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Latest Sociology MCQs – Competitive Sociology MCQs

Latest Sociology MCQs – Competitive Sociology MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Sociology ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Sociology mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Sociology then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Sociology MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Sociology MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of objective questions and answers related to ( Sociology ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Sociology to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Sociology” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Sociology Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Sociology in past papers. Past papers of Sociology Mcqs. Past papers of Sociology Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Sociology Mcqs. The Important series of Sociology Mcqs are given below:

Crowds have three characteristics in common Which of the following is NOT one of those characteristics ?

A. invulnerability
B. deindividualization
C. suggestibility
D. transformation

How do fashions differ from fads ?

A. Fashions are long-lived fads are short-lived
B. Fashions are norms fads are not
C. Fashions enjoy widespread acceptance within society fads enjoy acceptance only among a segment of the population
D. Fashions include crazes fads do not Mass hysteria

In developing nations which of the following influence(s) social change towards the liberal Western democratic style of society ?

A. literacy education and communication
B. extreme social inequalities
C. a centrally dominated social order
D. homogenous social groups and organizations

Which of the following is likely to occur as a result of the computer revolution in the United States ?

A. a restriction in the amount of information available to the general public
B. an increased involvement in society by people with disabilities
C. a centralized accumulation of power in the hands of those who have access to computers
D. a plateauing of the amount of automation the workplace

Cyclical theorists_______________?

A. try to predict the course of a civilization or society
B. believe that cultures pass through stages of growth quite different from the ones individuals pass through
C. focus on analyzing a single society at a time
D. postulate that each culture possesses a life span of approximately 200 years

The development of computers and the increased use of the internet are examples of what source of social change ?

A. clashes over resources and values
B. the mass media
C. diffusion
D. innovation

In modern society cultural change is most likely to be the by-product of_______________?

A. Social struggle
B. Diffusion
C. Planning
D. None of these

The four principles of McDonaldization are________________?

A. efficiency dehumanization automation high calories
B. efficiency calculability uniformity automation
C. efficiency calculability affordability consistent decor
D. efficiency Big Mac large fries’ milkshake

The feeling of aimlessness or despair often associated with unsettling conditions is_____________?

A. amorality
B. alienation
C. anomie
D. ascription

Dahrendorf Rex and Habermas focused their attention on_____________?

A. the interpretive understanding of action
B. social solidarity and cohesion
C. women’s experiences and gendered knowledge
D. power domination and conflict

Which of the following theorists argued that conflict is a normal and desirable aspect of social change ?

A. Karl Marx
B. Emile Durkheim
C. Talcott Parsons
D. each of above

Nineteenth-century theories of social change reflect the pioneering work in biological evolution done by ____________?

A. Harriet Martineau
B. Charles Darwin
C. Albert Einstein
D. Benjamin Franklin

Ogburn distinguished three forms of the social effects of inventions One is Dispersion or multiple effects of a single mechanical invention for example ?

A. Radio
B. Automobile
C. both a and b
D. None of these

Change is nearly always____________?

A. Ineffective
B. Costly
C. Priceless
D. None of these

Diffusion is a _______ way process?

A. three
B. two
C. one
D. None of these

Invention can be further divided into material inventions and social inventions democratic government is an example of____________?

A. material invention
B. Social Invention
C. both of these
D. None of these

The first stage according to Comte is that of_______________?

A. Guided by supernatural wisdom
B. Stage of scientific progress
C. Stage of disbelief
D. None of these

Sociology MCQs

All civilizations are in an endless cycle of three cultural systems this theory was presented by_____________?

A. Arnold Toynbee
B. Oswald Spengler
C. Pitirim Sorokin
D. None of these

Change is the only ______ in the universe?

A. Problem
B. Constant
C. Variable
D. None of these

Addition of new words in a language is a______________?

A. Language Change
B. Cultural Change
C. Social Change
D. None of these

The term “Socio Cultural” Change refers to______________?

A. That there is no distinction between both
B. Overlapping of two concepts
C. Changes of both kind
D. None of these

You are a student at XYZ College and You have your sociology and history final exams on the same morning Your know that preparing for both exams at the same time is going to lead to lower grades in one or both of the exams The conflict that you are experiencing as you try to fulfill both of your responsibilities at the college is an example of_________________?

A. role exit
B. role conflict
C. role strain
D. role dissonance

In sociological terms Which of the following constitute group ?

A. members of a hospitals business office
B. women in the Pakistan 50 years and over
C. all residents of the city of Lahore
D. all of the above

The native people of Tasmania a large island just south of Australia are now extinct because they failed to______________?

