How to check Hajj Flight Schedule Pakistan 2023 Online – First Hajj flight from Pakistan 2023

This post discusses the first and last Hajj flights from Pakistan in 2023. According to Senator Talha Mehmood, Minister of Religious Affairs, Pakistan has stated that the operation of Hajj flights for the year 2023 would begin on May 21st.

For Muslims throughout the world, the annual Hajj trip is an important religious occasion, and preparation is essential for a positive experience. Understanding the flight itinerary is one of the key components of Hajj planning since it dictates the pilgrims’ departure and return dates. We’ll give a thorough overview of the 2023 Hajj flight schedule from Pakistan in this post. Prospective pilgrims might make wise travel plans with the help of this information.

First Hajj flight from Pakistan 2023

Beginning on May 21, 2023, and concluding on June 22, 2023, the arrival phase will last for 31 days.

Hajj flight schedule 2023 Pakistan

The arrival and departure phases of Hajj flights in Saudi Arabia have been announced by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). Beginning on May 21, 2023, and concluding on June 22, 2023, the arrival phase will last for 31 days. The departure phase, on the other hand, is slated to run from July 2 to August 2, 2023.

Please be aware that the precise flight schedule from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for Hajj 2023 has not yet been made public. As soon as the officials release the timetables, we will inform you on them.

How to check Hajj Flight Schedule Online?

It is advised to speak with licenced Hajj tour operators or travel companies for the most precise and recent information as these dates are subject to change.

Step 1: Go to the official website for the Hajj flight schedule
Start by using your favourite web browser and going to to find the official webpage for the Hajj flight schedule. Look for trustworthy resources that offer correct information, such as the official website of the Hajj authorities in your nation or reputable travel companies.

Hajj flight schedule 2023 Pakistan

Click Here to Check Hajj Official Website

Step 2: Choose Your Departure City
Find the opportunity to choose your departure city on the website. Pick the city from where you’ll begin your Hajj pilgrimage. This step makes sure that the flight schedule presented corresponds with your unique travel arrangements.

Step 3: Pick Your Location
Choose the location of your Hajj pilgrimage next. Typically, the choices will include significant Saudi cities like Jeddah or Medina. Make sure you pick the city that is most accessible from where you want to go.

Step 4: Type in the Ideal Date Range
Enter the time frame you want for your Hajj pilgrimage. To improve your chances of discovering acceptable flight alternatives, it is suggested to use a wider date range. However, keep in mind that depending on availability and other reasons, the exact dates can change.

Step 5: Review the flight schedule
Click the “Search” or “Check Schedule” button once you have input all the necessary data. A list of accessible flights that meet your specified criteria will be generated by the website.

Review the flight itinerary thoroughly, paying close attention to the hours of departure and arrival, the airlines, and any layovers or connections.

Step 6: Print or Save Your Flight Information
Save or print the flight information after choosing your desired flight for future use. Don’t forget to write down the flight number, the time of departure, and any other important details. To accommodate for possible last-minute changes, it is also advised to double-check the airline itinerary closer to your travel dates.

Getting to Know the Flight Schedule Pakistan 2023

  • Departure Date: The day that pilgrims leave Pakistan to begin their Hajj pilgrimage is known as the departure date. It is essential to go to the airport early in order to complete the appropriate immigration and check-in processes.
  • Return Date: The day that pilgrims will return to Pakistan after performing the Hajj rites is referred to as the “return date.” Pilgrims should take this into consideration while making their post-Hajj travel and lodging plans.


For a smooth and successful trip, being aware of the Hajj flight schedule Pakistan is essential. A basic overview of the departure and return dates from important places is offered by the accompanying flight itinerary for Hajj 2023 from Pakistan.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these dates might change, so it’s a good idea to remain informed through reputable travel firms. During the Hajj season, pilgrims may guarantee a pleasant travel to and from Saudi Arabia by making plans in advance and heeding the provided advice. May Allah make the Hajj a blessed and safe experience for all pilgrims!

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