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New Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) MCQs – Latest Medical MCQs

New Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) MCQs – Latest Medical MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Medical MCQs

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Latest Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) in past papers. Past papers of Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs. Past papers of Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs. The Important series of Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs are given below:

Confirmatory test for HIV infection is a_______________?

A. Immunodot
D. Western Blot

Bacteriophage was discovered by_________________?

A. Menkin
B. Twort and d’herelle
C. Robert koch
D. Metchinkoff

Australia antigen is associated with________________?

A. Hepatitis B surface antigen in acute hepatitis
B. Chronic leukemia
D. Basal cell carcinoma

Antibody to HSV will begin to appear_____________________?

A. in a week and reach a peak in 3 weeks
B. no antibodies are present in primary HSV
C. only after one year
D. antibodies are present in recurrent and chronic apthous stomatitis

Half-life of free HIV in plasma is________________?

A. 12 hours
B. 6 hours
C. 24 hours
D. 3 months

The culture media used for cultivation of HSV is_____________?

A. Robertoson’s cooked-meat broth
B. Chocolate agar
C. Chorio allantoic membrane
D. Sabourad’s agar

All of the following infections may be transmitted be dental instruments except____________?

A. Hepatitis C
C. Hepatitis B
D. Hepatitis E

HIV is transmitted by all of the following routes except________________?

A. Saliva
B. Blood transmission
C. Needle prick injury
D. Sexual intercourse

The mechanism by which most fungi caused disease is ________________?

A. lecithinase production
B. exotoxin production
C. hypersensitivity
D. Coagulase production

Fungus capable to forming fungal ball is ________________?

A. Mucor
B. Aspergillus
C. Penicillium
D. Rhizopus

The culture media for fungus is__________________?

A. NNN medium
B. Tellurite medium
C. Chocolate agar medium
D. Sabourauds medium

The medium of choice for culturing yeast from of dimorphic fungi is_________________?

A. Sabouraud’s
B. Brain – heart infusion
C. Sabouraud’s plus antibiotics
D. Any medium incubated at 35-37°C

Dematophytes are fungi infecting________________?

A. Systemic organs
B. Subcutaneous tissue
C. Nails, hair and skin
D. Superficial skin and deep tissue

Asexual spores of fungi are following except_________________?

A. Chlamydospores
B. Arthospores
C. Blastospores
D. Ascospores

Transmission of all of the following intestinal parasites takes place by the feco-oral route except______________?

A. Ascaris lumbriocoides
B. Giardia lambia
C. Strongyloides
D. Entamoeba

Investigation of choice for invasive amoebiasis is________________?

A. Counter immune electroporesis
C. Indirect hemagglutination
D. Microscopy

Black water fever is caused by______________?

A. Leishmania donovani
B. Plasmodium falciparum
C. Plasmodium vivax
D. Microfilaria

Causative organism of Kalahazar is_______________?

A. Entamoeba histolytica
B. Leishman donovani
C. Plasmodium ovaie
D. Toxoplasma

All the following amoeba live in the large intestine except_________________?

A. nana
B. coli
A. gingivalis
B. histolytica

All are true about Entamoeba histolytica except________________?

A. Cysts are 8 nucleated
B. Trophozoites colonise in the colon
C. Cysts are 4 nucleated
D. The chromatid bodies are stained by iodides

All are seen in a cysts of E. histolytica except_____________?

A. Chromatid bars
B. Glycogen mass
C. Eccentric nucleus
D. Refractile nucleus

Sporozoites of plasmodium falciparum are shaped_______________?

A. Comma
B. Dot
C. Banana
D. Sickle

True about Toxaplasma gondi is, it is carried by_______________?

A. cats
B. Rats
C. Dogs
D. Cow

Which worm is longest________________?

A. Hook worm
B. T. Saginata
C. T. Solium
D. A. Lumbricoides

Thread worm is______________?

A. Enterobius
B. Ascaris
C. Ancylostoma
D. Necator

Highest incidence of anemia in the tropics is due to______________?

A. Hook worm
B. Ascaris
C. Thread worm
D. Guinea worm

Medusa lock appearance in X ray is seen in______________?

A. Ascariasis
B. Hood worm
C. Tapeworm
D. Ascariasis and tapeworm

Culture media of candida is_________________?

A. Pingolevin
B. Saboraud’s medium
C. Methylene blue dextrose agar
D. All of the above

The following is not true of Candida albicans______________?

A. Forms Chlamydospores
B. Yeast like fungus
C. Blastomeres seen in isolates
D. Seen in immunocompromised and causes meningitis in them

Opportunistic infection is caused by___________________?

