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Most Competitive Economics MCQs – Up To Date Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs

Most Competitive Economics MCQs – Up To Date Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Economics ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Economics mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Economics then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Economics MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Economics to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Miscellaneous ( Economics )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) in past papers. Past papers of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs. Past papers of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs. The Important series of Miscellaneous ( Economics ) Mcqs are given below:

Foreign aid________________?

A. has been used as an instrument of foreign policy by the U.S
B. is what ultimately overthrowing communism
C. should be abolished until poverty is eliminated is our own society
D. None of the above

Which is NOT a theoretical perspective on international relations_______________?

A. pluralism
B. globalism
C. scientific democracy
D. neorealism

The balance-of-power system in which four of more major powers competed and formed shifting alliances to avoid any one becoming stronger than any other was called the________________?

A. multipolar system
B. assured destruction system
C. bipolar system
D. unipolar system

Which is NOT a common objective of states ?

A. Territorial integrity
B. Physical survival
C. Political independence
D. Cultural diversity

Before the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) political organization around the world had been_________________?

A. empirical and patriotic
B. universal and local
C. unilateral and generic
D. uniform and multiform

Historically nations are impacted by_______________?

A. change in the distribution of power
B. climactic changes from the ice age to global heating
C. technological progress
D. BOTH fluctuations in the distribution of power and technological progress

It is most accurate to say that_____________?

A. a global social system does not exist
B. the global social system differs considerably from a societal social system
C. the global social system closely resembles a social system closely resembles a social system
D. there exists consensus on values on a global level

One conclusion that may be drawn regarding American foreign policy is that________________?

A. the world operates on generous feelings toward others
B. Americans do not always act according to their ideology
C. morality will be the foundation of foreign policy
D. none of the above

Which of the following nations can be trusted NOT to explode atomic bombs on the surface of the earth ?

A. China
B. Russia
C. France
D. none of these

The foreign alliances the U.s has entered into have resulted in__________________?

A. assurance that allies will back up U.S
B. help in the Middle East
C. very dependable allies
D. the need to build up the U.S military apparatus

According to French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau the state emerged_______________?

A. because people began to fight among themselves
B. after the establishment of private property
C. to restore peace
D. all of the above

Another term for nationalism might be________________?

A. imperialism
B. racism
C. colonialism
D. national ethnocentrism

Recent events vividly demonstrate that nationalism is_______________?

A. the bastion of freedom and world peace
B. the source of wars and atrocities
C. at most a quaint reminder of past political cultures
D. dead

Nation states emerged in Europe in the historical period of______________?

A. the Hundred Years War
B. the Renaissance
C. the Middle Ages
D. the Protestant Reformation

Latent functions of government include_______________?

A. health care
B. public education
C. the rise of administrative elites
D. war


A. underlie all governments
B. underlie all social movements
C. explains why things are as they are
D. all of the above

Politics may be defined as_______________?

A. the legitimate use of force within a territory
B. the statuses and roles that enforce the law
C. the process by which individuals and groups acquire power
D. all of the above

In order for power to be legitimate a government must have_____________?

A. a charismatic leader
B. legitimate authority
C. the ability to coerce agreement
D. a strong army

“My country right or wrong” is an example of_______________?

A. nationalism
B. an internationalist world view
C. legal-rational thinking
D. a reasoned approach to detente

Conflict theorists see the states functions as________________?

A. protecting the interest of the ruling elite only
B. bringing peace to its citizens
C. helping the poor and homeless
D. directing the economy

Hitler led the German people by emotional speeches He derived his authority from________________?

A. the law
B. God
C. the Bible
D. personal charisma

The Pope,s leadership of the Catholic Church is based on which kind of authority ?

A. Democratic
B. Legal-rational
C. Traditional
D. Charismatic

Government is characterized by a(n)_______________?

A. system of norms and values
B. pattern of statuses and roles
C. system to deal with order and defense
D. all of the above

Political power_______________?

