Facebook’s new feature ‘Audio Podcast’

Facebook’s new feature ‘Audio Podcast’

Facebook's new feature 'Audio Podcast'

California: The social networking site Facebook is set to announce a series of new features for users next week under the banner of ‘Social Audio’.

Among the latest features of the ‘Social Audio’ series are audio chat applications designed specifically for podcast enthusiasts. A year ago, Facebook introduced a video conferencing product called ‘Rome’, the audio version of which is also included in the new series. 

According to the report, consumers can enjoy music through their speakers by creating a ‘virtual stage’ with a group of different people from a product like Club House.Facebook is also introducing a product that will allow users to record short audio (audio) messages and post them on their news feed. Podcasts will also be able to link the Discovery product to Spotify (Swedish audio streaming app).

Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new hotline application for users to test, in which the creator can talk as well as ask questions directly from the audience. 

Facebook’s new feature ‘Audio Podcast’

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Author: Haroon Malik

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