Importance of Accountability (For the Development of Pakistan)

Accountability and development are essentials for each other. Development cannot be made without accountability; we can elaborate them with the ship and water. As the ship cannot float without water, the development cannot be achieved without the accountability.

Accountability is not only found in a specific form or shape. It may be of various aspects, such as political accountability social accountability, economic accountability and administrative accountability.

The political accountability helps to eliminate the inept political leadership from the society. It provides us the fair electoral system and the competent leaders which derives the nation towards prosperity. Secondly, if we bring accountability regarding social aspects, it will make us prominent among the other nations. Social accountability refers us towards the equality of rights and responsibilities which will boost our graph internationally and make us evidently prosperous nation in the world. Economic accountability is also immensely important to make us a wealthy and independent nation. It will derive us towards effective utilization of resources by reduction in expenditure and enhancement in income. Now the most important accountability which may be considered as the soul of the accountability process is called the administrative accountability. It tends us towards the equality of law for every one and the concept that no one can get excess then the rights / powers described for him in the rules and regulations. Everyone from the top level of management till the junior most entity is accountable for all of his acts and deeds.

Unfortunately, the situation of accountability in Pakistan is at its worse, which is gradually being too central. In the part, there was no concept of accountability in our country regarding economy, administrative or politics. There was only a concept of might s right? But now the people of our country are being aware regarding accountability which is the caution of starting our Journey towards prosperity and development. It derives a nation towards political development by fuelling it to raise its voice against inherent politics or incompetent political leadership and proper voting sense regarding our electoral system. It is only accountability which nourishes the people to raise voice for their rights and sense of equality for all which is a sign of social development. Due to accountability, the whole national is now shouting against the money laundering and the non-tax payers. It is the advantage of accountability which developed the sense in the people that everyone whether he is rich or poor, is accountable for his deed and is abide by law.

No doubt, the accountability is very beneficial for as a whole. But there are some hurdles in it to be applicable completely. These hurdles are as under:-

First of all, there are some legislative hurdles which do not allow us to implement the proper system of accountability. Such as there is a weak legislation which brings out the clumsy political leadership as the result. Inadherence to law is also a great hurdle in the proper mechanism of accountability. There are some political hurdles as well which includes hereditary voting and lineal politics which is a hindering element in the way of accountability.

Sometimes the social problems create the hurdles in accountability. These social hurdles include the incogent judicial mechanism of our society. Another thing is illiteracy due to which a lot of people of our society are unaware of accountability. The element of imparity in our society is also a hindering aspect in the sense of accountability

There are some economic hurdles in the way of accountability. The main element is poverty in our society. The poor class of our society always focuses towards their earning instead of accountability of others. Another problem is high rate of population due to which unemployment & poverty increases and people do not pay attention or focus towards accountability and thus, due to non-availability of proper accountability, people deprived from their fundamental rights and the concept of a prosperous nation, comes to an end.

There are some administrative hurdles as well which linger on the accountability and creates the complexity in the way of development. There are a lot of issues regarding this aspect in which the “Nepotism” is on the top level, second one is the high handedness of Bureaucracy due to which the process of accountability becomes very difficult.

There are some recommendations for the amelioration of the situation which are given as under:-

1There must be a cogent judicial mechanism so that everyone should be accountable and abide by law.
2Imparity must come to an end and there must be a sense of equality in our society.
3There should be elevation based accountability so that everyone from the top to bottom level should be accountable.
4All of the people of the society should be independent in their oration which is their legal and religious right and the necessity of our society as well.
5We must overthrow the nepotism from our society and in accordance with law.
6We must throw out our inept political leadership and switch ourselves towards the fair electoral system.
7We must have a mechanism of strict vigilance of all the public departments to eradicate corruption.
8We need to enact on stringent laws to derive our country towards development.
9We must eradicate hereditary or lineal politics from our society.
10Educational reforms are also needed for the development.

In the end we are able to conclude that the accountability is an essential element of development and no nation can be able to chase the fruitful objectives like development or prosperity without accountability.

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