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Latest Agriculture MCQs – Water Management MCQs (Agriculture) MCQs

Latest Agriculture MCQs – Water Management MCQs (Agriculture) MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Agriculture MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Software engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) in past papers. Past papers of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. Past papers of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. The Important series of Water Management Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs are given below:

The mercury in a glass tube assumes convex shape at the top because of_________________________?

A. Adhesion
B. Cohesion
C. Surface Tension
D. Viscosity

The property of liquid which controls its rate of flow is called __________________?

A. Compressibility
B. Capillarity
C. Viscosity
D. Specific gravity

The water force per meter length on a vertical wall is equal to_________________?

A. W.H/2
B. w H
C. WH2 2
D. wh2

When ever a body is immersed wholly or partially in water, it is lifted up by a force equal to the weight of water displaced by the body ?

A. Archimed’s Principle
B. Newton’s law of otion
C. Law of gravity
D. None of these

A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant is called___________________?

A. Turbulent flow
B. Steady flow
C. Uniform flow
D. None of these

A flow in which the stream lines may be represented by a straight line is called____________________?

A. un-steady flow
B. Non-uniform flow
C. steady flow
D. one-dimension flow

Theoretical velocity of the jet at Vena Contracta is determined by ________________?

A. (2 gh)1/2
B. 2g (h)1/2
C. 2(gh)1/2
D. 2gh

The loss of head due to friction according to Darcy’s formula is _____________________?

A. 4fLv/gd
B. 4fLv2/2gd
C. 4fLv2/gd
D. 4fLv/2gd

The hydraulic mean depth for a circular pipe of diameter d is ____________________?

A. d/3
B. d/2
C. d/4
D. d/6

According to Chezy’s formula, the discharge through an open channel is equal to _________________?

A. A (cmi)1/2
B. C (mi) 1/2
C. Ac√R.S
D. A (c.A/pi) 1/2

The discharge through a rectangular channel will be maximum. if its depth is_______________?

A. Equal to its width
B. Twice the width
C. Half of its width
D. one-third of its with

The depth of water in a channel, corresponding to minimum specific energy is called ________________?

A. Full supply depth
B. Critical depth
C. Normal depth
D. None of these

A hydraulic jump to dissipate energy when flow is __________________?

A. Shooting flow
B. Critical flow
C. Streaming flow
D. Turbulent flow

Art of mixing saline water with fresh water in accordance with some ratio for irrigation purpose is called _________________?

A. Amalgamation
B. Desalinization
C. Mixing of water
D. All are correct

Art of making saline water fit for irrigation and drinking through the processes of membrane technique and reverse osmosis is called ___________________?

A. Desalinization
B. Water mixing
C. Water application
D. All are correct

Presently percentage of area irrigation to that of total cultivated area in our country is __________________?

A. 60%
B. 80%
C. 40%
D. 27%

The hydraulic structures like dams, barrages constructed on permeable foundations are likely to fail due to ___________________?

A. Piping
B. Sliding
C. Crushing
D. All the above

The meandering pattern of a river is developed by ____________________?

A. Maximum discharge
B. Dominant discharge
C. Average discharge
D. Critical discharge

For a flood control reservoirs, the effective storage is equal to ___________________?

A. Useful storage + surcharge storage
B. Useful storage – valley storage
C. Useful storage + surcharge storage
D. Useful storage + surcharge storage -valley storage

When the fluid properties do not change with time, it is a ___________ flow?

A. Steady
B. Unsteady
C. Uniform
D. Non-Uniform

The precipitation that falls during the growing season of the crop is called__________________?

A. Useful rain fall
B. Monsoon rain fall
C. Direct rain fall
D. all are correct

The season that starts from 1st April and end on 30th September and run for 183 days is called _____________________?

A. Kharif season
B. Rice season
C. Rabi season
D. Cotton season

The flow in the river due to the floods may be classified as _____________________?

A. Stream line flow
B. Laminar flow
C. Irrotational flow
D. Turbulent flow

An impermeable Formation which neither contains water nor transmits water may be called_____________________?

A. Aquifuge
B. Aquiclude
C. Aquifer
D. Confined-aquifer

The delta the total depth of water consumed by crop up to its maturity, the delta of cotton is ____________________?

A. 80 cm
B. 100 cm
C. 50 cm
D. 40 cm

The delta the total water depth required by a crop up to its maturity the delta of wheat is _____________________?

