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Latest Medical MCQs – New Nerve Supply Of Head And Neck MCQs ( General Anatomy ) MCQs

Latest Medical MCQs – New Nerve Supply Of Head And Neck MCQs ( General Anatomy ) MCQs

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Latest Medical MCQs

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Latest Nerve Supply Of Head And Neck MCQs Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Nerve Supply Of Head And Neck MCQs in past papers. Past papers of Nerve Supply Of Head And Neck MCQs . Past papers of Nerve Supply Of Head And NeckMCQs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Nerve Supply Of Head And Neck MCQs . The Important series of Nerve Supply Of Head And Neck Mcqs are given below:

On applying pressure on angle of jaw while maintaining patent airway which nerve is likely to be damaged_____________?

A. 4th
B. 7th
C. 6th
D. 9th

Sensory supply of nasal cavity is from a branch of_____________?

A. Trigeminal nerve
B. Occulomotor nerve
C. Facial nerve
D. Glossopharyngeal nerve

Pharyngotympanic tube is supplied by all except_____________?

A. Middle meningeal artery
B. Ascending palatine
C. Ascending pharyngeal
D. Artery of pterygoid canal

In head and neck the parasympathetic system in innervates the____________?

A. Lacrimal gland only
B. Salivary glands only
C. Salivary and mucous glands
D. Salivary and lacrimal glands

Geniculate ganglion is concerned with_____________?

A. Taste
B. Saliva
C. Lacrimation
D. Sweating

Cranial nerve not carrying parasympathetic fibres_____________?

A. Fourth
B. Third
C. Seventh
D. Ninth

Injury to which nerve will affect lacrimal secretion______________?

A. Greater petrosal nerve
B. Sphenopalatine nerve
C. Lesser petrosal nerve
D. Nasocilliary nerve

Which is not a branch of cavernous part of internal carotid artery ?

A. Inferior hypophyseal
B. Cavernous branch
C. Meningeal artery
D. Ophthalmic artery

All of the following are secretomotor to submandibular gland except ?

A. Chorda Tympani
B. Facial Nerve
C. Mylohyoid Nerve
D. Lingual Nerve

Occulomotor nerve passes through____________?

A. Inferior orbital fissure
B. Superior orbital fissure
C. Foramen rotundum
D. Foramen ovale

True about occulomotor nerve are all except____________?

A. Causes constriction of pupils
B. Carries parasympathertic fibres
C. Supplies inferior oblique muscle
D. Passes through inferior orbital fissure

Horner’s syndrome is produced due to the pressure on____________?

A. Stellate ganglion
B. Parasympathertic ganglion
C. Spinal cord
D. Celiac ganglion

Where is cillary ganglion located in the orbit______________?

A. Apex of orbit
B. Between otpic nerve and lateral recuts
C. Apex of orbit & superior recuts
D. Apex of orbit between optic nerve & lateral recuts

Which one of the following is a branch of facial nerve__________?

A. Lesser superficial petrosal nerve
B. Deep petrosal nerve
C. External petrosal nerve
D. Greater superficial petrosal nerve

The following statements concerning chorda tympani nerve are true except that it_____________?

A. Is a branch of facial nerve
B. Joints lingual nerve in infratemporal fossa
C. Carries secretomotor fibrers to submandibular gland
D. Contains postganglionic parasympathetic fibers

Pterygopalatine ganglion is functionally connected to_______________?

A. Facial nerve
B. Glosso Pharyngeal nerve
C. Mandibular nerve
D. Maxillary nerve

Motor supply of infrahyoid muscle is______________?

A. Branches of cervical plexus
B. Glossopharyngeal nerve
C. Vagus nerve
D. Mandibular nerve

Which of the following is the normal arrangement of lingual nerve and vessels in the tongue from medial to lateral____________?

A. Vein, Artery and Nerve
B. Artery , Nerve and vein
C. Nerve, Artery and vein
D. Nerve, Artery

The nerve that emerges from the two superficial heads of lateral pterygoid muscle is______________?

A. Buccale nerve
B. Nerve to pterygoid muscle
C. Massetric nerve
D. Inferior alveolar nerve

The tip of nose is supplied by _________ nerve?

A. Mandibular
B. Maxillary
C. Opthalmic
D. Facial

Celiary ganglion is located______________?

A. Apex of orbit
B. Between optic nerve and lateral rectus
C. Apex of orbit and superior rectus
D. Apex of orbit between optic nerve and lateral rectus

The largest ganglion in the neck is___________?

