Famous Idioms | Meaning

All of us knows that English has become a Universal language; the language of science and technology globally. So, it has become the language of great importance all around the world. Keeping it in view, we are trying to bring out some important Idiomatic Phrases for you which are being used in various kinds of exams.

1A Stick in the mud
People who are bore and old fashioned
2Salt of the earth A Person having simplicity moral integrity and is genuine
3A step in right directionAn Action that increases the possibility of success
4Labor the point To emphasize something or work hard to express an ideology
5An armchair critic A person who speaks critically about anything but knows nothing about it
6At the crossroads At a changing point where one choice is to be made
7An acid test A difficult test to evaluate
8On thin iceAn act which is dangerous or risk is involved in it
9Draw a blankFail to get an answer or a specific result
10Give way To fall apart or fail
11To compare notesTo discuss one’s feelings or experiences with others
12To follow suit Doing the something which has been done by others
13In cold blood A person who is feeling less or with cruel intention
14To be in high spiritsBeing happy due to some success
15Every inchEvery / all parts of surface
16Dead person Talking with feelings less or emotionless force
17Flag a dead horse To talk about irrelevant topic or issue, talking or insist on such thing in which no one has any interest
18Lame duckSuch politician / official or person whose tenure is going to end
19Turn Down Refusal, Deny
20Bear Out To support the truth or claim of any person
21Wag one’s chin Gesture of showing the agreement
22Sail against the wind Doing something against the situation
23Keep one’s eye on the ballStrictly observing anything
24Every cloud has a silver line
A little betterment against a heavy trouble
25Call a spade Being straight
26Explode the myth Clarifying something
27On a point of dilemmaBeing on a diversion
28Get into deep water Being in trouble / in a critical situation
29Be a cold fish Emotionless person
30A watched pot never boils You can’t be successful until you strive hard
31Call the sho Being the boss
32Dead word
Useless part of machinery
33Lump in throat Uunable to speak due to any tension, grievance, pain
34Waiting in the wings Ready for anything
35A chip on shoulder Being angry due to anything
36At the drop of hat Ready for any task
37Upset the apple cart To disturb or flop a plan / strategy
38Take a pinch of salt Not to trust anyone completely
39A square peg in round hole Being unfit
40A piece of cake Easy task
41Let the cat out of bag To know about the climax
42Kill two birds with one stone Hitting two targets with single bullet
43A blessing in disguise Something that seems bad but actually its good
44get out of handTo become difficult to control
45Comparing apples and orangesTo try to compare two different things
46A wild goes chase A research that is completely unsuccessful and useless
47Burn the midnight oil To stay up late working on a project or task
48Make a long story short An expression indicating that one is skipping un-necessary details
49 Once in the blue moon Something that happens very seldom
50Yoke around one’s neckBeing a Burden