Liberal Thoughts Injection

“Woman is a Flower, not any powerful human or a wrestler” said by Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

In other words woman is like a flower which needs full time Protection from each and every regard. This Holy Hadith expresses that a man should behave and treat woman the same as like behaving with a beautiful flower. Now let see and observe the comparison of behaviour of Western and Eastern world with Bint e Hawa (a Daughter of Bibi Hawa) to whom Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had titled with a flower. When West and Europe started to get the modern technology and then in the beginning of the nineteenth century Western investors manufactured the industries, now to execute the industries they were in need of cheap labourers, so they raised the slogan of freedom of women in order to get out the women from their homes towards factories to run their business. By this way the pockets of the western men can be filled in best and easy way. As labourer women salaries were very less as compare to men salaries. In This way West and Europe understood the concept of women rights.

As to the women there should be complete sexual freedom, full mutual interaction with strange peoples. The makeup and other beautification practices were made necessary for females in order to attract the male’s attention along with obey the illegal demands of males. To all this they gave the name of women’s rights. Moreover, at the time West and Europe were having point of view that flower can get more respect and high profile status in the Society. This should be known to you that in the beginning of twentieth century they awarded the flower with the right of employment and ownership which approximately fourteen centuries later than Islam. Unfortunately like always West and Europe retains this delightful nature on second degree status in comparison to men which you can easily and conceptually catch in the stories, novels and Verses etc. of West and European Literature. In short till the current date of the Calendar as always West and Europe badly victimized this flower with cruel behavior and the Slogan of women’s freedom to which they are raising is actually the slogan of Men Freedom for the lustful people of West and Europe which shameful for them.

On February 28th, 1909 The Socialist Party of America organized women’s day in New York. The 1910 International Socialist Women’s Conference suggested that women’s day to be held once a year.

As women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia on 8th March 1917, turn out to be national holiday there. This day was adopted by the feminist movement in about 1967 but United Nations began the marking from the day of 1975.

Let me follow to share with you the Eastern World’s meaning that how we Muslims are treating the delicate and soft flower. There is no doubt that approx. fourteen (14) hundred years ago Islam gave the resemblance to women with a flower like soft and delicate thing. In such way Islam prescribed and announced all the rights and obligations related to women for their protection, unluckily we did not treat the women absolutely like flower. Due to some specific reasons we consecutively demolished the actual social status of women in society as West consuming women as source of filling pockets. If you observe in society almost all the Airlines and Bus Companies owners are striving to recruit girls having attractive and astonishing  personality to be air-hostess and bus hostess to increase the number of customers for their maximum profit. They contain the thought that public will be desired to do so, not only limited to this, if visit any office of the Government, Semi Government and Private Organizations you find a good looking girl on every reception around public posts and seats. One thing is to be clear that this article not against the employment of women’s; why they are doing jobs as one of the foremost right they contain in the society. The disquieting situation is the discrimination in comparison to men and even among women’s. It is unscrupulous to the flower that they are consuming as marketing part which resulting unfortunate for all of us as a Muslim.

In addition to the recent Marking of Women’s day on 8th March, 2019 related to different cities of Pakistan signalled liberal thoughts to our society which showing painful pictures for the Muslims.  Furthermore, some slogans and statements mentioned on posters, banners, & playcards during the staged rallies were very shameful and the clues of promoting liberal thoughts. But to these liberal thoughts it’s the prime obligation of each and every member of our society, the religious clerics should use such a suitable Islamic injection to these liberal thoughts in order to eliminate root causes from the society otherwise norms, values, standards and mores belonging to us can effect a lot.

In this regard we should give women such an actual status and value as the Islam introduced fourteen (14) centuries ago. The women is like soft and delight human soul, e.g. a character like Mother is also evolved from this soft and beautiful soul under whom steps there is heaven for us. Daughter, wife and grandmothers also having important roles in our daily life, so why not we should treat this soul like a flower?

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