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General Knowledge MCQs – GK Solved MCQs for Exams

General Knowledge MCQs – GK Solved MCQs for Exams

“DIA” is the intelligence agency of————- ?

a) U.K

b) Turkey

c) U.S

d) Australia

Who killed Major General Qassim Suliemani in an overnight airstrike at the Baghdad airport———– ?

a) USA

b) Russia

c) UK

d) China

The Novel “Madame Bovary” was written by ————– ?

a) E.M. Forster

b) Gustave Flaubert

c) James Joyce

d) Leo Tolstoy

The Novel “Great Expectations” was written by———– ?

a) Thomas Hardy

b) Charles Dickens

c) Henry Fielding

d) Jane Austen

“Bir Shrestho” is the highest Military award of————?

a) Sri Lanka

b) South Korea

c) Bangladesh

d) South Africa

“Rafina” is one of the famous seaport of ———— ?

a) Turkey

b) Italy

c) Greece

d) Argentina

“Alexandroupoils” is the seaport of ———- ?

a) Egypt

b) Greece

c) U.K

d) Denmark

Adolf Hitler committed suicide by gunshot on ———- ?

a) 27 April 1945

b) 28 April 1945

c) 29 April 1945

d) 30 April 1945

Combination Of two or more networks are called——-?

a) LAN

b) MAN

c) WAN

d) Inter-network

Suva is the capital of ——— ?

a) Peru

b) Fiji

c) Palau

d) Italy

Example of an analog to analog conversion is ——— ?

a) Video

b) Television

c) Internet

d) Radio

Combination of two or more topologies are called ——— ?

a) Ring

b) Bus

c) Hybrid

d) Star

“CSIS” is the intelligence agency of ———- ?

a) U.S.A

b) Canada

c) U.K

d) Australia

“Military Intelligence and Security Service (MUST)” is the intelligence agency of ——— ?

a) Swedish

b) Australia

c) Spain

d) Switzerland

Stethoscope was invented by ——— ?

a) Steven Sasson

b) Rene Laennec

c) Martin Cooper

d) Dave Hyatt

Which city was recaptured at the end of the first war of Crusade?

a) Venice

b) Rome

c) Vienna

d) Jerusalem

Queen Elizabeth I of England belongs to ————- dynasty?

a) Tudor

b) Stuart

c) Normandy

d) York

The battle of Waterloo was fought in ———– ?

a) 1817

b) 1815

c) 1821

d) 1818

The “Kitab-fi-Tehqiq” was written by ———- ?

a) Al-beruni

b) Firozbadi

c) Isami

d) Firoz Shah

“Port Kamsar” is the seaport of ——— ?

a) Canada

b) Guinea

c) Greece

d) Belgium

Which is the largest seaport of Guinea———– ?

a) Port Conakry

b) Port Kamsar

c) Port Jacmel

d) Port-au-Prince

The famous Islamic book “Tafsir al-Tabari” was written by ———– ?

a) Hazrat Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tha’labi R.A

b) Hazrat Abu Bakar ibn al-Arabi R.A

c) Hazrat Khwaja Abdullah Ansari R.A

d) Hazrat Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari R.A

The medical branch of Science that deals with the study of skin, its functions, diseases & treatment ———— ?

a) Dermatology

b) Dormatology

c) Deontology

d) Dermatoglyphyics

The scientific study of fingerprints is called ——— ?

a) Dactyliology

b) Dactylology

c) Dactylography

d) Dialectology

“Military Merit Decoration” is the highest Military award of ——– ?

a) Australia

b) Germany

c) Austria

d) Greece

Which is national flower of japan ——— ?

a) Red Rose

b) Black Iris

c) Chrysanthemum

d) Lily

What is the molecular formula of Ammonia?

a) NH

b) NH2

c) NH3