A. 50cm
B. 60cm
C. 40 cm
D. 30cm

The disposal of sewage by allowing it to flow and Soak into specially leveled farm land for cultivation purpose is called _____________________?

A. Border irrigation
B. Trickle irrigation
C. Broad irrigation
D. Check irrigation

The quantity of water lost by transpiration from the plants or crops and evaporation from fields adjacent to these plants is called ___________________?

A. Consumptive use
B. Evapo-transpiration
C. Un-confined water
D. a & b are correct

Plant Pathology MCQs

A line shown on a map, drawn between the points of equal levels or heads is called ____________________?

A. Ordinate line
B. Contour line
C. Check line
D. All are correct

A reference point on the ground of accurately known position which is a () point of leveling is called ________________?

A. Reference point
B. Check point
C. Control point
D. Fixed point

The piles driven in low bearing capacity soil which does not rest on hard rock but bears the coming load due to side resistance is called ________________?

A. Cost-in situ piles
B. Frictional pile
C. Load Bearing
D. All are correct

The percentage of the volume of water filled in voids to the total volume of solids of soil grains is called__________________?

A. Degree of compaction
B. Void ratio
C. Degree of saturation
D. Volume of saturation

The free distance on the paddy surface which a wind can travel to any point to rise waves is called_________________?

A. Tide
B. Wave wash
C. Fetch
D. Wave amplitude

The line in a flow net which shows the direction of flow of water through a soil mass beneath dam are called _________________?

A. Section lines
B. flow lines
C. Equipotential lines
D. Streak lines

A mine or tunnel for collecting seepage water in rock or dam is called ____________________?

A. Seepage tunnel
B. Seepage gallery
C. Water tunnel
D. Seepage Drain

Mean velocity of flow in a river can be directly measured by means of ______________________?

A. Current meter
B. Dickne’s formula
C. Surface floats
D. Rod floats

Direct runoff is the sum of __________________?

A. Bass flow and ground water run off
B. Surface run-off and mass flow
C. Sub-surface run off and deep percolation
D. Surface run off and flow

Which of the following has highest-coefficient of discharge_____________________?

A. Broad crested weir
B. Venturi meter
C. Sharp edged orifice
D. Cippoletti weir

Aeration holes are provided to reduce the inside saturation pressure ____________________?

A. In a cippoletti weir
B. In a suppressed weir
C. In a weir with end contractions
D. In all weir

generally useful life of a reservoir is considered terminated when its -gross storage is reduced by _______________ of the design capacity of the reservoir?

A. 50%
B. 80%
C. 100%
D. 20%

The centre of pressure of a plane submerged area which holds it in equilibrium is ____________________?

A. Coincident with centroid of area if its plane is vertical
B. Always below the centre of gravity of the area
C. Always above the centroid of the area
D. Independent of the inclination of area

the phenomenon of evaporation from water surfaces, from soil surfaces around the plants and from plants and transpiration from plants is called ___________________?

A. Evapotranspiration
B. Evaporation
C. Transpiration
D. All are correct

A plot of graphical representation showing river flow against time is called _____________________?

A. Hyetograph
B. Monograph
C. Hydrograph
D. All are correct

If the duration of a unit hydrograph approaches zero, the resulting unit hydrograph is called __________________?

A. Instantaneous unit hydrograph
B. Unit hydrograph
C. Intensity unit hydrograph
D. Unit hyetgoraph

Land containing high percentage of alkalies may be reclaimed by addition of_____________________?

A. Caso4
B. Chemicals
C. Gypsum
D. Caco3

The method of irrigation in which each tree is surrounded by a border to form a pool when water is supplied is called ________________?

A. Border irrigation
B. Basin irrigation
C. Furrow irrigation
D. Check irrigation

Net irrigation + field irrigation losses are the requirement of _____________________?

A. Furrow irrigation
B. Field irrigation
C. Full irrigation
D. Basin irrigation

A structure made near weirs and barrages to facilitate the migration of fish up stream or down stream is called __________________?

A. Fish ladder
B. Fish pool
C. Fish escape
D. Fish pond

The most economical central angle of an arch dam is made at ___________________?

A. 143º
B. 133º
C. 123º
D. 153º

The ratio of change of discharge of an outlet to the rate of change in level of water surface in distributary at its normal depth is called ____________________?

A. Sensitivity
B. Durability
C. Flexibility
D. Flow ability

The unit of kinetic viscosity is equivalent to ______________________?

