Hybrid Warfare

As we know that in the current era, the wars like previous eras is not possible to fight with the enemy country as all the countries of the world rest in the global chain due to being interdependent. So, in present age the countries uses irregular, cyber, conventional and political warfare supported by diplomacy, foreign electoral intervention, fake news, law-fare and yellow Journalism. This strategy is called Hybrid warfare.

As we know that nuclear weapons have interdict a major conflict between the nuclear armed states since last 5 to 6 decades. Now-a-days such countries are trying to get their objectives due to this strategy. For example we may refer Russian approach in Ukraine having cyber-attacks use of irregular forces, clandestine supplies and diplomatic support which they named “Gerasimor Doctrine”.

Hybrid war is not a proper war. Its purpose is not to defeat the enemy at the earliest but to cease its morale. Its purpose is to frightening the enemy at extreme level and to hollow its base. Its purpose is to impeach the enemy from unacceptable political or military objectives, destroy or harm its command and control, infrastructure and to isolate it’s from the other world so that it may not be flourish and its economy is to be effected so that it may be restricted from attaining its target/goals.

The tools used in hybrid warfare are artificial intelligence, Social media, Advanced Cyber Programmes and Data mining.

Pakistan has become the target of Hybrid war in 1971. At that time the Hybrid Strategy was included Mujib’s six Point Plan, the genocides and refugees narrative, Training of Mukti Bahini Indo-Soviet Friendship Treaty etc.

Since that time, Pakistan has been the target of Hybrid warfare and the Pak Army and the ISI has been the special focus of the Propagandas and fake news.

Now-a-days the Hybrid war is focused on Pakistanis areas such as CPEC, GB, FATA and Baluchistan. The main tools of this war in Pakistan in Independent Media source of which shows anything without research  and speaks in many voices due to foreign aided NGO’s which provided the perks of benefits to these groups to use them against Pakistan.

To counter this situation, Pakistani agencies must be well equipped with cyber tools like latest surveillance and data collection techniques to find and eradicate the future problems regarding this warfare.

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