A. characterizes all dictatorships
B. is power exercised by the state through its government
C. appears only in capitalistic societies
D. belongs to a ruler in democratic regimes

In essence people need government because________________?

A. they live in groups and need a degree of order
B. they have not reached a sufficient amount of civilization to exist without it
C. of their competitive nature
D. brute force is not sufficient keep them in line

Surplus MCQs

The oldest form of power rests on_______________?

A. charismatic authority
B. rational-legal authority
C. traditional authority
D. the authority of force

Charismatic leaders_______________?

A. are only characteristic of theocracies
B. may appear in societies with either a traditional or a legal-rational base of authority
C. establish a stable social organization
D. appear only in traditional societies

The basic components of the state include ALL BUT WHICH of the following ?

A. Population
B. Territory
C. Armed services
D. Sovereignty

Antarctica is occupied by several nations together because no one nations has________________?

A. sovereignty over it
B. interest in its resources
C. the desire to rule it
D. the power to take it over

The manifest functions of government include________________?

A. the enlargement of the administrative elite
B. the protection of the interests of the power elite
C. the formation of party machines
D. the provision of institutionalized social control

Moral control________________?

A. can only be exerted through the institution of religion
B. is insufficient to maintain social order in complex societies
C. dose not exist in large urban industrial societies
D. is best when exerted by forces outside the individual

Power is legitimate if_________________?

A. it has been transmitted in a traditional way
B. a majority of societal members accept its use as right and proper
C. it is enforced on members of society
D. it is rational

The government is_______________?

A. institutionalized social control
B. the ultimate source of social control
C. a way of insuring absolute freedom for citizens
D. BOTH ultimate and institutionalized social control

Legal-rational authority is characteristic of________________?

A. traditional agrarian societies
B. homogeneous societies
C. urban industrial developed societies
D. totalitarian societies

Prejudice and discrimination______________?

A. are tenets of some religions
B. have been a part of the relationships among diverse religious groups
C. have never existed toward diverse religious groups
D. none of the above

Which perspective assumes that the state speaks with one voice and has one policy ?

A. globalism
B. pluralism
C. realism
D. all of the above

The widest sphere of human interaction on an international scale is_______________?

A. international economics
B. international law
C. international security affairs
D. international relations

For neo-realists the international order is one of________________?

A. full cooperation
B. centralized power
C. total anarchy
D. quasi-anarchy

A 44-nation survey regrading religions found that_________________?

A. Canadians are as religious as Americans
B. 59 percent of Americans said that religions played an important role in their lives
C. the English and the French are much more religious than Americans
D. Americans are the least religious of these nations

Since state and nation are not the same thing the preferred term for individual political entities is_______________?

A. nation-sates or national states
B. principalities
C. dominions
D. territories

A nineteenth-century model of rote education which imitated the assembly line was called the______________?

A. Birmingham system
B. Schumpeterian system
C. Topeka system
D. Lancaster system

The most important determinant of scholastic success is________________?

A. the peer group influence
B. how well the students’ parents did in school
C. the opinion of the neighbors
D. a family’s values regarding education

Stocks MCQs

Which of the following is an unintended function of education ?

A. Reinforcement of society’s stratification system
B. Formation of youth leadership groups
C. Reinforcement of grammatical forms in language
D. Understanding mathematical concepts

What kind of individual is valued in industrial and postindustrial societies ?

A. nonproductive citizens
B. manual workers
C. a highly educated intellectual
D. the poor and alienated

Credentialism opens jobs _______________?

A. to members of academia
B. to members of skilled professions
C. to all people
D. but has no bearing on the job market

Latent functions of schools include_________?

A. encouraging social mobility
B. maintaining the class system
C. promoting nationalism
D. allowing the formation of a subculture and keeping children in school for a period of time

In preindustrial societies education was intended for_______________?

A. productive persons
B. a small elite
C. the masses
D. the obviously intelligent

Religiosity refers to_______________?

