Gender Equality

Gender equality represents the similar rights benefits and responsibilities for both the males and females. As UNICEF says gender equality refers the parity of men and women regarding opportunities rights responsibilities protection and decision making as well.

The concept of gender equality initiated by “Christine De Pizen” an early advocate for gender equality in 1405 when she wrote her book “the Book of the City of Ladies”. By which women is founder on irrational prejudice showing various benefits of society due to females?

The concept of gender equality is growing up immensely on the global level in bathe the developed and underdeveloped countries in the whole world everyone is trying to prove himself as a vanguard of gender equality at individual level and collectively.

In developed countries like USA, UK and other European Countries, the people and the state is paying full attentions on this concept. Special efforts are being made to encourage the females in the various fields e.g. education, politics, banking & finance and also in household activities. They are focusing to provide special assistance to females to embellish their skills so that they could be able to contribute in their daily work more effectively and prove themselves as an important pillar of the society.

In the under-developing countries like Pakistan and other Asian Countries, the concept of sexual parity is also of great importance. There is many NGO’s working for the up gradation of female’s life style by providing them skills and raising their voices for their rights to the national and international platforms. Government is also taking steps for their betterment like establishing the vocational training institutions, women center/walk centers for women to solve their issues, providing them special quota in Government Jobs to encourage them so that they may also be able to contribute in the economic and social development of the country. But there is an important aspect regarding gender development at national level which is to be discussed. First of all, we may consider it regarding rural area, urban areas, FATA and Baluchistan.

In rural areas, the concept of gender equality is growing up gradually because in such area there is lack of education and awareness regarding this. They don’t even know that how much parity in genders can be beneficial for them and for their society as well. On the other hand in urban areas the concepts of gender equality has been germinated a couple of decades ago and growing up rapidly and females feels comfortable here to play their roles in the betterment of society.

In FATA and Baluchistan the concept of Gender Parity is not being treated as a case of betterment due to imparity, extremism and lack of literacy.  The people of these areas considers that our society is only male dominating society and the concept of feminism is not a good concept and is the cause of sexual crimes and vergality in the society. That’s why they are very strict in their concept regarding women and do not allow their females to contribute in the society.

It cannot be neglected that the gender equality is immensely important for the development of Pakistan. Gender development can be made through equality which would also be the cause of development in Pakistan regarding politics, Social Values, Economy and Administration.

We will discuss political development first which can be made due to gender equality. Eradication of gender discrimination is very helpful in the provision of fundamental rights to the people of the society It will encourage women to participate in politics which will provide us more potential in this field. It will portray the calm and comprised image of air society at international level. It will help in sustenance of democracy and gradually enhance its performance. It will also bring political awareness in people and fuel the conception that females can also contribute in the politics abreast with males.

It is also of great importance for the social development in Pakistan, just as it will be helpful to improve the literacy rate in Pakistan. According to Pakistan’s Social and Living Standard Management (PSLSM) Islamabad the literacy rate in Pakistan 2018 in Fifty eight Percent  58% in which the contribution of males is seventy percent 70% and the share of females is forty eight percent 48%. So if the females should be treated equally, their literacy rate will be upgraded and would be helpful to enhance the literacy rate in Pakistan. If we will educate females that their health is important as the health of males and their will regarding family planning will be considered the population of our country may be controlled. Education will make females aware regarding various crimes and aid to them provided by law to secure them will cause a reduction in the crime rates in our society. It will also provide better conditions of health and hygiene to them which improve their living standard. So Gender equality will tend to inculcation of moral values by the females to the next generation in the way of mother’s training and treatment for the children.

Now we may debate that the gender equality will bring the economic development in our country. When the females will be encouraged to do a job, it will make the ability of more and better workforce. Thus, due to work abreast with males the GDP growth rate will tend to increase. Due to economic growth like increase in GDP etc., the tax revenue will also be increased. Thus the circulation of money would become possible due to which the chances of inflation will come to an end.

Thus the gender equality would derive us towards the administrative development. It would have positive impact on our educational and official environment and make us able to utilize the untapped skills and talent of the new workforce available in the market.  

Now we shall discuss the causes of gender imbalance due to which the gender inequality raises in our society. These causes include political, social, economic, administrative and religious causes on which we are going to scatter the lime light to make them prominent and easy to understand. While discussing abort political causes, we will include the lack of political will in the females in our society. They considers the politics as a quagmire and don’t want to get down in it and the percentage in politics becomes imbalance. Another reason is the weak legislation regarding the implementation upon the rules and laws made for the women. Frequent derailment of Democracy is also an important reason of this all due to which the right of independence in Orton is not properly provided to the female as compared to males in our society.

If we discuss about the social causes, we shall have to highlight the social and cultural barriers which prevents the females to participate in which the males just as the focus on consideration of their husbands and other relatives regarding their participation. On the other hand, illiteracy is also an anathema which also manacles the feet of women around us. High population growth rate is also a problem due to which women does not even remains above to do anything except producing the children for the happiness of their families.

If we bring into light the economic causes of gender imparity in our society, we shall be able to know about the lack of funds, securities and resources to train the females around us who want to participate for the development. There is also an absence of economic opportunities due to which the new experiments regarding development are impossible. On the other hand rampart poverty is also an important reason of it.

Whole talking about administrative causes of gender imparity, we should keep in mind about the non-availability of the account data or the further statistics which may help us regarding the policy setup. And if any policy has been made regarding this phenomenon, it may become raised due to poor implementation on it. Moreover the non-conductive environment at the workplace for the females is a solid cause of sexual imparity in our society.

There are some religious causes which are the barrier in the path of gender equality. Such causes includes the negative role of some of the religious leaders which derives the people towards extremism and shows the wrong implementations of Islamic Injunctions due to which the people seems the role of women in the development of society would be considered as a great sign and an untolerateable  offense. Closure the door of “Ijtehad” is also a main reason of this all.

So, in the present circumstances, it is the great responsibility of our Government to step in for the amelioration of the situation. Such as in Pakistan, Government has created “Haqooq-E-Niswan” which is properly being implemented. Secondly, females are being encourages to work in every walk of life.

In the light of above discussion, here the remedies for the gender imbalance or inequality are being presented:-

1.There should be strict enactment upon stringent laws made for the benefit and betterment of the women.

2. In all kinds of employment announced by the Government, the quota for females may be enhanced so that the gap between the genders may be balanced.

3. There must be a proper share in our society for the transgenders as they’re also an important pillar of our society and their importance may not be neglected.

4. Media of our country is required to play an effective role for the gender equality.

5. We should make effective policy for population central so that the females may be able to do something other than the birth of children.

6. We must organize the consulting session for males so that they may be aware regarding the social and religious rights o the women.

7. Provision of necessary funds and budget is also very important for the development of women and the gender equality as well.

8. We must create special opportunities for women so that they may be able to play their effective role in the society.

9. We’re required to promote the modern narrative of Islam to eradicate the gender imbalance due to some people who plays in by making wrong injunctions of Islam.

10. At the end, we should pay attention towards the character building process in our educational institutions because some of the females do not feel comfortable due to the cheap behavior of their fellows in these institutions.

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