A. Superior ganglion
B. Stellate ganglion
C. Middle ganglion
D. Second thoracic ganglion

Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs

All of the following are features of an injury to the cerival sympathetic trunk EXCEPT_____________?

A. Enophthalmos
B. Anhydrosis
C. Mydriasis
D. Ptosis

The hypoglossal nerve is the motor nerve to all of the muscles of the tongue except, the____________?

A. Superior longitudinal muscle
B. Palatoglossus
C. Genioglossus
D. Inferior longitudinal muscle

Hypoglossal nerve is ______________?

A. Purely motor
B. Mixed nerve
C. Purely sensory
D. A peripheral nerve

Cranial accessory nerve supplies_____________?

A. Trapezius
B. Sternomastoid
C. Splenius capitis
D. Soft palate

Structure which course through abdomen is____________?

A. Aorta
B. Vagus nerve
C. Thoracic duct
D. Facial nerve

Cricothyroid is supplied by______________?

A. Internal laryngeal nerve
B. Recurrent laryngeal nerve
C. External laryngeal nerve
D. Hypoglossal nerve

Which of the following is innervated by the vagus nerve ?

A. The levator velti palatine ( levator palatini)
B. Mylohyoid
C. The psterior belly of digastric
D. The tensor veli palatine ( tensor palatini)

Nerve of pterygoid canal is formed by______________?

A. Chorda tympani
B. Symphatetic and greater superficial petrosal nerve
C. Symphathetic and lesser petrosal nerve
D. Jacobson’s nerve

Main nerve supply of palatine tonsils is_______________?

A. Greater palatine nerve
B. Lesser palatine nerve
C. Glossopharyngeal nerve
D. Facial nerve

Glossopharyngeal nerve supplies posterior part of tongue because it develops from_____________?

A. Tubercuum impar
B. Hyoid arch
C. Mandibular arch
D. Hypobranchial eminence

Pregarglionic parasympatnetic fibres to the Otic ganglion are carried in the______________?

A. Chorda tympani
B. Lesser petrosal nerve
C. Greater petrosal nerve
D. Auriculotemporal nerve

Gag reflex is lost due to paralysis of______________?

A. VII nerve
B. V nerve
C. IX nerve
D. XII nerve

Embryology MCQs

Parasympathetic nerve supply to salivary gland is by_______________?

A. IX & VII cranial Nerves
B. V & X cranial Nerves
C. V & IX cranial Nerves
D. IX & X cranial Nerves

Lacrimation is affected when facial nerve is injured at _____________?

A. Sphenopalatine ganglions
B. Geniculate ganglion
C. A & B
D. At foramen spinosum

The psterior belly of the digastric muscle is supplied by the_______________?

A. Facial nerve
B. Mylohyoid nerve
C. Vagus nerve
D. Inferior alveolar nerve

Facial nerve_______________?

A. Mixed nerve
B. Motor nerve
C. Sensory nerve
D. Parasympathertic nerve

The nerve supply of stapedius muscle is______________?

A. V cranial nerve
B. III cranial nerve
C. VII cranial nerve
D. XI cranial nerve

Smiling and frowning are actions produced by the following nerves _______________?

A. mastication; facial ( VII cranial )
B. Mastication; trigeminal ( V cranial )
C. Facial expression; trigeminal ( V cranial )
D. Facial expression; facial ( VII cranial)

In right facial nerve damage ________________?

A. There is paralysis of facial muscles
B. Paralysis of vocal cords
C. There is paralysis of muscles of mastication
D. A and B

Branches of facial nerve are_______________?

A. Stylohyoid
B. Digastric
C. Posterior auricular
D. All of the above

Chorda tympani contain_______________?

A. Postganglionic sympathetic fibres
B. Preganglionic parasympathetic fibres
C. Preganglionic sympathetic fibres
D. Postganglionic parasympathetic fibres

The nerve supply for motor action of buccinator______________?

A. Facial nerve
B. Maxillary nerve
C. Mandibular nerve
D. Auriculo temporal nerve

Osteology MCQs

All of the following muscles are supplied by the facial nerve except_______________?

A. Occipitofrontalis
B. Stapedius
C. Anterior belly of digastric
D. Buccinator

Anterior belly of digastric is supplied by_______________?