A. depth of religious feelings
B. a belief in heaven and hell
C. whether one participates in religious rituals
D. whether one believes in God or gods

Cults differ from sects in that______________?

A. they reject the status quo
B. they are small voluntary and exclusive
C. the have no ties to existing religious groups
D. all of the above

Theology is_______________?

A. a justification of the function of religion
B. the rational system of ideas that explains a belief system
C. the sympathetic interpretation of myths
D. the rules of ritual observance

The transition from a charismatic religious leaders direct example to routine procedures and observances is called______________?

A. denomination
B. differentiation
C. institutionalization
D. bureaucratization

The Protestant denomination emphasized in Max Weber,s Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism was_______________?

A. Anglicanism
B. Baptism
C. Calvinism
D. Lutheranism

Liberation theory is______________?

A. a doctrine of personal transcendence
B. a fusion of Christianity and Marxism
C. another name for atheism
D. a branch of Roman Catholicism

From the point of view of Catholicism Protestantism began as a(n)________________?

A. cult
B. ecclesia
C. fundamentalist movement sect
D. charismatic movement

According to functionalism the fundamental human needs are_____________?

A. life liberty and the pursuit of property
B. income safety and deference
C. survival and expressiveness
D. control over nature and the denial of death

Durkheim,s analysis suggests that so-called primitive people__________________?

A. though they were gods
B. invented the concept of gods
C. projected their human ideals and personified them as gods
D. saw themselves as clans of animals

In animism_______________?

A. spirits are worshipped as disembodied humans
B. animals are worshipped as gods
C. spirits are thought to acquire various forms
D. all of the above

Which religion includes a hierarchy of gods?

A. Shintoism
B. Christianity
C. Zoroastrianism
D. Hinduism

An example of polytheism is________________?

A. Hinduism
B. Buddhism
C. Christianity
D. Zoroastrianism

Religious beliefs are often contained in_______________?

A. creeds
B. doctrines
C. articles of faith
D. all of the above

Secularization will_______________?

A. promote secular humanism
B. finally destroy religion in the United States
C. stimulate new sects and cults to overcome the secularization process
D. be punished by God

The reality that lies beyond human perception is called__________________?

A. paranormal reality
B. transpersonal reality
C. transient reality
D. transcendent reality

Religion has the function of________________?

A. supporting societal norms
B. having the individual lose his/her identity
C. making life anxiety-ridden
D. decreasing a person’s sense of security

Marx believed religion was used to_______________?

A. deal with reality
B. support the exploitation of the masses
C. help people improve their lives
D. attain immortality

The perpetrators of fatal child abuse have these traits in common________________?

A. they live at or below the poverty level
B. they are young males
C. they are seriously depressed
D. all of these

Studies have found that__________________?

A. the more severe the abuse the more extreme the later psychiatric symptoms
B. victims of child abuse become troubled adults
C. not all abused children go on to abuse their own children
D. all of the above

Child abuse___________________?

A. refers to a wide range of maltreatment
B. includes physical and emotional neglect
C. has a victimization rate of 12.3 per 1,000 children
D. only A B and C


A. among working couples
B. is most popular among the 24-35 age group
C. among college-educated high-income groups
D. only A and B

Factors in the decline of the marriage rate include__________________?

A. the increase of cohabitation
B. a delay in the age of first marriage
C. the increase in the incidence of remaining single
D. all of the above

Conditions associated with long-term marriages include_________________?

A. a women’s family income
B. a women’s age at marriage
C. whether the women came from an intact family
D. all of the above

Which method of child care is best for children ?

A. Being cared for by the biological mother even if she would rather work outside the house
B. Spending at least 20 hours with a person other than the mother
C. We do not really know
D. Being in a day-care center with other children of the same age

Cohabiting couples__________________?

A. are an old phenomenon
B. represent an example of premarital life
C. are predominantly homosexual
D. represent the great majority of couples

The noncustodial parent______________?

A. is usually unfit to be a parent
B. is often a “deadbeat dad”
C. renounces all responsibility for his children
D. none of the above

There is a growing realization that divorce______________?

