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New internet speed record :178 terabytes per second

New Internet speed record: 178 terabytes per second

LONDON: Experts at University College London have set a new Internet speed record by transferring data at a speed of 178 terabits per second of optical fiber. Simply put, at this speed, 1500 videos with 15 gigabytes can be downloaded in just one second.

The previous record for data transfer from optical fiber was 150.3 terabits per second, which was set in 2018 in Japan. The current record is about 18.5% faster than that.

It should be noted that at present, the average speed of broadband internet in the world in terms of download is 81.466 megabits per second, while the average speed of 4G mobile internet is 34.51 megabits per second. With a total download speed of 110.9 megabits per second, the UAE ranks first in the world.

New Internet speed record: 178 terabytes per second