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Federal Government announced 3 consecutive holidays 2023

Federal Government announced 3 consecutive holidays 2023

In honor of International Workers’ Day, the federal government of Pakistan designated Monday, May 1 as a gazetted holiday.

All federal government and semi-government offices as well as educational institutions will remain closed on May 1 (Monday).

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According to the release, this will result in a three-day weekend starting on Saturday and ending on Monday.

Every year on May 1, International Workers’ Day, sometimes called International Workers’ Day, is celebrated to remember the services of workers.

International Workers’ Day honors the labor force’s fight for better wages, working conditions and working hours.

Additionally, the day serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to protect workers’ rights and advance fair labor practices around the world.

Many nations, including Pakistan, observe May 1st as a public holiday to recognize the important role of workers in their economy and to advance workers’ rights.

Labor rights organizations and trade unions often organize demonstrations and other actions on this day to promote labor issues and improve wages and working conditions.