A. means freedom and happiness
B. is a normal process from which people quickly recover?
C. may bring devastating economic and emotional consequences
D. none of the above

Market MCQs

The “real revolution” of the last twenty years according to one sociologist refers to_______________?

A. the jailing of spouse abusers and marital rapists
B. male bonding and tribalism
C. “serial” or “throwaway” marriages
D. women’s lack of interest in marriage

Among the leading causes of divorce are______________?

A. infidelity
B. incompatibility
C. personality differences
D. only b and c

A perspective that focuses on power relations between spouses is called_______________?

A. transactional analysis
B. micro conflict theory
C. resource theory
D. dependency theory

Among the leading causes of divorce are_______________?

A. infidelity
B. drug and alcohol abuse
C. physical abuse
D. none of the above

Women after divorce_______________?

A. have a more difficult psychological adjustment than men
B. need not do any of the menial housework
C. experience a 45 percent drop in income
D. all of the above

Young couples who have children very soon after marriage_______________?

A. experience constant elation
B. spend very little time together
C. are quite content with their lot
D. all of the above

The first years of marriage_____________?

A. require the most adjustment
B. are the most difficult
C. offer the most satisfaction
D. all of the above

The regulation of sex______________?

A. is attempted by societies by encouraging marriage
B. is unrelated to societal mores and taboos
C. has no relationship to the liberalization of sexual norms
D. has become unimportant in the U.S

The family into which you were born is called_________________?

A. the family of procreation
B. my family
C. the family of origin
D. the family of orientation

Mistreatment or abuse of children________________?

A. is a function of social class
B. occurs less frequently in extended families
C. occurs with greater frequency in extended families
D. happens only in industrial societies

The most fundamental function of the family is_________________?

A. ensuring the reproduction of the species
B. feeding its members
C. providing sex education
D. keeping members sheltered

The nuclear family form is also called________________?

A. conjugal
B. procreational
C. consanguine
D. extended

Which is NOT a new alternative to the traditional family ?

A. Blended family
B. Extended family
C. Single-parent family
D. Reconstituted family

The teenage birthrate_______________?

A. is highest among white teenagers
B. has declined in the past several years
C. has soared in the past two years
D. none of the above

Female-headed families have_______________?

A. greater emotional stress in dealing with children
B. generally a lower income than two-parent families
C. increased in number since 1970
D. all of the above

Divorced men as compared to married men are subject to_______________?

A. more instances of depression
B. more suicides
C. more car accidents
D. all of the above

The high divorce rate in industrial societies related to______________?

A. the low status of women
B. the importance of religion
C. emphasis on group goals
D. the stress on values of individualism and personal goals

The ethnic groups among whom arranged marriages are common include______________?

A. Indians (natives of India)
B. Muslim
C. Hasidic Jews
D. All of the above

Romance as a reason for marriage________________?

A. prevents divorce
B. is a modern invention
C. is an ancient principle
D. contributes to divorce

In rural Pakistan a person must marry within his or her caste This custom is called______________?

A. polygamy
B. endogamy
C. exogamy
D. purdah

The most common form of marriage today is_______________?

A. polyandry
B. polygamy
C. polygyny
D. none of these

In some cultures a women a can have several husbands at one time. This custom is called____________?

A. polyandry
B. lunacy
C. polygyny
D. serial marriage

A kinship system is based on______________?

A. adoption
B. common descent
C. marriage
D. none of these

The family-and particularly marriage-binds its members through_______________?

A. educational functions
B. legal and economic bonds
C. interfaith competition
D. class conflict

An example of a basic pivotal institution is_____________?

A. gossip
B. show business
C. sports
D. the family

Social institutions________________?

A. are ingrained patterns of behavior representing solutions to universal human needs
B. make up cultural components
C. are things like banks and schools
D. all of the above

Most Competitive Economics MCQs – Up To Date Miscellaneous ( Economics ) MCQs