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Medical MCQs – New Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) MCQs

Medical MCQs – New Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Pathology ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Medical MCQs

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Latest Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) in past papers. Past papers of Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) Mcqs. Past papers of Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) Mcqs. The Important series of Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) Mcqs are given below:

Which of the following is not an action of epinephrine when administered intravenously in a high dose ?

A. Evokes extrasystoles in the heart
B. Causes broachiolar constriction
C. Increased liver glycogenolysis
D. Produces restlessness and anxiety

The antidote for heparin is______________?

A. Pryosulphate
B. Protamine sulphate
C. Penicillinase
D. Potassium sulphate

An excess of which of the following hormones may be associated with increased sensitivity to epinephrine ?

A. Parathyroid
B. Testosterone
C. Insulin
D. Thyroid


A. Lowers the intraocular pressure in glaucoma
B. Inhibits sweat and lacrimation
C. Cleaved by acetylcholinesterase
D. Causes tachycardia

The drug which is used to treat laryngospasm is_______________?

A. Diazepam
B. Atropine
C. Neostigmine
D. Succinylcholine

The drug of choice in the management of life threatening allergic reaction is______________?

A. Antihistamines
B. Corticosteroids
C. Adrenalin
D. Diazepam

The following drugs are avoided with warfarin ______________?

A. Benzodiazepine
B. Antacids
C. Nsaid’s like Ibuprofen
D. Codeine, dihydrocodeine, paracetmol

Beta 2 agonist causes_______________?

A. Contraction of urinary spinctors
B. Mydriasis
C. Vasoconstriction
D. Bronchial muscle relaxation

The metabolic effects of sympathomimetics are mediated by__________________?

A. All beta-adrenergic receptors
B. Dopaminergic receptors
C. Opioid receptors
D. Beta 2 receptors

Which of the following group of drugs are a neuromuscular blocking agents_______________?

A. Glycinium neostigamine and physostigamine
B. choline, adrenaline and amphetamine
C. Pancuronium, rocuronium
D. Pirenzipine, propanolol and propantheline

All of the following drugs are non depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents except_______________?

A. Gallamine triethiodide
B. D-tubocurarine
C. Pancuronium bromide
D. Succinylcholine

The intramuscular administration of 0.6 mg of atropine sulphate to a 50 – kg adult may produce all of the following effects except_____________?

A. Bradycardia
B. Decreased Sweating
C. Decreased Salivation
D. Mydriasis

All of the following statements are true regarding cervicofacial actinomycosis, EXCEPT_____________?

A. 110-20% of actinomycosis cases occur in cervicofacial region
B. There is usually history of trauma such as tooth extraction or a blow to the jaw
C. Cultures on blood agar often produce a typical molar tooth morphology
D. The discharging pus contains visible sulphur granules

Mural thrombi are thrombi in______________?

A. Heart chamber
B. Vein
C. Valve cusp
D. Arteries

Heterozygous sickle cell anaemia gives protection against______________?

A. Thalassemia
B. Malaria
D. Dengue fever

The correct nomenclature for Down’s syndrome with translocation of chromosome 14 to chromosome 21 is depicted as______________?

A. 46 X Y, -14 t(14;21)
B. 47 X Y, -14 t(14;21)
C. 47 X &, (+2)
D. 47 X Y, t(14;21)

T-Helper cells (TH2) initiates which type of immunity_______________?

A. Induces immunity by activation of cytoxic T-cells
B. Induces Humoral immunity
C. Induces cell mediated immunity
D. None of the above

Daily loss of iron per day in a healthy adult male is_______________?

A. 60 mg
B. 0.6 mg
C. 0.06 mg
D. 600 mg

Genes for sex determination is_____________?

C. Shh

HOX gene is responsible for which malformation_____________?

A. Polysyndactyly
B. Gorlin syndrome
C. Mayer Rokitansky syndrome
D. Holoprosencephaly

Fibrin degradation product help in detection of_______________?

A. Thrombocytopenic purpura
C. haemophilia
D. Thrombasthenia

Syndrome which is characterized by 2X chromosomes and 1Y chromosome is_____________?

A. Kleinfelters syndrome
B. Turner syndrome
C. Down syndrome
D. Marfan syndrome

Most common cause of pulmonary embolism ?

A. Thrombophebitis
B. Atheroscleroses
C. Endarteritis
D. Lymphangitis

A infant with cleft lip, palate, polydactly, microcephaly with holoprosencephaly, ectodermal scalp defect is suffering from ?

A. Trisomy 18
B. Trisomy 21
C. Trisomy 13
D. Turner syndrome

Following is used to stain fungi______________?

B. Ferrous trichrome
C. Fontania stain
D. Pearls prussian blue

Which one of the following does not present antigens ?

A. NK cells (Netural killer cells)
B. Langerhan’s cells
C. Dendritic cells
D. Macrophages

Egg shell calcification of Hilar Lymphnode is associated with_____________?

