Latest Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) MCQs – English Literature MCQs

Latest Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) MCQs – English Literature MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( English Literature ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest English Literature mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding English Literature then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest English Literature MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of objective questions and answers related to Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of English Literature to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) in past papers. Past papers of Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) Mcqs. Past papers of Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) Mcqs. The Important series of Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) Mcqs are given below:

Lord Byron was born in________________?

A. 1788
B. 1790
C. 1789
D. 1791

Who wrote the poem ‘Solitary Reaper’ ?

A. William Wordsworth
B. Lord Byron
C. P. B Shelley
D. John Keats

Who is the first great modernist of English Literature ?

A. Robert Browning
B. Roger Bacon
C. Geoffrey Chaucer
D. Cynewulf

Hardy is a__________________?

A. Pessimist
B. Mystic
C. Meliorist
D. None of these

The University Wits were_______________?

A. Novelists
B. Playwrights
C. Poets
D. None of these

______________is the school of literary writings is a medical theory ?

A. Theater of the Absurd
B. Comedy of Manners
C. Heroic Tragedy
D. Comedy of Humours

Emile Zola is a famous__________________?

A. American Novelist
B. English novelist
C. Irish novelist
D. French Novelist

All that glitters is not gold. You have heard often this told. This maxim is included in Shakespeare’s__________________?

A. Merchant of Venice / Shakespeare’s
B. Shakespeare’s Much ado about nothing.
C. Shakespeare’s Tempest
D. None of these

‘Prometheus Unbound’ is a lyrical drama by__________________?

A. Shelley
B. Sophocles
C. Shakespeare
D. Euripedes

‘Elegy’ is______________________?

A. figurative story
B. Historical poem
C. song of lamentation
D. short story

‘The Lotus…Eaters’ was written by________________?

A. Tennyson
B. Blake
C. Browning
D. None of these

Who of the following was both a poet and painter ?

A. Donne
B. Keats
C. William Blake
D. Spenser

T. Hardy is_______________?

A. A satirist
B. A social reformer
C. A fatalist
D. A lover of nature

‘The Medal’ by John Dryden is a/an________________?

A. prose
B. satire
C. play
D. translation

Which of the following is illustrative of Ruskin’s interest in social economy ?

A. The Stones of Venice
B. Unto this Last
C. The Seven Lamps
D. None of these

The shepherd in “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” is_________________?

A. practical
B. sentimental
C. irresponsible
D. romantic

What do you mean by Stanza ?

A. a division of novel
B. a division of drama
C. a division of story
D. a subdivision of a poem

The poet of ‘Romantic Age’ is_______________?

A. John Milton
B. D.H. Lawrence
C. John Keats
D. None of these

Who is the writer of the poem ‘Nun Priest’s Tale’ ?

A. Geoffrey Chaucer
B. Robert Browning
C. Cynewulf
D. Shelley

Who is the author of ‘Animal Farm’ ?

A. Boris Pasternak
B. George Orwell
C. Thomas More
D. Charles Dickens

What is an Epic ?

A. a historical poem
B. a long narrative poem
C. a short poem
D. a prose composition

Language And Linguistics MCQs

Childe Harold was written by_______________?

A. Byron
B. Tennyson
C. Shelley
D. None of these

Shaw died at the age of_______________?

A. 105
B. 95
C. 75
D. none of these

Simile is the direct comparison between two________________?

A. similar things
B. elaborate comparison
C. dissimilar things
D. contradictory things

Who wrote the book ‘Ivan Hoe’ ?

A. R L Stevenson
B. O’ Henry
C. Ernest Hemingway
D. Sir Walter Scott

In which age is ‘The Puritan Period’ included ?

A. The Renaissance
B. The Romantic
C. The Non-classical
D. The Modern

The Novel of Lawrence banned by the government was_________________?

A. Women in Love
B. Lady Chatterley’s Lover
C. Sons and Lovers
D. The Rainbow

Shakespeare was born in_______________?

A. 1590
B. 1564
C. 1570
D. None of these

In Shakespeare tragedy, the hero is________________?0

A. a sacrilegious man
B. a high ranking man
C. an ordinary man
D. none of these

Adonis is modeled on________________?

A. Bion’s lament for Adonis
B. In Memoriam
C. Lycidas
D. None of these

Who is the writer of ‘Lorna Doone’ ?

A. T. S. Eliot
B. Blackmore
C. H.G. Wells
D. Jane Austen

“Undo this Button” is a line from Shakespeare’s________________?

A. Othello
B. Hamlet
C. King Lear
D. Julius Caeser

Which one is not a science fiction writer_________________?

A. Hugo Gernsback
B. Victor Hugo
C. H. G. Wells
D. Jules Verne

‘Love and Friendship’ is written by___________________?

A. Jonathan Swift
B. Jane Austen
C. Francis Bacon
D. None

‘Paradise Lost’ was written by__________________?

A. Robert Browning
B. Mathew
C. John Milton
D. W B Yeats

Which University presented the Pulitzer Prize_______________?

A. Columbia University
B. New York University
C. Yale University
D. Harvard University

What the term Elegy refers ?

A. a song of lamentation
B. a hymn
C. a song of pleasure
D. a praiseworthy song

Who is the author of the novel ‘The Golden Age’ ?

A. Tahmima Anam
B. Virginia Woolf
C. Pearl S. Bark
D. Jane Austen

’Picture of Dorian Gray ’ was written by__________________?

A. Oscar Wild
B. George Eliot
C. Hardy
D. None of these

Wordsworth was appointed as poet Laureate in_______________?

A. 1843
B. 1846
C. 1845
D. none of these

What do you mean by Archaism ?

A. up-to-date words
B. modern mode of words
C. literary words
D. obsolete words

Catharsis refers to the term_______________?

A. animals in play
B. characters in play
C. sympathy to others
D. arouse of pity and fear

The literary figure who had the most pronounced effect on Keats was_______________?

A. Wordsworth
B. Shakespeare
C. Dante
D. Shelley

When Alfred Lord Tennyson was born ?

A. 1809
B. 1811
C. 1810
D. 1812

Who wrote ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ ?

A. Robert Green
B. Thomas Kyd
C. John Lyly
D. Christopher Marlowe

Byron’s journey to Spain, Malta, Albania and Greece resulted in the production of the first two cantos of his poem_______________?

A. Don Juan
B. Childe Herald’s Pilgrimage
C. cain
D. the prisoner of Chillon

“Justice delayed is justice denied” was stated by______________?

A. Emerson
B. Shakespeare
C. Gladstone
D. Disraeli

The character of Little Neil is a creation of______________?

A. Eliot
B. Hardy
C. Oscar Wilde
D. Dickens

Firdausi was the poet of________________?

A. Persian
B. French
C. English
D. Italy

‘Adela’ is a character from_______________?

A. A Passage to India
B. Hamlet
C. Paradise Lost
D. Doctor Faustus

“Poetry is not like reasoning, a power to be exerted according to the determination of will”, is a statement by______________?

A. Coleridge
B. Shelley
C. Wordsworth
D. Arnold

Who is the author of ‘India Wins Freedom’ ?

A. Nehru
B. Ghandhi
C. Jinnah
D. Abul Kalam Azad

Edmund Spenser is a_________________?

A. poet
B. artist
C. dramatist
D. scientist

Who is the writer of ‘The Ring of the Book’ ?

A. William Shakespeare
B. Robert Browning
C. Shelley
D. Wordsworth

African-American Literature MCQs

Who is known as an anti-romantic novelist in the Romantic Age ?

A. William Hazlitt
B. Jane Austen
C. Charles Lamb
D. Oliver Goldsmith

Who is the writer of ‘The Two Voices’ ?

A. A. Lord Tennyson
B. William Shakespeare
C. George Bernard Shaw
D. Christopher Marlowe

Who is known as the national poet of England_________________?

A. John Keats
B. William Wordsworth
C. William Shakespeare
D. T. S. Eliot

‘Paradise Lost’ was written by________________?

A. Coleridge
B. Milton
C. Shakespeare
D. Keats

The period between 1660 to 1750 is known as___________________?

A. The age of Milton
B. The Restoration
C. The Age of Classicism
D. None of these

‘Tom Jones’ by Henry Fielding was first published in______________?

A. the 2nd half of 18th century
B. the first half of 18th century
C. the first half of 19th century
D. 19th century

Who wrote “Shakespeare’s Later Comedies’ ?

A. Dr.Johnsofl
B. Palmer D.J.
C. A.C. Bradley
D. None of these

The treatise ‘On Liberty’ was written by_____________?

A. Lamb
B. Ruskin
C. Mill
D. Oscar Wilde

Who is the writer of the poem ‘A Grammarian’s Funeral’ ?

A. William Shakespeare
B. Shelley
C. Wordsworth
D. Robert Browning

Find the Odd man out ?

A. The Virginians
B. The Falcon
C. Ulysses
D. On Liberty

‘O Captain! My Captain!’ is a poem written by______________?

A. Emily Dickinson
B. Robert Frost
C. Mark Twain
D. Walt Whitman

Modern age is an age of______________?

A. Subjectivity
B. Conflicts and Controversies
C. Pessimism and Cynicism
D. All of the above

The first Englishwoman to earn her living as a playwright was______________?

A. Lady Teazle
B. Aphra Behn
C. Nell Gwynn
D. Ann Hathaway

The period of maturation, intellectual growth and social graces during the Renaissance is called the____________?

A. New Age
B. aristocracy
C. Reformation
D. Enlightenment

Which of the following writers would be an appropriate subject for a class on “The Literature of the British Empire” ?

A. Edward Fitzgerald
B. Rudyard Kipling
C. Charlotte Bronte
D. Any of these

Which of the following periods of English literature came last ?

A. The Jacobean Age
B. The Commonwealth Period
C. The Elizabethan Age
D. The Middle English Period

He was not a Renaissance writer________________?

A. Sir Philip Sidney
B. William Shakespeare
C. Christopher Marlowe
D. Sir Thomas Malory

Which poet did NOT write during the 16th century ?

A. William Shakespeare
B. John Skelton
C. Sir Thomas Wyatt
D. Thomas Carew

Which of the following poets wrote during the Victorian period but was not published until the 20th century ?

A. Elizabeth Barret Browning
B. Gerard Manley Hopkins
C. Christina Rossetti
D. Ted Hughes

Who wrote first ?

A. Christopher Marlowe
B. George Eliot
C. Howard, Earl of Surrey
D. William Shakespeare

Which work was published first ?

A. Blake’s “Songs of Innocence”
B. Lord Byron’s “Don Juan”
C. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
D. Sir Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe”

Which period of literature came first ?

A. Victorian
B. Regency
C. Romantic
D. Restoration

The Bronte sisters wrote during this period______________?

A. Restoration
B. Regency
C. Romantic
D. Victorian

Jane Austen wrote during this period________________?

A. Victorian
B. Restoration
C. Middle English
D. Regency

Who wrote the poem ’The Seven Ages’ ?

A. Geoffrey Chaucer
B. John Milton
C. William Shakespeare
D. Edward Gibbon

The prevailing feature of Chaucer’s humour is its__________________?

A. urbanity
B. triviality
C. crudity
D. sanctity

Joyce’s novel ’Ulysses’ takes place over what period of time ?

A. A lifetime
B. 24 hours
C. A week
D. 6 months

The 18th century work ’Tom Jones” was written by whom ?

A. John Donne
B. Henry Fielding
C. Samuel Johnson
D. Tobias Smollett

In which century was Piers Plowman written ?

A. 14th
B. 10th
C. 12th
D. 11th

Latest Miscellaneous Literature Mcqs ( English Literature ) MCQs – English Literature MCQs

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