A. Mylohyoid nerve
B. Branch of cervical plexus
C. Branch of facial nerve
D. Hypoglossal nerve

Trigeminal nerve has how many nuclei in CNS______________?

A. Five
B. Four
C. Three
D. Six

Sphenopalatine ganglion does not supply_________________?

A. Nasal mucosa
B. Ciliary ganglion
C. Sublingual gland
D. B & C

The innervation of the tensor tympani muscle is_____________?

A. Facial
B. Mandibular
C. Vagus
D. Maxillary

Afferent sensation from the lower molar teeth is carried by____________?

A. Maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve
B. Mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve
C. Facial nerve
D. Opthalmic branch of the trigeminal

Anterior belly of digastric is supplied by ____________?

A. Branch of mandibular nerve
B. Branch of cervical plexus
C. Branch of facial nerve
D. Hypoglossal nerve

Ganglion associated with locrimal gland_______________?

A. Sphenopalatine ( pterygo palatine)
B. Submandibular
C. Otic ganglion
D. Ciliary

Nerve supply of temporalis muscle______________?

A. VII cranial nerve
B. V cranial nerve
C. VIII cranial nerve
D. II cranial nerve

Motor division of trigeminal division comes out via_______________?

A. Foramen magnum
B. Foramen spinosum
C. Foramen ovale
D. Foramen lacerum

The fifth nerve innervates the following________________?

A. Mylohyoid, posterior belly of digastric , and tesnor tympani
B. Mylohyoid, anterior belly of digastric, and tensor tympani
C. Mylohyoid , anterior and posterior belly of digastric
D. Mylohyoid, posterior belly of digastric, Stapedius and tensor tympani

Structures passing through the sigmoid (mandibular ) notch are_____________?

A. Mandibular nerve
B. Auriculotemporal nerve
C. Masseteric nerve and vessels
D. Chorda tympani

Which of the following muscles is supplied by mandibular nerve?

A. Buccinator
B. Stapedius
C. Tensor veli palatine
D. Posterior belly of digastric

Skin over the prominence of the cheek is supplied by _______________?

A. Zygomaticofacial
B. Auriculotemporal
C. Zygmoaticotemporal
D. Infra trochlear

Sphenoidal air sinus is supplied by ________ nerve?

A. Posterior ethmoidal nerve
B. Sphenoidal nerve
C. Posterior superior alveolar nerve
D. Infratemporal nerve

The nasal septum is supplied by all the following except_____________?

A. Pterygopalatine ganglion
B. Posterior ethmoidal nerve
C. Nasopalatine nerve
D. Nasociliary nerve

The maxillary nerve exits the cranium through which foramen ______________?

A. Stylomastoid
B. Rotundum
C. Ovale
D. Inferior orbital fissure

Which of the following nerves are branches of mandibular nerve ?

A. Inferior alveolar and cervical nerves
B. Lingual and inferior alveolar nerves
C. Lingual, facial and palatine nerve
D. All of the above

All of the following muscles are supplied by the mandibular nerve except_______________?

A. Medial pterygoid
B. Buccinator
C. Masseter
D. Anterior belly of digastric

Tumor infiltrating into the formen ovale will cause all EXCEPT_______________?

A. Paralysis of tensor tympani
B. Anesthesia of TMJ
C. Paranesthesia of lips
D. Paralysis of stylohyoid

Maxillary nerve innervates all of the following except______________?

A. Ala of the nosa and lower eyelid
B. Gingiva of the maxilla
C. The upper cheeks
D. Temporomandibular joint

All of the following structures are associated with branches of the trigeminal nerve EXCEPT the______________?

A. Foramen rotundum
B. Foramen ovale
C. Superior orbital fissure
D. Stylomastoid foramen

A person has inability to look downwards and laterally. The nerve injured is_____________?

A. Trigeminal
B. Trochlear
C. Occulomotor
D. Ophthalmic

All of the following structures are in lateral wall of cavernous sinus except______________?

A. Trochlear
B. Occulomotor
C. Trigeminal
D. Ophthalmic

The occulomotor nerve supplies all the muscles of eye except_____________?

A. Superior oblique
B. Lateral rectus
C. Superior rectus
D. A & B

Ptosis may occur due to damage to_______________?

A. Trigeminal nerve
B. Occulomotor
C. Trochlear nerve
D. Superior oblique muscle

Latest Medical MCQs – New Nerve Supply Of Head And Neck MCQs ( General Anatomy ) MCQs