A. cm2/sec
B. cm/sec
C. cm/sec2
D. All are correct

Total energy line (T.E.L) represents the sum of ________________________?

A. Pressure head + kinetic head and datum head
B. Velocity head + potential head + datum head
C. Velocity head + kinetic head + datum head
D. The energy head + potential head + datum head

Friction head loss in open channels is determined by_________________?

A. Kutter’s formula
B. Darcy weisbach equation
C. Chezy’s formula
D. Pilot tube

Water Management MCQs

Torsional force does not act on ____________________?

A. Soil
B. Liquids
C. Steel
D. Wood

The specific weight of water at normal pressure of 760 mm, 4ºC temperature and at mean sea level is ______________________?

A. 1100kg/m3
B. 1000ka/m3
C. 960kg/m3
D. 1020kg/m3

Bouyant force is equal to the ___________ of liquid displaced by the body in water mass?

A. Specific weight
B. Volume
C. Weight
D. Specific gravity

The discharge through rectangular channel is maximum when Hydraulic mean depth m is equal to ______________?

A. depth/ 4
B. depth/ 2
C. depth/ 3
D. 2 / 3 depth

A structure constructed in channel width having narrow throat and raised floor in bottom, used for measuring discharge is called _____________________?

A. Venturimeter
B. Cippoletti weir
C. Venturiflume
D. regulator

That rain fall which is effectively consumed by the plants to meet its consumptive needs is called__________________?

A. Effective rain fall
B. Monsoon rainfall
C. Total rainfall
D. All are correct

The soil which are formed due to the weathering effects particularly by movement of water and are high permeable are called _________________?

A. Alluvial soils
B. Impervious soils
C. Non-alluvial soils
D. Semi-impervious soils

The unit of volume of water used in irrigation practice in FPS system is Acre-Foot. there fore one Acre- Foot is equal to ___________________?

A. 41560ft3
B. 40560ft3
C. 43560 cubic feet
D. 42560ft3

A well penetrated in ground water confined between impervious layer at its top and bottom is called __________________?

A. Perched
B. Artesian well
C. Non-artesian
D. Un-confined

A fixed reference point from which the discharge of flowing water is measured is________________?

A. Contour point
B. Bench mark
C. Reduce level
D. Reference point

According to Khosla’s theory of seepage, the Exit gradient depends upon ____________________?

A. width /depth ratio
B. Length /depth ratio
C. depth /width ratio
D. depth /Length ratio

the ratio between the rate of change of discharge of the out let to the rate of change of discharge of the distributary is called ______________________?

A. Sensitivity
B. flexibility
C. Proportionally
D. Flow abili


The lower limit of factor of safety against over turning in a gravity is _______________________?

A. 1.4
B. 1.3
C. 1.5
D. 1.6

The stability analysis of earth dam founded on cohesion less silt material be made against_____________________?

A. Shear
B. Sinking
C. Turning
D. Buckling

The discharge carrying capacity of an irrigation channel depends upon ____________________?

A. Sediment size
B. Channel dimensions
C. Silt grade, charge and slope
D. Silt amount and bed slope

Canals normally excavated directly from river without head regulator is called___________________?

A. Non-perennial canals
B. Inundation canals
C. Perennial canals
D. Water shed canals

According to Kennedy’s silt theory , the critical velocity is directly proportional to depth of flow _____________________?

A. D0.64
B. D0.66
C. D0.65
D. D0.67

Water logging is the state of the soil where the water table brought ______________capacity or root zone of plants?

A. Below
B. Within
C. Far from
D. Near

The water particles held in soil pores of root zone by _____________ against gravity and is known as capillary water?

A. Tension force
B. Capillary force
C. Cohesive force
D. Gravity force

If E1 is the energy before the hydraulic jump and E2 is the energy after the hydraulic jump the efficiency of jump is then given by _____________________?

A. E1 – E2
B. E2 / E1
C. E2 – E1
D. E1 / E2

A water flow available in the drains without irrigation season i.e.flow of sanitary sewage is called____________________?

A. Waste water flow
B. Dry weather flow
C. Municipal flow
D. Surface flow

The Indus plain is the main agricultural producing region in the country which receives about________________m m of rain fall annually?

A. 175 mm
B. 150 mm
C. 100 mm
D. 200 mm


A graph which shows the volume of a reservoir or tank at any given water level is called ____________________?

A. Volume curve
B. Mass curve
C. Capacity curve
D. All are correct

That point in a body at which it will balance if loaded or supported is called ____________________?

