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General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests
General Knowledge Mcqs

General Knowledge Mcqs “. Tab this page to check “Latest General Knowledge MCQs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others. The most occurred mcqs of General Knowledge in past papers. Past papers of General Knowledge mcqs. Past papers of General Knowledge General Knowledge MCQs. General Knowledge General Knowledge Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The General Knowledge General Knowledge mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related General Knowledge General Knowledge mcqs. The Important series of General Knowledge Mcqs are given below:

Which country is the world’s largest producer of cobalt, a chemical element?

A. South Africa
B. Nigeria
C. Botswana
D. Congo

The World Soil Day is celebrated on_________?

A. 6th December
B. 5th December
C. 4th December
D. 7th December

Which city is known as the ‘City of ghosts and temples’?

A. Paris
B. Lahore
C. Banaras
D. Delhi

Which country is the most emitter of carbon dioxide from 2018?

B. India
C. China
D. Brazil

Which country has the most World Heritage sites With 55 sites?

A. Syria
B. Italy
C. Egypt
D. India

The World AIDS Day is observed ?

A. 1 December
B. 3 December
C. 2 December
D. None of these

The International Day for the Abolition of Slavery observed?

A. 3rd December
B. 2nd December
C. 1st December
D. None of these

How many white stars have on Flag of Kosovo __________ ?

A. Seven Stars
B. Six Stars
C. Five Stars
D. Eight Stars

The World Disability Day observed every year on____________?

A. 2nd December
B. 1st December
C. 3rd December
D. 4th December

“Shewala Teja singh temple” reopened after 72 years. it is located in _______ city of Pakistan.

A. Faislabad
B. Sialkot
C. Multan
D. Sheikhupura

Which is the biggest Library of the World?

A. Library of Congress
B. Alexandra Library
C. National Library of Pakistan
D. British Museum Library

South Yemen becomes independent from the United Kingdom in _________ ?

A. December 1969
B. November 1967
C. October 1966
D. None of these

ASIS is a secret agency of which country?

A. Australia
B. Pakistan
C. China
D. Canada

Who was known as “Citizen King” of France?

A. Henry VI
B. Napoleon
C. Louis Phillipe
D. None of the above

Which Regiment of Pakistan Army has awarded maximum number of Nishan-e-Haider?

A. Balochistan Regiment
B. Punjab Regiment
C. Pakhtunkhuwah Regiment
D. Sindh Regiment

Who credited the invention of AK-47 assault rifle ?

A. Afred Nobel
B. Samuel Colt
C. Mikhail Kalashnikov
D. Henry Akinson

The Third Battle of Panipat was fought bewteen Ahmad Shah Abdali & Marathas on_________?

A. 4 January 1761
B. 14 January 1761
C. 4 March 1556
D. 24 February 1526

City of Hot Weather is known as____________?

A. Larkana
B. Thar
C. Jacobabad
D. Dadu

Which city is called the Gateway of Pakistan?

A. Keti Bander
B. Gawadar
C. Kashmor
D. Karachi

When did Tipu Sultan died?

A. May 4, 1799
B. May4, 1699
C. May4, 1899
D. None of these

Last Guru in Sikhism was__________?

A. GuruRam Das
B. Guru Amar Das
C. Guru Gobind
D. Guru Arjan

Famous city ‘Aberdeen’ is city of which country?

A. Japan
B. America
C. Scotland
D. Australia

International Men’s day is Celebrated Every Year on ______________?

A. 19 October
B. 19 September
C. 19 November
D. 19 December

The apex Elected body in Israel is called__________?

A. Congress
B. Parliament
C. Knesset
D. Batheling

Which European country is not member of European Union ?

A. Switzerland
B. Netherlands
C. France
D. Belgium

Which is the national game of Tajikistan?

A. Football
B. Hockey
C. Gushtigiri
D. Buzkashi

When did Taimur invaded India ?

A. 1378
B. 1368
C. 1385
D. 1398

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is popularly known as the____________?

A. Red Mosque
B. Blue Mosque
C. Green Mosque
D. Yellow Mosque

Which of the following countries becomes first in Africa to launch high speed train 320Km/h?

A. Egypt
B. South Africa
C. Morocco
D. Tunesia

AGI is a news agency of which country?

A. Georgea
B. Italy
C. Poland
D. Greece

Baifra is a news agency of which country?

A. Nigeria
B. Ghana
C. Chad
D. Egypt

Which of the following country has world’s largest Banknote?

A. Philippines
B. France
C. Russia
D. Argentina

GPEI is abbreviation for ____________?

