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Kamyab Jawan Program: List of Required Documents For Bank Loan

Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Programm has reached succefull rate of Online 10 Lakh onlin Applications all around the Pakistan. Many of the candidates have been received verification call from the concerned banks whom they choosed at the time of filling online application.

Kamyab Jawan Program: List of Required Documents For Bank Loan

There are many candidates around the Pakistan raising question that bank informed over the verification call to ready their required documents for next step. It is therefore is providing the list of documents which are essential for next procedure demanding by three Banks: 1) National Bank of Pakistan 2) Bank of Punjab 3) Bank of Khyber



1. CNIC copy (Applicant)

2. One (1) passport size photograph

3. Applicant Father’s / Spouse/ husband CNIC Copy

4. NTN Certificate Copy (if available)

5. Copy of last 03 Months Paid Utility Bills (Electricity or water or gas) of Residence

6. Educational degree/ relevant qualification, if any

7. Certificate of Training /Professional License, if any

8. If industry selection is IT/ E Commerce: Copy of Matric or equivalent Certificate OR 6 months Experience Certificate.

9. Credit Card/personal loan statements for last three months, if any

10. Other Verifiable sources of income i-e Salary, Rental Income, Foreign Remittance, Agricultural Income, Income from Business, Pension or Saving Certificates (DSC, SSC, RIC, PIB)

11. Documentary evidence of residence status:

  • If living in own premises, copy of title documents.
  • If living in rented premises, copy of rent agreement.
  • In case of Rural Property letter from concerned Union Council verifying that the applicant is the resident of that address.
  • Any other supporting document as applicable.

12. Appointment Letter / Service card (in case of currently employed) / Experience Letter / NOC from last employer (in case of previously worked but currently un-employed).

13. Bank account statement (Personal and Business both) verified (Sign & Stamp or Electronic Signatures) by the issuing authority, mentioning current balance or evidence of any profit bearing investments made(in case of profits through other investments), verified salary slip from relevant organization.

14. Title documents of offered security along with CNIC copy of owner. (In case of Loan above Rs. 500,000/- except Vehicles).

15. Quotation from Vehicle Manufacturing Company (if applicable).

16. CNIC Copy of 2 References

Additional Documents for New Business

1. Documentary evidence of business place proposed.

2. Complete list of assets, quantities and cost of new business.

3. Applicant or Auditor signed estimate of new business revenues and expenses (monthly / annually).

4. Applicant & / or Auditor signed Business feasibility / Financial Projections

Additional Documents for Expansion of Existing Business

1. Evidence of doing own business.

2. Documentary evidence of business place in case of existing business. E.g If rented premises, copy of rent agreement with photocopy of landlord CNIC; If owned premises, copy of title documents; or any other supporting document as applicable.

3. Ledgers of business.

4. Copy of registered partnership deed (For partnership concern only).

5. Applicant & / or Auditor signed Accounts / Financial Statements (For existing business only).

6. Brief business profile along with list of Major Suppliers / Customers.

7. Copy of last 03 Months Paid Utility Bills (Electricity or water or gas) of Business.

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