hemisphere. We’re farthest away from the sun in early __________________, during our Northern Hemisphere summer.

A. January – July
B. July – January
C. June – December
D. December – June

She is jealous ______ my friend.

A. with
B. from
C. of 
D. by

He is good _______ football.

A. on
B. in
C. with
D. at

Unless you work very hard, _______________ (PMS 2018 KPK)

A. You ought to be successful
B. You will not be successful
C. You are not being successful
D. You be not successful

The doctor warms him that unless he gives up smoking:_____________________(PMS 2018 KPK)

A. Will he able to recover
B. He will not recover
C. His health will soon be recovered
D. He will not suffer

Congregational prayer is superior __________ optional prayer.

A. of
B. to
C. from
D. than

I told him _____ play cricket.

A. to not
B. don’t
C. not to
D. didn’t

She is totally obedient ____ him.

A. both A & B
B. to
C. of
D. None

She is scared ______ snake.

A. with
B. from
C. of
D. by

Prime Minister leaves ______ UK on Monday.

A. by
B. to
C. for
D. none

I knew he ____ fail in exam.

A. will
B. shall
C. would
D. both A & B

He is good at ________ English.

A. speak
B. speaking
C. spoken
D. spoke

She always keeps on _________ dramas.

A. watched
B. watch
C. watching
D. watches

It will rain soon,  _________?

A. would it
B. won’t it 
C. will it
D. wouldn’t it

I did not know where he _________ from.

A. have come
B. had come
C. has come
D. comes

I feel sorry _______ his kids.

A: at
B: to
C: for
D: over

There is no possibility of  _______ coming late.

A. they
B. them
C. theirs
D. their

Parents were very surprised _______ his result.

A. from
B. on
C. at
D. about

He is indifferent _______ his words.

A. on
B. at
C. of
D. to

It was so nice _______ them.

A. with
B. by
C. of
D. to

Your face is very familiar _______ him.

A. with
B. from
C. of
D. to

______ stood _____ the burning house.

A. A girl          on
B. The girl   on
C. Girl             in
D. A girl           in

He opened a current account _______ the bank last week.

A.  on
B.  at
C.  in
D.  into

Always try to be polite _____ others.

A.  for
B.  to
C.  with
D.  on

Amna was engaged _________ Asim.

A.  from
B.  with
C.  to
D.  None

I am looking for admission __________ in a government or private university.

A. until
B. both
C. either
D. neither

It is very cold here in winter, so they ___________ Islamabad.

A. going to
B. usually go to
C. are sometimes go to
D. goes to

After a large Friday dinner, Salam’s family was ______.

A. Satiated
B. argumentative
C. esurient
D. assiduous

Sana enjoyed eating both meat and vegetables; she considered herself a(n) __________.

A. Carnivore
B. Hungry
C. Vegetarian
D. Omnivore

I was studying English _______ my brother was watching a drama.

A. although
B. When
C. While
D. because

He __________ a lot of reading in his free time.

A. does
B. reads
C. is
D. doesn’t

You must take a taxi if you ___________ to catch the next train.

A. intend
B. would intend
C. will intend
D. intending

He called me last night. “me” is

A. Reflexive pronoun
B. Subject pronoun
C. Object pronoun
D. Possessive pronoun

I am sick. “am” is ___________.

A. Pronoun
B. Noun
C. Verb
D. Adjective
E. Adverb

Food prices have been ______ steadily for at least two years.

A. growing
B. rising
C. raising
D. lifting

______ known as Prince claimed that he was the rightful heir to the throne.

A. A man
B. Man
C. The man
D. None

You are _______ your time trying to persuade him, he will never help you.

A. losing
B. missing
C. spending
D. wasting

His application for a visa was turned _____ by the consulate.

A. over
B. out
C. down
D. aside

He was __________ from all charges leveled against him?

A. liberated
B. exonerated
C. judged
D. apprehended

Kindly ask her to play the piano, she is a __________ pianist?

A. vacuous
B. voracious
C. volatile
D. virtuoso

Though smaller than our solar system, a quasar, which looks like an ordinary star, emits more light ________ galaxy.

A. than an entire
B. than is entire
C. than entire
D. than entirely

Maryam, accompanied by her brother, __________ at the party.

A. are
B. is
C. was
D. were

The newly imposed rules sound very ___________.

A. interesting
B. interested
C. interestingly
D. interest

She is looking for an accommodation __________ in flat or shared house.

A. until
B. both
C. neither
D. either

If I __________ money, I would purchase it now.

A. have
B. has
C. had
D. have had

I cannot concentrate, here is too much __________.

A. detraction
B. people
C. distraction
D. sound
E. contraction

I am now quite_______and hearty.

A. Hall
B. Hale
C. Hell
D. Hail

I purchased a cupboard ________ my new house.

A. at
B. To
C. Until
D. For

I found my car keys ______ my pocket.

A. On
B. In 
C. From
D. At

I saw the horse jump ______ the fence.

A. On
B. Behind
C. Over
D. To

_______there a restaurant near here?

A. Have
B. Are
C. Do
D. Is

Look! The bus ________.

A. Leaving
B. Leaves
C. Does leave
D. Is leaving

I’ve never __ to England.

A. Been 
B. Going
C. Went
D. Go

He devotes much of his time __________ for the future.

A. to planning
B. plan
C. to plan
D. planning

The class teacher __________ Saba move to another chair.

A. allowed
B. allows
C. let
D. permitted

She took lessons __________ how to swim.

A. for learning
B. learn
C. to learn
D. learning

We are planning __________ out to dinner tonight.

