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IKLC Result 2023 Pakistan Contest 16 November pdf

IKLC Answer Key, IKLC Total Marks, IKLC Result 2023, and IKLC Previous Papers with Solution Check are all available here. The International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2023 took place on November 16, 2023. Here is the official website link where you can view your IKLC (International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest) results for 2023. Here is a link to the previous IKLC contest results for 2023. The results of the Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2023 will be revealed on February 10, 2024. Here is the link to the list of winners of the bronze, gold, and silver medals. The IKLC result date has now been announced. This page also has IKLC preparation materials that you can download. Check out all of the IKLC prizes on this page. See the winners of the IKLC National Prize, the District Prize, the Institution Prize, the Other Prize, and the Distinguished Educationist Award here.

You can easily check the IKLC Results 2023 Pakistan by either name or roll number online. The results will be made public on February 10, 2024.

IKLC Results 16 November 2023 Contest

One of the most significant outcomes for Pakistani students is the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest Result 2023. It is therefore a highly anticipated event that determines the future career and educational paths of the students. In this post, we will give a summary of the IKLC results and instructions for students and their families to access them. Here is where you can check your result by institution name or student name with institution code.

IKLC Contest Answer keys 16 November 2023 Check Online

Pakistan’s IKLC result for 2023 has been made public. You can use the following method to check your IKLC 2023 Pakistan result:
This page contains the 2023 International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest Answer Keys. IKLC practice exams with solutions are available here. IKLC Answer Key 2023: Use this link to view your paper key online.

International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2023-24 Result pdf Download

This page contains the results and answer keys for the IKLC 2023. You can now download the exam results, answer sheets, and sample key for Ecolier Level (Class 1-4) and Ecolier Level (Class 5) (3–4). The results of the Junior Levels (Class 9–10), Cadet Levels (Class 7-8), and Benjamin Levels (Class 5–6) are all available for viewing. The results of the IKLC 2023 are revealed.

IKLC Contest Prizes 2023 1st 2nd 3rd

An annual celebration honoring the first European sighting of an Australian kangaroo is known as the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC). Students from all over the world are encouraged to participate in linguistic research, as the contest celebrates linguistic diversity. The prizes for this year’s competition are as follows: $10,000 as the first prize Prize Runner-Up: $5,000 Prize #3: $2,500 $1250 is the fourth prize. Fifth Award: $700 $500 is the sixth prize. $250 is the seventh prize. An acknowledgment certificate is the eighth prize. A bookplate with an engraving is the ninth prize. Accompanying the prizes for positions 10 through 15 is a certificate of appreciation.

IKLC Contest Prizes 2023 1st 2nd 3rd

How to check IKLC Contest Result 2023 2024 online?

You can view your International Kangaroo Contest (IKLC) results.

  • Visit the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest’s official website, (link provided here as well).
  • or go to the official website by clicking this link. “IKLC Findings”
  • Once the result page opens, scroll down to see the various categories.
  • Choose the year now. Next, choose the option to search by institution or search by student.
  • Enter the institution code now, hit submit, and take pleasure in the outcome.

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