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English MCQs -Solved MCQs for Exams

English MCQs – Solved MCQs for Exams


Antonym of ‘EXPAND’ is——————?

a) Conclude

b) Condense

c) Convert

d) None of these

Antonym Of ‘ARTIFICIAL’ is———–?

a) Blue

b) Truthful

c) Natural

d) Solid

Antonym of ENORMOUS is ————– ?

a) Too much

b) Tiny

c) Weak

d) Soft

Antonym Of ‘CURTAIL’ is ———-?

a) Clip

b) Chop

c) Cramp

d) Prolong

Antonym of ‘DEXTEROUS’ is ———– ?

a) Able

b) Active

c) Acute

d) Inexpert

Antonym of ‘SARTORIAL’ is ———— ?

a) Inelegant

b) Sincere

c) Homespun

d) Cheerful

Antonym of ‘DOCILE’ is ———– ?

a) Unyielding

b) Pliable

c) Pliant

d) Calm

Antonym Of ‘GUMPTION’ is ———– ?

a) Nerve

b) Sagacity

c) Apathy

d) Initiative

Antonym Of ‘PIQUE’ is ———— ?

a) Huff

b) Sorrow

c) Joy

d) Hurt

Antonym Of ‘DEVIANT’ is ———— ?

a) Atypical

b) Bent

c) Regular

d) Devious

Antonym Of ‘DUCTILE’ is ———– ?

a) Stiff

b) Supple

c) Docile

d) Pliable

Antonym Of ‘WEAN’ is ——— ?

a) Detach

b) Hate

c) Courage

d) Attach

Antonym Of ‘MITE’ is ———– ?

a) Whole

b) Bug

c) Insect

d) Bit

Antonym Of ‘PARSIMONY’ is ————– ?

a) Clan

b) Generosity

c) Tenderness

d) Verbosity

Antonym Of ‘TACIT’ is ———– ?

a) Dictated

b) Punish

c) Grand

d) Small

Antonym Of ‘PRODIGAL’ is ———– ?

a) Wanton

b) Squandering

c) Thrifty

d) Spendthrift

Antonym Of ‘FOREMOST’ is ———– ?

a) Disposed

b) Mature

c) Unimportant

d) Hindmost

Antonym Of ‘QUIESCENT’ is ————- ?

a) Active

b) Deactivated

c) Fallow

d) Asleep

Antonym Of ‘GARBLED’ is ———— ?

a) Obscure

b) Pervert

c) Unscramble

d) Slant

Antonym Of ‘SENILE’ is ———- ?

a) Ancient

b) Alert

c) Doting

d) Anile

Antonym Of ‘LUCID’ is ———— ?

a) Vague

b) Explicit

c) Obvious

d) Evident

Antonym Of ‘ELATED’ is ———– ?

a) Happy

b) Sad

c) Sorrow

d) Blissful

Antonym Of ‘STALE’ is ———— ?

a) Fresh

b) Old

c) Tale

d) Break

Antonym Of ‘ELASTIC’ is ————– ?

a) Yielding

b) Mold-able

c) Supple

d) Rigid

Antonym Of ‘PROFLIGATE’ is ———- ?

a) Thrifty

b) Dissipated

c) Dissolute

d) Extravagant

Antonym Of ‘RESTORATION’ is ————- ?

a) Hoarding

b) Balm

c) Lexicon

d) Depredation


Synonym Of ‘ARROGANT’ is————- ?

a) Humble

b) Noble

c) Progressive

d) Conceited

Synonym Of ‘BRIEF’ is ————?

a) Short

b) Small

c) Little

d) Limited

Synonym Of ‘EMBEZZLE’ is ————- ?

a) Balance

b) Clear

c) Misappropriate

d) Remunerate

Synonym Of ‘ENIGMA’ is ———– ?

a) Puzzle

b) Answer

c) Question

d) Content

Synonym Of ‘EMACIATED’ is ——————–?

a) Very Fat

b) Very Small

c) Very Thin

d) Very Heavy

Synonym Of ‘LETHARGY’ is ————- ?

a) Active

b) Bold

c) Laxity

d) Serenity

Synonym Of ‘CIRCUITOUS’ is ————— ?

a) Cyclic

b) weak

c) Strong

d) Direct

Synonym Of ‘PRECARIOUS’ is ———– ?

a) Safe

b) Perilous

c) Brittle

d) None of these

Synonym Of ‘PREVARICATE’ is ————- ?

a) Lie

b) Truth

c) Early

d) Delay

Synonym Of ‘EXUDE’ is ———– ?

a) Wither

b) Evaporate

c) Ooze

d) Overflow

Synonym Of ‘ZEST’ is ———— ?

a) Passive

b) Disgust

c) Enthusiasm

d) Various

Synonym Of ‘DELEGATE’ is ———- ?

a) Member

b) Servant

c) Officer

d) Representative

Synonym Of ‘YELL’ is ———– ?

a) Shout

b) Whisper

c) Hitch

d) Shackle

Synonym Of ‘YOKE’ is ———– ?

a) Release

b) Harness

c) Detach

d) Liberate

Synonym Of ‘WANE’ is————- ?

a) Rise

b) Revive

c) Decline

d) Employ

Synonym Of ‘WARY’ is ———– ?

a) Prudent

b) Reckless

c) Negligent

d) Heedless

Synonym Of ‘WIELD’ is ———- ?

a) Abstain

b) Avoid

c) Exert

d) Forgo

Synonym Of ‘DISDAIN’ is ———— ?

a) Accept

b) Luddite

c) Scorn

d) Love

Synonym Of ‘CONDONE’ is ——— ?

a) Acceptable

b) Condomn

c) Accept

d) Condemn

Synonym Of ‘ABATE’ is——— ?

a) Abort

b) Abandon

c) Increase

d) Vanish

Synonym Of ‘TRIUMPH’ is ——– ?

a) Success

b) Violence

c) Victim

d) Its name of US President

Synonym Of ‘SHAM’ is ———- ?

a) Fake

b) Robust

c) Deplorable

d) Purse