A. Byssinosis
B. Asbestosis
C. Silicosis
D. Anthracosis

Phagocytes kill bacteria through which mechanism_____________?

A. Zipper killing
B. Oxidative and non-oxidative killing
C. Membrane attack complex killing
D. Chemotaxis

Not sequelae of cellular events in atheroscierotic infarction_____________?

A. Ingress of macrophages
B. Astrocytes
C. Neutrophilic infiltration
D. Intense eosinophilia

Diseases Of Blood And Lymphnodes MCQs

A patient has increased number of columnar cells in lower esophagus. He has which of the following change_______________?

A. Anaplasia
B. Dysplasia
C. Metaplasia
D. Normal histology

A patient with amenorrhea, short stature, less public hair can be in all of the following except___________?

A. 47 XXY
B. 45 X
C. 46 XY
D. 46 XXY

Down syndrome is caused by all except___________?

A. Mosaicism of 21 chromosome
B. Trisomy of 21 chromosome
C. Robersonian translocation of 21.21, 21.18
D. Deletion of 21

NK cells are effective against viral infected cells only if the cell with infection___________?

A. Express MHC class II proteins
B. Unable to express MHC class I proteins
C. Exprss MHC class I proteins
D. Unable to express MHC class II proteins

Tumour involving epiphysis of long bone is____________?

A. Ewings sarcoma
B. Osteoclastoma
C. Osteogenic sarcoma
D. Chondro sarcoma

A haemophilia person has married to a normal woman Then his___________?

A. Daughter are carrier
B. Daughter are infected
C. Sons are infected
D. All are normal

A 13 year old boy presents with a large mixed lytic and blastic mass in the metaphyseal region of the lower end of femur. The most likely diagnosis is___________?

A. Chondrosarcoma
B. Osteosarcoma
C. Ewing’s sarcoma
D. Giant cell tumour

Endotoxic shock is propagated____________?

A. Peripheral vasodilation
B. Endothelial injury
C. Increased vascular permeability
D. Cytokine action

DiGeorge’s syndrome is due to___________?

A. Congenital thymic aplasia
B. Inborn error of metabolism
C. Deficiency of complement factor
D. Chromosomal anomaly

A child’s CSF was examined I contains slightly raised or normal PMN cells, raised lymphocytes, absence of mycotic growth, value of protein is normal or above normal, glucose level is normal. The most probable diagnosis is____________?

A. Fungal meningitis
B. Viral meningitis
C. Pyogenic bacterial meningitis
D. Tuberculous meningitis

Bone marrow stem cells differ from differ from differentiated progenitor stem cells in what respect ?

A. Formation of the ovum
B. Reconstitution of Bone marrow
C. Provide differentiated terminal cells
D. Act as a repair system for the body

Which is true about Multiple myeloma ?

A. IgM spike increase
B. IL 8 is a marker for bone lesions
C. Direct plasma cell deposition in glomerular capilaries leads to kidney damage
D. Invariably increase in alkaline phosphatase

Which of the following procedures is used as a routine technique in karyotyping using light microscopy ?

A. G banding
B. Q banding
C. C banding
D. Brd V-staining

Prostate specific antigen is used as____________?

A. Tumor marker
B. Oncogene
C. Proto oncogene
D. Bacterial antigen

Which is associated with defect in DNA repair___________?

A. Xeroderma pigmentosum
B. Icthyosis
C. Albinism
D. Sickle cell anaemia

All of the following types of collagen except one are present in cartliage__________?

A. 6
B. 4
C. 2
D. 9

Which of the following is most common location of intracranial neurocysticercoses ?

A. Brain parenchyma
B. Basal cisternae
C. Spinal cord
D. Medulla oblongata

Why fetal cells continue to divide but terminally differentiated adult cells do not divide ?

A. There are many cyclin inhibitors which prevent cell to enter into S phase in adult
B. Proteinase is absent in fetus
C. Phosphatase absent in fetal cells
D. Absence of CD kinase

Which of the following is not present in lungs ?

A. Brush cells
B. Langerhans cells
C. Clara cells
D. Klutischky cells

Tha gene for Breast Cancer (BRCA) is present on chromosome___________?

A. 15
B. 17
C. 21
D. 9

Barr body is associated with________?

A. Anaphase
B. Interphase
C. Metaphase
D. Prophase

Leucopenia is characteristic of____________?

A. Meningitis
B. Enteric fever
C. Appendicitis
D. Myocardial infarction

Syndrome associated with increased risk of leukemia is__________?

A. Sturge weber syndrome
B. Klinefelter syndrome
C. Plummer vinson syndrome
D. Multiple hamartoma syndrome

Saddle embolus causes sudden death by blocking___________?

A. Cerebral arteries
B. Coronary arteries
C. Pulmonary arteries
D. Renal arteries

Disappearance of nuclear chromatin is called as__________?

A. Karyorhexis
B. Karyolysis
C. Pyknosis
D. None

Medical MCQs – New Systemic Pathology & Miscellaneous ( Pathology ) MCQs