A. Global Program for Environmental Initiative
B. Global Positional Environmental Initiative
C. Global Program for Environmental Index
D. Global Polio Eradication Initiative 

The first Blackberry smartphone was released in year ____________?

A. 2000
B. 1999
C. 1998
D. 2002

BEAR is the symbol of _________?

C. Italy

“Rood e Kausar” is written by ___________?

A. Shaikh Mohammad Ghani
B. Shaikh Mohammad Ali
C. Shaikh Mohammad Abdullah
D. Shaikh Mohammad Ikram

Statue of liberty was gifted to America by _________ on __________?

A. Egypt – 21 June 1886
B. Russia – 1 January 1886
C. Japan – 11 September 1886
D. France – 28 October 1886

Manghopir named after ____________.?

A. Sufi Pir Haji Syed Mohammad Sultan
B. Sufi Pir Haji Syed Qutub Sultan
C. Sufi Pir Haji Syed Ahmed Sultan
D. Sufi Pir Haji Syed Sakhi Sultan

Which English ambassador came to India during the time of Jahangir?

A. Sir Thomas Lu
B. Sir Thomas White
C. Sir Thomas Jefferson
D. Sir Thomas Roe

The Sakhalin Island is disputed between ___________.?

A. China & Taiwan
B. China & Japan
C. Japan & Korea
D. Japan & Russia

Which country in South Asia has the highest literacy rate?

A. India
B. Pakistan
C. Maldives
D. Nepal

First Blind Cricket World Cup won by__________?

A. India
B. Sri Lanka
C. Pakistan
D. England

In which city of India Nuclear Accident was Happened?

A. Delhi
B. Tarapur
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Mumbai

Adidas Abiba is a city of___________?

A. Morocco
B. Ethiopia
C. Sudan
D. Nigeria

The tenure of Judge of International Court of Justice is:

A. 6 Years
B. 5 Years
C. 9 Years
D. 10 Years

Falklands War was fought between UK and____________?

A. Russia
B. Argentina
D. France

General Knowledge Mcqs (02)

Who is the National Artist of Pakistan?

A. Abdul Rahim Nagori
B. Abdul Rehman Chughtai
C. Sadequain Naqqash
D. Lubna Agha

World Toilet Day is celebrated on_________?

A. 14 November
B. 10 November
C. 19 November
D. 23 November

Babri Masjid incident was occurred on __________?

A. 6 December 1990
B. 6 December 1987
C. 6 December 1992
D. None of these

The first conqueror of the world’s second highest mountain K2 was____________?

A. French
B. American
C. Pakistani
D. Italian 

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) starts at__________?

A. Shanghai
B. Beijing
C. Kashgar 
D. Xinjiang

International Children’s Day is observed on ____________ ?

A. 1st June
B. 20 February
C. 1st March
D. 20 November 

Jare Ijalana, a girl from _________ is dubbed as the “Most beautiful girl in the world”?

A. Ethiopia
B. Nigeria
C. Kenya
D. None of these

The Kurdistan region spans over _____ countries?

A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5

The two official languages of NATO are_______________?

A. English and French
B. English and Spanish
C. English and German
D. English, French and German

The headquarter of Human Rights Watch (HRW) is located in_____________?

A. Berlin
B. New York
C. Washington
D. Brussels

Which among the following country first reached the ‘Dark Side’ of the Moon?

B. Russia
C. Germany
D. China

The World’s first underground railway system was built in___________?

A. Berlin
B. New York
C. Moscow
D. London

Grand Old Party is also known as _________?

A. The Republican Party
B. Labour Party
C. Liberal Part
D. Democratic Party

What country did Benito Mussolini rule?

A. Russia
B. Germany
C. Italy
D. America

When UN day is Celebrated every Year?

A. 22 October
B. 21 October
C. 23 October
D. 24 October

How many Judges are in the International Court of Justice (ICJ)?

A. 10
B. 5
C. 15
D. 20

Which Country in the World has most Neighbors ?

B. Russia
C. China
D. India

Fan was invented by___________?

A. Alfered Nobel
B. Arthur Schimit
C. Skaats Wheeler
D. None of these

Who is considered the first poet of Pashto Language?

A. Rahman Baba
B. Ameer Kror
C. Khushal Khan Khatak
D. None of these

The book ” Pakistan: the Formative Phase” was written by__________?

A. Aitzaz Ahsan
B. Khalid Bin Saeed
C. K. K. Aziz
D. Syed Ameer Ali

G.T Road was constructed by __________?

