Invisible “mysterious energy” attacks on the White House revealed

Invisible “mysterious energy” attacks on the White House revealed

Invisible "mysterious energy" attacks on the White House revealed

WASHINGTON: Last year, in November 2020, there were at least two invisible mysterious energy attacks on the White House, which major US agencies are still investigating but have had no success with.

In these strange and mysterious attacks, different people are targeted separately in an unknown way while they do not even know that they have been attacked.The victim suddenly hears applause from a particular direction, which can last from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Sounds like applause for someone receiving a prize.Other symptoms include throbbing headaches and nausea.

If there were other people near the victim of this mysterious attack, they would not hear such voices at all.These outward symptoms are called “Havana syndrome”, which is the basis for later estimates of a possible attack, but by then it is too late.The first cases of Havana syndrome occurred in 2016 with US and Canadian diplomatic staff stationed in Cuba. Similar incidents occurred in 2018 with US CIA officials on a secret mission in China.How are these attacks carried out? Who is behind these attacks? We don’t know anything about this at the moment.However, there are many hypotheses about this, in which “direct energy” (direct energy) is considered to be the real culprit.

Invisible “mysterious energy” attacks on the White House revealed

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Author: Haroon Malik

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