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Medical MCQs – Competitive Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs ( General Anatomy ) MCQs

Medical MCQs – Competitive Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs ( General Anatomy ) MCQs

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Latest Medical MCQs

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Latest Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs in past papers. Past papers of Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs . Past papers of Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs . The Important series of Salivary And Thyroid Glands Mcqs are given below:

Sublingual salivary gland lies______________?

A. Superior to mylohyoid
B. Deep to genioglossus
C. Inferior to mylohyoid
D. Deep to geniohyoid

Parotid duct traverses________________?

A. Medial pterygoid
B. Buccinator
C. Masseter
D. Lateral pterygoid

Deep part of submandibular salivary gland is in relation to _____________?

A. Accessory Nerve
B. Lingual Nerve
C. Facial Nerve
D. Mandibular Nerve

The preganglionic parasympathetic fibers for otic ganglion commence at________________?

A. Nucleus of tractus solitarius
B. Inferior salivatory nucleus
C. Superior salivatory nucleus
D. Lacrimatory nucleus

Sensory supply to soft palate is by all except______________?

A. Glossopharyngeal nerve
B. Lesser Palatine nerve
C. Vigus Nerve
D. Maxillary nerve

Lacrimal gland is supplied by which of the following ganglion_________________?

A. Ciliary ganglion
B. Otic ganglion
C. Sphenopalatine ganglion
D. Submandibular

Parathyroid glands are supplied by _____ artery?

A. Superior thyroid
B. Common Carotid
C. Middle thyroid
D. Inferior thyroid

The nerve supplying submandibular gland_________________?

B. V

The level of branching of common carotid artery_______________?

A. Upper border of thyroid cartilage
B. Upper border of cricoid
C. Lower borer of cricoid
D. Hyoid

Embryology MCQs

Superior parathyroid glands are derived from________________?

A. 2nd branchial pouch
B. 1st branchial pouch
C. 3rdbranchial pouch
D. 4thbranchial pouch

The left subclavian artery is a branch of_______________?

A. Ascending aorta
B. Brachio cephalic trunk
C. Arch of aorta
D. Left common carotid

Which of the following structures is not found in parotid gland______________?

A. Facial nerve
C. Auriculo temporal nerve
D. Buccal branch of mandibular nerve

Which of the following muscle divides the sub- mandibular gland into a superficial and deep part ?

A. Sternohyoid
B. Mylohyoid
C. Genioglossus
D. Digastric

The secretomotor supply of the parotid gland is through_________________?

A. Otic ganglion
B. Geniculate ganglion
C. Gasserian ganglion
D. Submandibular ganglion

The orifice of the parotid duct is located______________?

A. In proximity to the incisive papillae
B. At the hamular notch
C. On the buccal mocosa near the maxillary second molar
D. Slightly posterior to the mandibular central incisors

Secretomotor supply of parotid comes from______________?

A. Maxillary nerve
B. Auriculotemporal nerve
C. Greater Petrosal nerve
D. Chorda Tympani

The relation of facial nerve branches to parotid gland is __________________ ?

A. Superficial
B. Deep
C. In the substance of parotid
D. None

During examination of parotid gland, parotid duct can be palpated at the following except____________?

A. Pierced to the buccinator
B. At the opening just opposite to lower second molar
C. Anterior border of masseter
D. A the anterior surface of parotid gland

The structure that does not traverse parotid gland is____________?

A. Posterior auricular artery
B. Superficial temporal artery
C. External carotid artery
D. Internal carotid artery

During inferior alveolar nerve block the needle of LA syringe is penetrated into parotid gland which of the following structure is most likely to be penetrated_____________?

A. Lingual artery
B. Lingual nerve
C. Internal carotid artery
D. External carotid artery

Parasympathetic nerve supply to salivary gland is by____________?

A. VII and IX cranial nerves
B. V and X cranial nerves
C. IX and X cranial nerves
D. VII and IX spinal nerves

Nasolacrimal duct is directed_____________?

A. Downward, laterally forward
B. Downward, laterally, Backwards ‘(DLB)
C. Downward, Medially, Backwards
D. Downward, medially forward

Osteology MCQs

Which of the following is not present on the medial surface of a submandibular gland ?

A. Styloglossus
B. Facial vein
C. Mylohyoid
D. Hyoglossus

The facial nerve______________?

A. Supplies muscles of mastication
B. Transverses through parotid gland
C. Arises from medulla oblongata
D. Carries no taste fibres

Middle thyroid vein drain into _______ vein?

A. Anterior jugular vein
B. External jugular vein
C. Internal jugular vein
D. Brachiocephalic

Inferior thyroid artery arises from_________________?

A. 3rd part of subclavian artery
B. Thyrocervical trunk of 1st part of subclavian artery
C. 1st part of subclavian artery
D. Internal carotid artery

Isthmus of thyroid gland is across tracheal rings_______________?

A. 2nd to 4th
B. 5th and 6th
C. 3rd to 5th
D. 4th only

Sub lingual gland is situated between_____________?

A. Hyoglossus and styloglossus
B. Hyoglossus and genioglossus
C. Geniglossus and mandible
D. Geniohyoid and genioglossus

Surgical excision of parotid gland endangers which of the following structures ______________?

A. Motor nerve of the muscles of mastication
B. Hypoglossal nerve
C. External carotid artery, auriculotemporal nerve, facial nerve
D. Lesser occipital nerve and spinal accessory nerve

Duct of parotid gland crosses over masseter muscle and pierces the___________?

A. Buccinator muscle
B. Masseter
C. Superior constrictor
D. Zygomaticus major

All the following nerves may be injured while doing excision of submandibular salivary glands except______________?

A. Hypoglossal nerve
B. Spinal accessory nerve
C. Mandibular branch of facial nerve
D. Lingual nerve

Submandibular gland is situated in____________?

A. Digastric triangle
B. Muscular triangle
C. Carotid triangle
D. Deep to hyoglossus muscle

Medical MCQs – Competitive Salivary And Thyroid Glands MCQs ( General Anatomy ) MCQs