A. Muhammad Taghluq
B. Altimush
C. Feroz Taghluq
D. Sher Shah Suri

Which city of Sindh is famous for ‘Pallo’ (Fish)?

A. Hala
B. Jamshoro
C. Dadu
D. Sukkur

The book ” The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah the Muslim and Demand for Pakistan” was written by___________?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan
B. Ayesha Jalal
C. Umera Ahmed
D. Aitzaz Ahsan

The book ” Friends not Masters” was written by____________?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan
B. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
C. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
D. General Ayoub Khan

Shakespeare beach is located in which country?

B. France
C. England
D. Canada

Which of the following was invented by Torricelli?

A. Airship
B. Clock
C. Barometer
D. Cotton gin

General Knowledge Mcqs (04)

Albert Einstein was a____________?

A. Physicist
B. Chemist
C. Physician
D. Biologist

Bubo bubo is the scientific name of which of the following species?

A. Peacock
B. Hen
C. Eagle
D. Owl

Which day is celebrated on 4th February?

A. World Alzheimer’s Day
B. World Day of the Sick
C. World Day of Social Justice
D. World Cancer Day

Karakoram highway is also known as___________?

A. N-25
B. N-35
C. N-655
D. N-135

Who was Afghan ruler at the time of USSR invasion?

A. Barbark Kermal
B. Hamid Karzai
C. Hafizullah Amin
D. Haji Mohd Chamkani

Who is considered as the Leader of Modern Chinese Economy?

A. Deng Xiaoping
B. Wang Yi
C. Li Kuwan Yu
D. Xi Jing Ping

Kurd are large ethnic group Where they live?

A. Iran and Armenia
B. Turkey and Iraq
C. Syria
D. All of these

When was the Historic Quaid-i-Azam Ziarat Residency was set alight in an arson attack by militants?

A. June 15, 2013
B. June 15, 2015
C. June 15, 2014
D. June 15, 2016

World’s largest Copper producer is__________?

A. India
B. China
C. Chile
D. Russia

Which of the following flower is called Queen of Water?

A. Rafflesia
B. Lilly
C. Rose
D. Tulip

What is the largest flower in the world?

A. Fern
B. Conifer
C. Rafflesia
D. Horsetail

Who is the known as the father of taxonomy?

A. Fransco Redi
B. Aristotle
C. Carolus Linnaeus
D. Rachel Carson

The books “The Murder of History”, “The Pakistani Historian” and “Britain and Muslim India were written by________?

A. Khalid Bin Sayeed
B. I.I Qureshi
C. Chudary Muhammad Ali
D. K.K Aziz

Number of members required in Knesset (Israel’s assembly) to form government?

A. 60
B. 63
C. 55
D. 59

What is the name of Israel’s Parliament?

A. General Council
B. National Assembly
D. Federal Parliament

When did the Soviet Union official break up ?

A. 26 September 1992
B. 26 December 1991
C. 26 September 1991
D. 26 December 1992

The World Mental Day is observed every years on_________?

A. 10 October
B. 13 October
C. 11 October
D. 14 October

Which is the national game of Romania?

A. Football
B. Bandy
C. Oina
D. Destrezas Criollas

The world’s largest bird is_________?

A. King Penguin
B. Common Ostrich
C. Kori Bustard
D. Southern Cassowary

Which is the oldest search engine of the internet?

A. WebCrawler
B. Yahoo
C. Ask
D. Google

General Knowledge Mcqs (06)

Which country has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

A. France
B. China
C. Italy
D. Spain

Which City name of Pakistan means,”The Forest in the Sky”??

A. Chilas
B. Hunza
C. Shugran
D. Gilgit

What do the Initials IFAD stand?

A. Indian Food Approval Department
B. International Fund for Airplane Development.
C. International Food Approval Department
D. International Fund for Agricultural Development

We live on the planet Earth. According to the scientists, the Earth was formed about _____ years ago.

A. 5.6 million
B. 4.6 million
C. 4.5 billion
D. 5.6 billion

Name the author of ‘Kapas ka Phool’?

A. Abdullah Hussain
B. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
C. Mulavi Abdul Haq
D. Hosh Maleeh Abadi

The deepest hole in the Earth, ‘Kola Superdeep Borehole’ on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, is about _____ feet deep.

A. 10,000
B. 30,000
C. 20,000
D. 40,000

Guarani is the currency of which country?

A. Peru
B. Berma
C. Paraguay
D. Belgium

Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year in which religion?

A. Buddhism
B. Judaism
C. Zoroastrianism
D. Christianity

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests