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Latest Pay Scale Chart 2023-24 Salary – Revised Basic Pay Scale Grade 1 – 21 pdf (Budget 2023)

Latest Pay Scale Chart 2023-24 Salary – Revised Basic Pay Scale Grade 1 – 21 pdf (Budget 2023). The most recent Grade 1 through 21 Basic Pay Scale Revision with Chart Budget for 2022–23. The most recent information about the change of pay scales in 2023 has been accepted, and all allowances, including those for housing, transportation, and medical care, may be increased for government workers as of this week. The Federal Budget for 2022–23 was released on Thursday, June 2, 2022. Keep in mind that the government releases the wage scale chart for 2022 in June.

Salary Increase Pay Chart in Budget 2023-24 Pakistan pdf download

Stages of the New Pay Scales Chart 2023

There are the following number of stages in the Revised Pay Scales 2022 chart.

Sr. No BPS Stages
1 BPS-01 to BPS-16   30 Stages
2 BPS-17 to BPS-19   20 Stages
3 BPS-20 to BPS-22 14 Stages

Using the Revised Pay Scale Chart to Compare 2022 to 2017

  • 2016 Adhoc Relief Allowance: 10% of the Pay Scales for 2016
  • 2017 Adhoc Relief Allowance: 10% of the 2017 Pay Scales
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2018 (ARA 2018) (10% of Pay Scales 2017
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 (ARA 2019; 10% of Pay Scales 2017)
  • 10% BPS-01 to BPS-16, 5% BPS-17 to BPS-19, and
  • 2022 Adhoc Relief Allowance 10% of the 2017 Pay Scales
Grant of Adhoc Relief Allowance Chart as per Budget Speech 2023-24
BPS Min Inc Max Inc Ave Inc
BPS-01 4743 9258 7000
BPS-02 4837 9982 7410
BPS-03 4991 11081 8036
BPS-04 5142 12072 8607
BPS-05 5331 13206 9268
BPS-06 5516 14336 9926
BPS-07 5709 15264 10486
BPS-08 5912 16412 11162
BPS-09 6115 17560 11837
BPS-10 6318 18813 12565
BPS-11 6528 20283 13405
BPS-12 6920 21935 14427
BPS-13 7406 23786 15596
BPS-14 7886 26156 17021
BPS-15 8372 29162 18767
BPS-16 9825 33555 21690
BPS-17 13521 34041 23781
BPS-18 17064 42624 29844
BPS-19 26352 53532 39942
BPS-20 30741 58839 44790
BPS-21 34137 65301 49719
BPS-22 36657 73239 54948

Grant of Adhoc Relief Allowance Chart as per Budget Speech 2023-24

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Islamabad Finance Division Revised Pay Scale for 2022

We will now discuss the MP-II category, which is also related to the Finance Division of Islamabad Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022–23 part. The base salary for MP-II officers is Rs 110000 on a minimum note, Rs 176000 on a maximum note, and Rs 16500 on an increment note. The highest housing rent sum allotted to these personnel is Rs 110000, or Rs 66000 in their amended case. The utility cost for these MP-II scale officials is now Rs. 5500, and their salary range is Rs. 8800.

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Islamabad Finance Division Revised Pay Scale for 2022

Revised Basic Pay Scale 2022 with Budget Chart for 2022–2023

Moving on to MP-III officials, their base salary must be at least Rs. 77000. Now officially turning out to be Rs 110000, their Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022–23 has a maximum range. Now, these officials will receive a rise of up to Rs. 11,000. The current minimum housing rent allowance for this particular grade officers is Rs 33,000. The highest dwelling rent allowance is, however, limited at Rs. 44000. Finally, the amended amount of their utility allowance ranges from Rs 3850 to Rs 5500. Keep checking back with us for more details on the Finance Division’s revised pay scale for 2022.

Standard Pay Package Updated for Project Staff Funded by PSDF for 2022

The undersigned is hereby directed to make reference to this Division’s O.M. No. F.4(9)R-14/2008 dated September 19, 2017, on the aforementioned subject, and to convey the approval of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council in case No.ECNEC-5/02/2022 dated March 16, 2022 to the revision of Project Basic Pay Scale Revised 2022 with Chart Budget 2022-23, after in principle approval by the Prime Minister, intended for officers/staff directly recruited from the The following are the Revised Pay Scales:-

Revised Pay Scales Chart 2022

Project Pay Scale (PPS) Regular BPS Minimum (Rs.) Increment @ 5% of the Minimum  Maximum (Rs.)
PPS-1 BPS 1-4 28,000 1400 44,800
PPS-2 BPS  5-8 35,000 1750 57,750
PPS-3 BPS 9-10 43,750 2190 70,030
PPS-4 BPS 11-13 52,500 2625 48,000
PPS-5 BPS 14-15 70,000 3500 112,000
PPS-6 BPS 16 105,000 5250 168,000
PPS-7 BPS 17 157,500 7875 252,000
PPS-8 BPS 18 218,750 10940 350,030
PPS-9 BPS 19 306,250 15315 490,030
PPS-10 BPS 20 437,500 21875 700,000
PPS-11 BPS 21 612,500 30625 98,000
PPS-12 BPS 22 875,000 43750 1400,000

The aforementioned pay package will take effect on April 1, 2022, and it will be admissible for both new and continuing PSDP Projects if the following requirements are met:

T&Cs Basic Pay Scale Updated with Chart for 2022

i) As stated in the PC-I/PC-II, officially authorised by the relevant forum, this compensation package would be followed for the appointments of officers/staff, including project directors, advisers, specialists, consultants, etc. in the PSDP-funded development projects. The CDWP will assess if the project director belongs in PPS-10, PPS-11, or PPS-12 based on the project’s sensitivity and size.

ii) All new, direct, and current PSDP Projects workers are eligible for the aforementioned lump sum payment package. However, the compensation for new or direct hires must be set at the outset, and after that, an annual rise at 5% of the outset would be allowed.

iii) The pay for the currently financed PSPD projects must be fixed at the subsequent higher level of the aforementioned pay package’s updated stage.

Salary & Pension Increase in Budget 2022-23: In his Budget 2022-23 address, Finance Minister Miftah Ismail announced a 15% Salary Increase for Government Employees, including the consolidation of Adhoc Relief Allowances, and a 5% Pension Increase. Detailed information on salary, pension, conveyance allowance, and new pay scales for 2022 may be found in the Budget for the Years 2022–23.

The budget proposal for 2022–2023 calls for a 5% ad hoc relief allowance in salary and pension: Only a 5% pay and pension increase for government workers and retirees is included in the Federal Budget for 2022–2023. If the government wants to manage the approaching inflation ratio, a 5% rise is not a suitable option when inflation is already rising up to 20.4%.

IMF is proposing a 30% tax on salaried individuals earning between Rs. 104,000 and Rs. 1 million per month in the budget. People making Rs. 104,000 will, therefore, start receiving Rs. 70,000 after June 22. If this idea were approved by the budget. The current tax rate for anyone making above $41 lac per month is 30%. Additionally, the IMF is calling for a 20% tax on salaried people making less than $104,000. [ New ]

Islamabad Police Salary Increase: The decision of the Pakistani government to raise the salary of the Islamabad police and bring them into parity with Punjab police has incited a wave of joy among the officials and men of the Islamabad police.

The officers and young people of the Islamabad Police hailed the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Federal Minister for Home Affairs for making this choice. [ New ]

Class-4 employees are asking for a wage raise of up to 100% and a pay scale upgrade to BPS-07 in the forthcoming budget for 2022–23. [ New ]