A. Centre of mass
B. Centre of pressure
C. Centre of gravity
D. Mass centre

A curve consisting two or more arcs of different radii curving in the same direction with common tangent is called ___________________?

A. Double curve
B. Compound curve
C. Composite curve
D. All are correct

Hydrology is the science which deals with the depletion and recharge of water resources yearly therefore. its knowledge is a must to _________________ properly the water resources?

A. Remodel
B. Manage
C. Develop
D. Rehabilitate

After rainfall the quantity of water that flows directly over the ground surface and join immediately to the river is called_________________?

A. Sub-surface runoff
B. Surface runoff
C. Base flow
D. True surface runoff

The field capacity is the water retained by a saturated soil after free drainage of surplus water to the ground water table but the water retained by a saturated soil after being centrifuged by a centrifugal force of 1000 times that of gravity is called________________?

A. Field moisture
B. Equivalent moisture
C. Soil moisture
D. Available moisture

Agronomy MCQs

Infiltration capacity curve is the graphical representation, as to how the infiltration capacity varies with time after rainfall this curve was represented by ____________________?

A. Lacy
B. Horton
C. Darcy
D. Kennedy

When seepage water after passing the ground water aquifer joins the surface stream, such stream will be called_____________________?

A. Influent stream
B. Rain stream
C. Effluent stream
D. Storm stream

A curve showing the maximum flow in the river and mean time reduces flow. we be called___________________?

A. Infiltration capacity curve
B. Infiltration capacity
C. Ground water depletion curve
D. All are correct

The water vapours are generally present in a atmosphere, some times isolated and sometimes mixed with other gases. in such a situation the pressure exerted by each component of mixture, will be called ______________________?

A. Partial pressure
B. Vapour pressure
C. Saturation pressure
D. All are correct

The difference between saturation vapour pressure and actual vapour pressure at a constant temperature is called ___________________?

A. Actual vapour pressure
B. Saturation vapour pressure
C. Saturation deficit
D. Partial pressure

The ratio between the actual pressure and saturation vapour present at same temperature is called___________________?

A. Low humidity
B. Relative Humidity
C. Absolute Humidity
D. High Humidity

Pilot tube is a device, which convert velocity head of flowing water into pressure by ____________________?

A. H = v2/2g
B. H = v2 / g2
C. H = v/g
D. H = v2 / g

A unit hydrograph is a hydrograph of runoff produced by a rainstorm of a specified duration called ____________________?

A. Unit duration
B. Storm runoff
C. Peak runoff
D. Base flow

The floods which exceeds the designed magnitude of a reservoir is called _______________________?

A. Intensive flood
B. Standard protects flood
C. High floods
D. Storm flood

The area irrigated in the year and it grows crops on which water rates are leveled is called____________________?

A. Area Assessed
B. Area irrigated
C. Area leased
D. Area cultivated

A river which does not change its alignment – slope and its regime significantly is called________________?

A. Degrading river
B. Aggrading river
C. Stable river
D. Deltaic River

If in a river the flood rises and falls suddenly due to storm rain, then such river is called __________________?

A. Tidal
B. Virgin
C. Flashy
D. Deltaic

In alluvial river due to the action of centrifugal force, bends are developed by scouring on concave and silting on convex _____________________?

A. Aggrading
B. Meandering
C. Silting & scouring
D. Degrading

The groyne pointing downwards in the direction of flow in fiver is called________________?

A. Impermeable
B. Permeable
C. repelling
D. Attracting

When the weight of weir balances the up lift pressure caused by the head of the water seeping below the weir bed is called ___________________?

A. Broad crested weir
B. Cippollite weir
C. Gravity weir
D. Non-gravity weir

The down stream sloping glacis of the Hydraulic structure is made in such a way to form automatically the _____________ and dissipate the surplus energy of flowing water?

A. Pond level
B. Hydraulic jump
C. Afflux

The water level required on the upstream side of a canal head regulator, so as to feed the off-taking canal with its full supply is called_________________?

C. Pond level
D. Canal level

The under sluices in a weir are provided, at the level of upstream floor dispose off the sediment deposited on downstream is called______________________?

A. Head sluices
B. Under sluices
C. Scouring sluices
D. Sluice gates

The various works constructed on river side to control the flow and pass it safely from hydraulic structures are called ___________________?

A. Marginal Embankment
B. River Training works
C. River controlling works
D. Guide Banks


Latest Agriculture MCQs – Water Management MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs