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New Medical MCQs – Updated Endocrinology ( Physiology ) MCQs

New Medical MCQs – Updated Endocrinology ( Physiology ) MCQs

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Latest Medical MCQs

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Latest Endocrinology ( Physiology ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Endocrinology ( Physiology ) in past papers. Past papers of Endocrinology ( Physiology ) Mcqs. Past papers of Endocrinology ( Physiology ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Endocrinology ( Physiology ) Mcqs. The Important series of Endocrinology ( Physiology ) Mcqs are given below:

Hypothyroidism should be treated with daily administration of which of the following thyroid hormone preparations ?

A. Thyroglobulin
B. Thyroid extract
C. Thyroxine (T4)
D. Triiodothyronine (T3)

Hypercalcemia associated with malignancy is most often mediated by _____________?

A. Interleukin – 6 ( IL- 6)
B. Parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHrP)
C. Parathyroid hormone ( PTH)
D. Calcitonin

Insulin facilitates glucose uptake in____________?

A. Red blood cells
B. Kidney tubules
C. Brain
D. Skeletal muscle

Not a glycoprotein_______________?



A. Secretion increases following injury
B. Enhances antigen – antibody reactions
C. Favours protein synthesis
D. Tends to lower blood pressure

All are seen in Cushing ‘s syndrome except_______________?

A. Hypertension
B. Truncal obesity
C. Hypoglycemia
D. Poor wound healing

Which is false regarding insulin______________?

A. Causes lipogenesis
B. Glycopeptide
C. Secreted by beta cells
D. Promotes glycogenesis

Human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone ( HCG)______________?

A. Is a steroid hormone
B. Production is greatest in the last three months of pregnancy
C. Can be identified in the urine of pregnant women by immunological technique
D. Acts on the uterus to maintain integrity of endometrium in early pregnancy

Regarding myxedema the following are true except______________?

A. Impotency, amenorrhea
B. Swollen, oedematous look of the face
C. B.M.R increased by 30 -45%
D. Dullness, loss of memory

The catecholamines secreted by adrenal medulla______________?

A. Increases the blood glucose level by favoring glycogenolysis in blood and muscle cells
B. Increase the splanchnic blood flow
C. Decrease the level o free fatty acids and ketone bodies
D. Are under the control of parasy

In thyrotoxicosis , there is______________?

A. Increase in calcium excretion
B. Increase in serum proteins which bind throxine
C. Potentiation of catecholamine action
D. Decrease in calcium excretion

Progesterone production in the ovary is primarily by______________?

A. Corpora albicans
B. Stroma
C. Corpora lutea
D. Mature follicles

All the following hormones are secreted by adrenal cortex except_______________?

A. Estriol
B. Corticosterone
C. Cortisol
D. Aldosterone

Contraceptive action of combined pill is mainly due to_______________?

A. Prevents the fertilization
B. Decrease in tubal motility
C. Prevents the implantation of fertilized egg
D. Inhibits ovulation

Epinephrine is most closely related in structure to ____________________?

A. Methionine
B. Tyrosine
C. Niacin
D. Glycerol

Steroid hormones are believed to enter target cells via_______________?

A. Carrier – mediated endocytosis
B. Facilitated diffusion
C. Cholesterol lined pores in the plasma membrane
D. Simple diffusion

Which of the following statements about the action of the somatomedin is true ?

A. They antagonize the effect of insulin
B. They inhibit protein synthesis
C. They promote growth of bone and cartilage
D. They mediated the local effects of Somatostatin

Hormone released during increased stress is_____________?

A. Cortisol
B. Growth hormone
C. Thyroxine
D. Somatostatin

Features of hypothyroidism does not include______________?

A. Hypertension
B. Obseity
C. High TSH levels
D. Increased risk of infections

The primary site of action of antidiuretic hormone is on the_______________?

A. Distal tubules and collecting ducts in the kidney
B. Thirst center in the hypothalamus
C. Afferent arterioles of the glomeruli
D. Osmoreceptors in the hypothalamus

The hormone , which stimulates uterus contraction and lets down milk, is_____________?

A. Prolactin
B. Progesterone
C. Prostaglandin
D. Oxytocin

Which hormone does not have corresponding release hormone produced in pituitary ?

B. Prolactin

Thyroxine causes all the following except______________?

A. Decreased cell metabolism
B. Increased pulmonary ventilation
C. Increased oxygen consumption
D. Increased basal metabolism

Which of the following hormones increase the sensitivity of heart to epinephrine________________?