A. replace personnel
B. preserve order
C. teach new recruits
D. provide and maintain a sense of purpose

It is the fourth week of the semester and your class has decided that your sociology instructor Rashid Mukhtar is excellent! Professor Rashid Mukhtar is a disabled middle-aged male. For students in this class Professor Rashid Mukhtars master status is_____________?

A. excellent instructor
B. middle-aged
C. disabled
D. male

Which of the following statements is not correct ?

A. Negotiation is a cultural universal
B. Sociologists use the term negotiated order to underscore the fact that social order is continually being constructed and altered through negotiation
C. Most elements of social structure are not static and are therefore subject to change through bargaining and exchanging (negotiation)
D. Negotiation is a macro-level process that does not usually involve interactions between small groups such as families

The price paid for increased mobility includes a decrease in__________?

A. Conformity
B. Personal Responsibility
C. Loyalty to superior
D. None of these

A system of stratification where positions are partly achieved, and mobility is common is one based on_____________?

A. caste
B. slavery
C. class
D. status

An open society is one that_____________?

A. does not have any official secrets in its government grants
B. every member equal status
C. has permissive attitudes towards sexual behavior
D. allows people to move between levels of the hierarchy

The career mobility of married women is still greatly handicapped by_______________?

A. other rival women
B. household duties
C. men
D. None of these

Now a days more women are joining different fields and making their own status in society This provides women a mobility ladder apart from_____________?

A. Their children’s status
B. Marriage
C. Their father’s status
D. None of these

Downward mobility factors are______________?

A. different from those
B. Same
C. Opposite to those of upward mobility
D. None of these

If labor market changes may lead to the rise of an occupational group within the social hierarchy it is_____________?

A. Structural mobility
B. Intra-generational
C. Inter-generational
D. None of these

Inter-generational mobility is______________?

A. When the next generation remains same
B. When position changes within same generation
C. When next generation goes upward than previous one
D. None of these

Many people sincerely accept their goals and values, but their attitude is not in consistency with the requirements of their goals This hypothesis is called______________?

A. Differed Gratification pattern
B. artful presentation of self
C. The value-Stretch hypothesis
D. None of these

The dual economy mobility aids barriers and occupational structure are_____________?

A. individual factor
B. Structural factor
C. Both a & b
D. None of these

Social mobility is______________?

A. from higher to lower
B. In both directions
C. from lower to higher
D. None of these

In open class society mobility is_____________?

A. high
B. low
C. medium
D. None of these

In Gerhard Lenski,s theory of sociocultural evolution a society’s level of __________ is critical to the way it is organized?

A. health care
B. agriculture
C. technology
D. all of the above

Which sociological perspective emphasizes that the performance of major social institutions is generally efficient and desirable ?

A. functionalist perspective
B. interactionist perspective
C. conflict perspective
D. each of the above

Sociology MCQs

Which sociological perspective emphasizes that in comparison with women men can drw on larger social networks that are useful in locating employment opportunities ?

A. interactionist perspective
B. conflict perspective
C. functionalist perspective
D. clinical perspective

Which of the following would experience role exit ?

A. a recovering alcoholic
B. retired person
C. nun who leaves her religious order
D. each of the above

During the Second World War Christians living in Nazi Germany had to choose between trying to protect Jewish friends and associates and turning them in to the authorities This is an example of____________?

A. role strain
B. cultural universalism
C. functional prerequisites
D. role conflict

Which of the following is an achieved status ?

A. member of the female sex
B. senior citizen
C. bank robber
D. Native American

Which of the following is an ascribed status ?

A. daughter
B. doctor
C. long-distance runner
D. each of the above

Which sociologist saw that the “definition of the situation “could mold the thinking and personality of the individual ?

A. Herbert Blumer
B. Philip Zimbardo
C. William I. Thomas
D. Erving Goggman

which of the following is NOT a feature of all socially stratified systems ?

A. the ranks of different social categories tend to change very slowly over time
B. people’s life-chances and experiences depend heavily on their social ranking
C. people share characteristics without necessarily identifying with each other
D. stratification occurs because of inequalities in assets or property

The term inter-generational mobility refers to______________?

A. movement into a different occupational category over a person’s lifetime
B. movement into different occupational categories between generations
C. movement into an occupation that generates a lower income
D. movement into a higher occupational category

Social mobility may be experienced by_____________?

A. Only groups
B. Only by individuals
C. By individual or by entire group
D. None of these

Career and mobility patterns for men and women are_______________?

A. all alike
B. quite different
C. growing more nearly alike
D. none of these

Mobility of women was usually decided the past through ?

A. Status of women in society
B. Status of their husbands
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

Ideological notions of equality of opportunity are irrelevant in deciding the positions of individuals to different statues in a_____________ system of mobility ?

A. Broad
B. Open
C. closed
D. None of these

Mobility taking place in personal terms within the lifespan of the same person is called______________?

A. Structural mobility
B. Intra-generational mobility
C. Inter-generational mobility
D. None of these

A change in occupational position or role without involving any change in its position in the social hierarchy is called____________?

A. social mobility
B. Horizontal mobility
C. Vertical mobility
D. None of these

Mobility oriented behavior education Work habits are______________?

A. Individual factor
B. Structural
C. both a and b
D. None of these

Rate of mobility in modern societies is determined by (1) structural factor and (2) ?

A. Individual factors
B. Class factor
C. Social factors
D. None of these

The societies which strictly follow caste systems the people mostly adopt the occupations of their ancestors and live on the same statuses such society is_____________?

A. Caste society
B. Open society
C. Closed society
D. None of these

The act of moving from one social class to another is termed as_____________?

A. social groups
B. Social class
C. social mobility
D. None of these

Oops! is an example of______________?

A. a response cry
B. interactional vandalism
C. netiquette
D. civil inattention

The internet rearranges our experience or space-time by making it possible to_____________?

A. communicate instantly with people far away
B. interact in an unreal and alienated way
C. experience what it’s like to be a different gender
D. communicate without non-verbal cues

According to Edward T Hall which of the following zones of personal space is the one normally used in interaction with friends and close acquaintances ?

A. social distance
B. personal distance
C. intimate distance
D. public distance

A person’s overall position in society is called_______________?

A. ascribed status
B. achieved status
C. master status
D. status set

An instance of focused interaction is called______________?

A. an event
B. a meeting
C. a moment
D. an Encounter

Which one of the following is not an example of non-verbal communication ?

A. frowning
B. talking
C. smiling
D. waving

Sociology MCQs

Selves without bodies don’t make much sense in human terms (Jenkins 1996) What is Jenkins alluding to in this quotation ?

A. the need for sociologists to understand the natural sciences
B. the need to theorize the embodiment of the social self
C. the need to bring biological knowledge into sociology
D. the need for a new science of sociobiology

When a subordinate person breaks the tacit rules of everyday interaction this is called what ?

A. unfocused interaction
B. a response cries
C. interactional vandalism
D. impression management

Which of these is a front region of social life ?

A. a nightclub toilet
B. a clothing store payment counter
C. a football ground dressing room
D. a restaurant kitchen

Which of these is not part of Judith Butlers theory of gender identity 0

A. gender is about what we do not who we are
B. people, s biological sex underpins their gendered identity
C. gender is performative
D. there is no essential or biological basis to gender

Who wrote The Metropolis and Mental Life (1903) ?

A. Robert Park
B. Louise Wirth
C. Georg Simmel
D. Max Weber

The compulsion of proximity describes_______________?

A. wanting to meet face-to-face whenever possible
B. travelling to see foreign locations for holidays
C. seeking experience of intimacy on the internet
D. creating feelings of security in on-line settings

Social constructionism studies the processes which create and sustain ?

A. social space
B. social structures
C. social reality
D. social inequality

Social occasions in which individuals act out formal roles are called_____________?

A. front regions
B. public regions
C. back regions
D. social regions

The socially defined expectations that a person in a given status follows are called______________?

A. a performance
B. a role
C. a position
D. an impression

The term ethnomethodology was coined by______________?

A. Harold Garfinkel
B. Erving Goffman
C. Max Weber
D. Anthony Giddens

What is the compulsion of proximity ?

A. the ability to read peoples body language
B. the need to meet each other face to face
C. the dominance of spoken language in interactions
D. the desire for intimacy in personal relationships

What is social role ?

A. a persons overall social status within their family
B. an achieved occupational status
C. a social position that becomes a master status for the person occupying it
D. socially defined expectations of people in a given social position

The most common master statuses are based on what ?

A. gender and race
B. education and occupation
C. class and income
D. family and peer groups

What is ethnomethodology ?

A. the study of language in everyday conversations
B. the study of the methods people uses to make sense of the world
C. the study of sociological research methods
D. the use of experiments in sociological research

Norbert Elias argued that effective communication systems have an evolutionary survival value How did he illustrate this in humans ?

A. by studying sign language
B. by studying the face
C. by studying whole body language
D. by studying small tribal groups

Which term describes societies where the family name and the inheritance of property passes down the male line ?

A. androlineal
B. matrilineal
C. homolineal
D. patrilineal

Latest Sociology MCQs – Competitive Sociology MCQs