Growing in Poverty (Effects & Remedies)

Poverty is a fire of desperation, disappointment and helter-spelter maladministration which cremate the glory of a state or society. In our country, Poverty is also a fistula which is to be eradicated by the Government at the earliest because it badly impacts the society.

Growing up in poverty elicits a lot of problems in the society just as increase in crimes and criminals in the society, a lot of diseases due to unhealthy food products and low quality eatables, huge quantity of beggars in the society, Juvenile delinquency, producing the minor workers instead of a bright students, nourishment of terrorism due to non-availability of resources and misery. According to the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) launched by the ministry of Planning Development and reforms published in Survey of Pakistan 2015-2016 technically supported by Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI) 39 % Pakistani lived in multidimensional poverty with the highest rates of Poverty in FATA and Baluchistan which has come down from 54.9% to 39%. Our Government must adopt some effective measures to counter the problems arises in the society due to the Poverty.

To counter the Poverty, we must strengthen our economic structure for which the following aspects are mandatory which are given below:-

  1. Tax reforms (for the Pavement of tax infrastructure).
  2. Allocation and effective utilization of allocated resources.
  3. Synchronization of center-Provence administration.
  4. Creation of employments to eliminate unemployment.
  5. Education for all, make it public.
  6. Enhancement in exports.
  7. Reduction in imports.
  8. Effective Policies (Like monitory/Fiscal Policies) by the central bank to overcome counter inflation.

As in the conclusion of the above we may say that poverty is venom for the society which cannot allows it flourish or even survive. So, it is our national responsibility to abreast with Government to eliminate Poverty from our society.

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