‘I wish there was a miracle and they find Zara’

Yesterday, a PIA flight crashed near PK8303 Airport with a population of 91 passengers and eight crew members on board, and unfortunately Pakistan fashion industry model Zara Abid was also on board.

Rescue officials continued to exhume the bodies throughout the night, of which 16 bodies were identified while 50 bodies could not be identified.

Pakistan fashion industry model Zara Abid was also present in this unfortunate plane who is no more in this world.

The entire showbiz industry is deeply saddened by the demise of Zara Abid, while a post was also shared on Instagram by Zara Abid’s closest friend.

A close friend of Zara Abid shared a video with him and wrote that you broke me.

On Abeer’s post, Mathira commented, “I wish there was a miracle and they would find Zara.”

On the other hand, Zara’s close friend and stylist Khoji also commented that “Allah we are waiting for a miracle”.

Fareeha Altaf from the fashion industry tweeted that “Zara Abid was busy shooting when her uncle died and she had to go to Lahore immediately”.

He added that “the demise of Zara Abid in this way is a huge gap for the Pakistani fashion industry.”

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Designer Nomi Ansari also shared a photo in which she shared a photo with model Zara Abid and wrote that “last Ramadan we had Iftar together on the same day”.

Nomi Ansari added that this is a very painful moment.

Amna Ilyas, a popular model in Pakistan entertainment industry, also shared a photo of her partner model and wrote, She used to hug me.

“We are waiting for a miracle,” added Amna Elias.

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