A. guests to take
B. taking our guests
C. guests taking
D. to take our guests

I was watching a TV program, when he __________ in.

A. walks
B. walk
C. walked
D. was walking

Nitrogen gas is in abundance __________ the Earth.

A. above
B. on
C. in
D. along

The sun rises __________ the east.

A. in
B. from
C. on
D. towards

There are some vacant rooms __________ in flats and shared houses.

A. both
B. either
C. between
D. neither

I __________ New Zealand next year.

A. will go
B. go
C. am going
D. am going to

She __________ for the upcoming tennis tournament.

A. will train
B. is training
C. trains
D. is going to train

While Pakistan has earned record revenue this year, __________ well behind in exports.

A. it lag still
B. it still lags
C. it still lag
D. it lags still

Anna and Tania went shopping, but __________ couldn’t find anything __________ liked.

A. they, them
B. they, those
C. those, they
D. they, they

The departmental store is open __________ eight to seven.

A. between
B. from
C. by
D. during

If I have money, I __________ it tomorrow.

A. will purchase
B. have purchase
C. would purchase
D. have purchased

The house is large __________ is quite old-fashioned.

A. or
B. and
C. which
D. but

On leaving the shopping plaza, Sania was robbed __________ purse.

A. by hers
B. by her
C. of her
D. of hers

He has been living in Switzerland _________ two years.

A. for
B. from
C. since
D. until

The house is large __________ is quite old-fashioned.

A. or
B. and
C. which
D. but

Everyone at the party __________ amazed by his performance.

A. are
B. is
C. were
D. was

__________ the bad weather, the outdoor party was rescheduled.

A. Because of
B. Despite
C. In order to
D. In spite of

She is standing __________ her Brother.

A. with
B. by
C. for
D. in

She is standing __________ her boyfriend.

A. in
B. by
C. with
D. for

The new information on dengue virus caused panic in the public and government __________.

A. alike
B. likely
C. like
D. dislike

The students in our school are __________ in other schools.0

A. smarter than
B. smarter
C. smarter than those
D. more smarter than

Tania, accompanied by her brother, __________ at the party.

A. are
B. is
C. was
D. were

He is looking for accommodation __________ in flat or shared house.

A. until
B. both
C. neither
D. either

When she was younger, she __________ five kilometers a day.

A. walked
B. has been walking
C. had walked
D. had been walking

He has been working_________morning.

A. For
B. Since
C. by
D. at

The man _________ you met is an anchorperson.

A. whose
B. who
C. whom
D. which

He cut his finger________ the knife

A. By
B. with
C. From
D. through

Pronoun is used to avoid unnecessary repetition of ____________ in a sentence?

A. Adjective
B. Verb
C. Noun
D. Preposition

I always praise him for his merits, but he always turns_________you pointing out your demerits

A. on
B. to
C. at
D. for

I am tired_______waiting.

A. Of 
B. With
C. By
D. From

Nobody ________ that old man had fallen.

A. knew
B. noted
C. noticed
D. none of these

Choose the correct spelling for the missing word: My ____________ needs to be paid every month.

A. Morguage
B. Morgage
C. Mortgage
D. Morgauge

The_________ of war is expected very soon.

A. Cessation
B. Session
C. Cession
D. cestion

The Students protested _____ the ill-treatment of their leader.

A. to
B. over
C. against
D. for

He bought a three ___________ suit.

A. Hundreds-Dollar
B. Hundred-Dollars
C. Hundred-Dollar
D. Hundreds-Dollars

The market is nearer to them than ________.

A. ours
B. us
C. we
D. ourselves

___________ the bad weather, the outdoor party was rescheduled.

A. Because of
B. Despite
C. In order to
D. None of these

It is almost impossible at times to capture the _________ of words when we translate them into a foreign language.

A. Meanings
B. Implications
C. Denotations
D. Connotations

When I listened to his cogent arguments, all my _________ were ________ and I was forced to agree with his point of view.

A. Doubt- Confirmed
B. Senses- Stimulated
C. Doubt- Dispelled
D. Questions- Asked

Can they go shopping with us ? Sorry, they are busy; I wish they ________ with you now?

A. Are going
B. Can go
C. Could go
D. Would go

When I was sleeping, she ________ playing the sitar .

A. Was
B. Were
C. Must be
D. Is

Zillzahid Presents himself as a bold Journalist by asking people in politics the kinds of………………… questions that other reporters do not ask.

A. Controversial
B. Abnormal
C. Circumnutating
D. Irrelevant

______ earth moves around ______ sun.

A. An; The
B. The; A
C. The; the
D. An; A

I’ll come to meet you at the station in my car _________ you do not have to walk to my house.

A. So that
B. That
C. In order
D. Because

The police _______ for the robber for long but they have failed to find him so far.

A. Has looked
B. Have been looking
C. Have looked
D. Has been looking

He will be arriving quite late, so by the time he comes, the play ______ ?

A. Will begun
B. Would have begun
C. Will have begun
D. Would begun

The Sun_________From Behinds The Clouds.

A. Imerged
B. Emerged 
C. Immerse
D. None Of These

The teacher made the naughty boy __________.

A. Tiptoe
B. To Tiptoe
C. Tiptoes
D. None of these

I’m ________ sure of it as you are.

A. Perfectly
B. As 
C. Quite
D. Very

My first lesson __________ forgiveness came from my mother.

A. About
B. Upon
C. In
D. On

The Ship Is Bound_____Pakistan.

A. At
B. Onto
C. To
D. For

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