A. Insulin
B. Parathyroid
C. Thyroid
D. Glucagon

Which of the following is called hunger hormone______________?

A. Pituitary
B. Glucagon
C. Epinephrine
D. Thyroxine

Posterior pituitary insufficiency leads to______________?

A. Dwarfism
B. Diabetes insipidus
C. Diabetes mellitus
D. Cretinism

The blood glucose level in diabetes mellitus is decreased by removal of the______________?

A. Parathyroids
B. Thyroid
C. Anterior pituitary
D. Posterior pituitary

Adrenaline used for controlling of bleeding during surgery may result in________________?

A. Drastic fall in blood pressure
B. Cardiac arrhythmias
C. Syncope
D. Precipitation of allergic reaction

The primary effect of calcitonin is__________________?

A. Bone deposition
B. Increases intestinal absorption of calcium
C. Bone resorption
D. Decreases intestinal absorption of calcium

The decreased phosphate level seen in hyper parathyroidism is due to ________________?

A. Increased calcium excretion
B. Decreased intestinal phosphate absorption
C. Decreased renal phosphate absorption
D. Increased loss of phosphate in urine

The hormone whose deficiency causes diabetes insipidus is released from which nucleus of pituitary ________________?

A. Supraoptic
B. Suprachiasmatic
C. Pre optic
D. Paraventricular

Aldosterone production is controlled by _____________?

A. Anterior pituitary gland
B. Hypothalamus
C. Posterior pituitary gland
D. Adrenal gland

Hormones, which stimulate spermatogenesis, are______________?

A. A.D.H. and Oxytocin
B. Thyroxine and parathormone
C. Insulin and glucagon
D. Testosterone and F.S.H

Which of the following results due to excessive parathormone secretion_______________?

A. Decrease excretion of calcium
B. Increased serum calcium
C. Increased excretion of phosphates
D. Increase excretion of calcium

Bone metabolism is controlled by ____________?

A. Parathormone
B. Vit – D & Calcium
C. Calcitonin
D. All of the above

Changes in biological activity occurring daily are referred as _________ rhythm?

A. Circadian
B. Circa sestin
C. Circa triginatan
D. Circannual

Iodine is primarily important in the biochemical synthesis of______________?

A. Adrenaline
B. Thyroxine
D. Calcitonin

Trousseau’s sign and chovstek’s sings are positive in___________?

A. Hypothyroidism
B. Hyperparathyroidism
C. Hypoparathyroidism
D. Hyperthyroidism

Vasopressin is synthesized in the_____________?

A. Juxtaglomerular apparatus
B. Hypothalamus
C. Anterior pituitary
D. Vasomotor center


A. Increases exceretion of potassium
B. Increases reabsorption of sodium
C. Increases retention of sodium
D. Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

A phaeochromocytoma is a tumour of the____________?

A. Parathyroids
B. Adrenal cortex
C. Pituitary
D. None of the above

Which of the following is associated with a low concentration of ionized calcium in the serum ?

A. Osteogenesis imperfecta
B. Hypothyroidism
C. Paget’s disease of the bone
D. Tetany

Which of the following hormones is released from the posterior pituitary ?

A. Growth hormone
B. Antidiuretic hormone
D. Luetinizing hormone

All of the following are adverse effects of long- term corticosteroids EXCEPT____________?

A. Hypoglycemia
B. Peptic ulcers
C. Psychosis
D. Osteoporosis

Which amongst the following is the gold standard for demonstrating hcG____________?

A. Radio immune assay
B. Immunofluorescence
C. Latex agglutination

Which one of the following is a precursor of both gonadal and adrenocortical hormones_____________?

A. Progesterone
B. Testosterone
C. Cortisol
D. Corticosterone

Inhibit b hormone has effect on_______________?

A. Seminiferous tubules
C. Sertoli cells
D. Spermatogenesis

Glucose tolerance test is usually done to assess_____________?

A. Carcinoma of Head of Pancreas
B. Acute Pancreatitis
C. Acinar Function of the Pancreas
D. Endocrine Dysfunction of Pancreas

Which of the following hormones act via cAMP ?

A. Vasopressin
B. Parathormone
C. Insulin
D. Adrenalin

Insulin increases the activity of___________?

A. HMG. CoA reductase
B. HMG- CoA synthase
C. HMG- CoA lyase
D. Thiolase

Hyperthyroidism can be caused by____________?

A. Hydralazine
B. Amiodarone
C. Clonidine
D. Penicillamine

Hormones FSH & LH of anterior pituitary gland acts on___________________?

A. Ovaries but not testis
B. Testis but not ovaries
C. Both Testis and ovaries
D. Adrenal cortex

Removal of parathyroid gland produces the following changes EXCEPT_________________?

A. hypo calcemic tetany
B. Decrease in plasma phosphate level
C. Neuromuscular hyperexcitability
D. Decline plasma calcium level

Fertilized ovum usually gets attached to the uterus wall in ____________?

A. 28 days
B. 14 days
C. 8 weeks
D. 1 week

Aldosterone secretion is increased when there is a fall in____________?

A. pH of the plasma
B. Plasma Na+
C. Plasma K+
D. Angiotensin II level

Hormone responsible for milk ejection______________?

A. Oxytocin
B. Progesterone
C. Estrogen
D. Prolactin

The most significant immediate result of lowered serum calcium is_______________?

A. Decalcification of teeth
B. Decalcification of bones
C. Weakened heart action
D. Hyperirritability of nerves and muscles

Tetany is characterized by ________________?

A. Increased serum calcium concentration
B. Hypertonicity of muscles
C. Hypotonicity of muscles
D. None of the above

The effect which is seen due to decrease in serum calcium concentration is_______________?

A. Increase the renal absorption
B. Excitability of the muscle
C. Relaxation of muscle
D. Depression of Nervous system

Paneth cells secrete which of the following ?

A. Antibacterial substance
B. Maltase
C. Lipase
D. Secretin

following are the features of cretinism, except_____________?

A. Idiotic look
B. Pot-belly
C. Normal intelligence
D. Stunted growth

All of the following hormones have cell surface receptors except_____________?

A. Growth Hormone
B. Adrenalin
C. Insulin
D. Thyroxine

Osteoclasts are inhibited / modified and regulated by____________?

A. 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferols
B. Calcitonin
C. Parathyroid hormone
D. Tumor necrosis factor

Blood coagulation is impaired in___________?

A. Tetany
B. Rickets
C. Hyperparathyrodism
D. None

A child is below the third percentile for height. Growth velocity is normal, but chronologic age is more than skeletal age. The most likely diagnosis is______________?

A. Constitutional delay in growth
B. Primordial dwarfism
C. Genetic short stature
D. Hypopituitarism

Noradrenaline is differentiated from adrenaline by increasing___________?

A. Cardiac output
B. Heart rate
C. Peripheral resistance
D. All of the above

Following are local hormones except___________?

A. Insulin
B. Bradykinin
C. Heparin
D. Acetylcholine

Oxytocin causes all accept_______________?

A. Lactogenesis
B. Contraction of uterine muscle
C. Milk ejection
D. Myoepithelial cell contraction

Cortisol levels are maximum during____________?

A. Evening
B. Early morning
C. Sleep
D. Have no change

IN the adrenal gland, androgens are produced by the cells in the____________?

A. Zona fasciculata
B. Zona reticularis
C. Zona glomerulosa
D. Medulla

FSH is secreted by_____________?

A. Acidophiles
B. Basophils
C. Chromophobes
D. Theca intern cells

Reverse T3 is__________________?

A. Reverse of T3
B. Isomerisation product of T3 and active
C. Isomerisation product of T3 and inactive
D. Synthetic derivative

Menopausal hormonal relations are______________?

A. Estrogens and gonadotropins decrease
B. Gonadotropins increase , estrogens decrease
C. Lh/FSH increase
D. Both increase

Not true about T3 and T4 is______________?

A. Absorption of T4 is more than T3
B. T4 binds to prealbumin
C. T3 more potent than T4
D. Concentration of T4 is more than T3

Ovulation is associated with sudden rise in______________?

A. Testosterone
B. Prolactin
C. L.H
D. Oxytocin

There absorption of sodium chloride in kidneys is controlled by the hormones____________?

A. A.D.H. and vasopressin
B. Aldosterone
C. Adrenaline
D. All of the above

The following hormones increase the blood glucose level except_____________?

A. Growth Hormone
B. Parathormone
C. Thyroxine
D. Epinephrine

Glucocorticoids decrease inflammatory reaction by reducing_______________?

A. Fibroblastic activity
B. Release of histamine
C. Activity of histamine
D. Neutrophils

The supraoptic nucleus of the hypothalamus is believed to control secretion of which of the following hormones ?

A. Antidiuretic hormone
B. Growth hormone
C. Oxytocin
D. Adreno corticotrophic hormone

Acromegaly is a disorder of____________?

A. Excess growth hormone secreting
B. Excess ACTH secretion
C. Excess thyroxine secretion
D. Excess FSH secretion

All the following hormones bind to cell surface receptors of the target tissues EXCEPT_____________?

A. Glucagon
B. Thyroid stimulating hormone
C. Estrogen
D. Epinephrine

Which of these following is not an effect of insulin ?

A. Increased transport of glucose into cells
B. Increased glycogenolysis
C. Decreased gluconeogenesis
D. Induction of lipoprotein lipase

The hormone having the maximum effect on granulation wound healing is____________?

A. Parathormone
B. Cortisone
C. Thyroxine
D. Epinephrine

Endocrine glands that are not influenced by the pituitary gland include the____________?

A. Adrenal cortex, parathyroids and ovaries
B. Adrenal medulla, parathyroids, and the islets of langerhans
C. Thyroid gland, testes , and adrenal medulla
D. Pancreas, adrenal medulla and thyroid gland

Glucagon is secreted by ____________?

A. Alpha cells of pancreas
B. Gamma cells of pancreas
C. Beta cells of pancreas
D. None of the above

The receptors for parathyroid hormone are present in______________?

A. Periosteum
B. Osteoclasts
C. Osteoblasts
D. Cartilage

Negative BMR is observed with______________?

A. Parathyroid
B. Thyroid disturbance
C. Pituitary disturbance
D. All of the above

Glucocorticoids have all the following actions except_______________?

A. Increase in protein catabolism
B. Increase in blood glucose level
C. Anti – insulin action in peripheral tissues
D. Decrease in glucose uptake by the heart

Excess of cortisol causes______________?

A. Acromegaly
B. Cushing ‘s syndrome
C. Conn’s syndrome
D. Diabetes insipidus

A diet deficient in calcium will result in_____________?

A. Increased ability to cross – link fibrin
B. Stimulation of the thyroid gland
C. Production of Calcitonin and a low blood calcium level
D. Production of parathyroid hormone and bone resorption

Adrenal gland has two parts; cortex and medulla. Which of the following is correct______________?

A. Cortex is under the control of ACTH
B. Cortex is exocrine and medulla is endocrine
C. Both cortex and medulla are under the control of autonomic nervous system
D. All of the above

Enzymes, which play an important role in calcification are______________?

A. Alkaline phosphatase and catalase
B. Enolase and Calcitonin
C. Alkaline phosphatase and pyrophophatase
D. Pyrophosphatase and carbonic anhydrase

Endocrine disorder is the primary cause of______________?

A. Acromegaly
B. Paget’s disease
C. Albright’s syndrome
D. Fibrous dysplasia

Low calcium level will cause_____________?

A. Weak heart action
B. Hyper excitability of wrist muscle
C. Tetanus
D. All of the above

Which of the following anterior pituitary hormones is primarily under inhibitory control of hypothalamus ?

C. Somatostatin
D. Prolactin

Which of the following hormones exerts the least effect on calcium metabolism of bone tissue ?

A. Estrogen
B. Anderogen
C. Nor epinephrine
D. Thyroid hormone

Which of the following hormones does not affect growth ?

A. Oxytocin
B. Thyroid hormone
C. Somatotropins
D. Estrogen

Calcitonin is released by ___________________?

A. Parafollicular cells of thyroid
B. Granular cells of adrenal gland
C. Chief cells of thyroid
D. Stratum fasciculata of adrenal gland

Function of ADH is________________?

A. Water reabsorption
B. Na+ absorption
C. Water excretion
D. K+ secretion

Which hormone , together with the catecholamines enhances the tone of vascular smooth muscle and assists in elevating blood pressure ?

A. Glucagon
B. Parathyroid hormone
C. Thyroxine
D. Cortisol

A child with stunted growth with a stuffed – belly, and short stature with mental retardation is suffering from the deficiency of which of the following______________?

A. Thyroxine
B. Rickets
C. Growth hormone
D. Parathyroid

Deficiency of cortisol causes_______________?

A. Graves’ disease
B. Cushing syndrome
C. Addison disease
D. Acromegaly

Due fear which of the following hormones increases rapidly _______________?

A. Corticosteroid
B. Epinephrine
C. Growth hormones
D. Thyroid hormone

Which hormone is released when serum calcium decreases ?

A. Parathormone
B. Thyroxine
C. Calcitonin
D. Adrenaline

In children, hypothyroidism causes_____________?

A. Gigantism
B. Cretinism
C. Acromegaly
D. Myxodedema

In conn’s disease, there is an excess of______________?

A. Cortisol
B. Aldosterone
C. Adrenaline
D. Noradrenaline

New Medical MCQs – Updated Endocrinology ( Physiology ) MCQs