A. Mucor
B. Penicillium
C. Aspergillus
D. All of the above

The inflammatory type of tinea capitis with superadded secondary bacterial infection leading to a painful, circumscribed, boggy, and indurated lesion, is called_____________?

A. Kerison
B. Pilomatrixoma
C. Alopecia areata
D. Tenia incognito

Reynolds Braude phenomenon is shown by ___________________?

A. Candida albicans
B. Cryptococcus
C. Mucor
D. Aspergillus

Candidal hyphae can be stained using_______________?

A. Masson Trichrome stain
B. Periodic acid schiff stain
C. Van Gieson’s stain
D. Toluidine blue stain

Following are the characteristics of Cryptococcus neoformans EXCEPT________________?

A. Noncapsulated fungus infecting man
B. Melanin production related to virulence
C. Causes meningitis
D. Basidiomycetes yeast

Normal ratio of CD4 (T4) : CD8 (T8) is_________________?

A. 2:1
B. 3:1
C. 1:2
D. 1:3

Lesions caused by Entameoba histolytica predominantly involve________________?

A. Caecum and large intestine
B. Stomach
C. Duodenum
D. Jejunum and Ileum

Which of the following parasite causes autoinfection_________________?

A. Isopora belli
B. Giardia lambella
C. Balantidium coli
D. Taenia solium

Bacteriology Mcqs ( Microbiology )

Probiotic organism used_________________?

A. Staphylococcus
B. Bifido bacteria
C. E coli
D. Salmonella

Sleeping sickness is caused by_______________?

A. Sand fly
B. House fly
C. Tick
D. Reduvid bug

Injection abscesses due to use of contaminated vaccines occurs in infections caused by_______________?

A. M. ulcerans
B. M. Kansasii
C. M. chelonae
D. M. smegmatis

Donovanosis, true is___________________?

A. Caused by Calymmatobacterium granulomatis
B. Penicillin is drug of choice
C. Lymphadenopathy is remarkable & diagnostic
D. Characterized by painful genital ulcers

CD4 count in normal healthy adult is_______________?

A. 200
B. 500
C. 1000
D. 300

A cerebrospinal fluid of a 2 years old child has been sent to the laboratory to detect the presence of capsulated yeast. The staining technique most commonly employed for the purpose is______________?

A. India ink preparation
B. Ziehl-Neelsen stain
C. Methanamine silver stain
D. Pyte-ferraco stain

Most fungi of medical importance belongs to__________________?

A. Ascomycetes
B. Zygomycetes
C. Basidiomycetes
D. Deuteromycetes

A mother donated a kidney to her daughter having chronic renal failure, which kind of graft it represents________________?

A. Allo
B. Xeno
D. Auto

Which of the following is most potent antigen for stimulating both humoral and cell mediated immunity ?

A. Polysaccharides
B. Proteins
C. Adjuvant
D. Lipids

In falciparum malaria, causes of anemia are due to all except__________________?

A. Spleen sequestration
B. Malabsorption
C. Hemolysis
D. Bone marrow depression

Which of the following is not transmitted by lice ?

A. Relapsing fever
B. Trench fever
C. Q fever
D. Epidemic typhus

Which stage of plasmodium vivax is infective to mosquito______________?

A. Merozoite
B. Gametocyte
C. Sporozoite
D. Zygote

Schuffner’s dots are seen in infection due to_______________?

A. Plasmodium malariae
B. Plasmodium vivax
C. Plasmodium falciparum
D. Plasmodium ovale

Man is the only reservoir for_______________?

A. Camphylobacter jejuni
B. Salmonella
A. histolytica
C. Y. enterocolitica

A 30 years old patient developed high fever of sudden onset. Peripheral blood smear showed cresent shaped gametocytes. Malaria pigment was dark brown in colour Which of the following malarial parasites is the causative agent ?

A. Plasmodium malaria
B. Plasmodium vivax
C. Plasmodium falciparum
D. Plasmodium ovale

Commonest site of extra intestinal amoebiasis is___________________?

A. Spleen
B. Liver
C. Brain
D. Lungs

Delhi boil refer to_______________?

A. Malignant pustule
B. Solar Keratosis
C. L. Tropica sore
D. Venereal ulcer

Madura mycosis produces______________?

A. Red granules
B. White to yellow granules
C. Brown to black granules
D. No granules

Sclerotic bodies measuring 3-5m in size, multi-septate, chestnut, brown color is characteristic of________________?

A. Rhinosporodiosis
B. Histoplasmosis
C. Phaeohypomycosis
D. Chromoblastomycosis

Methods for the diagnosis of superficial fungal infection________________?

A. KOH staining
B. Microscopic examination of skin scrapings
C. Wood light examination
D. All of the above

The following statement is true regarding fungal infection__________________?

A. Dermatophyte infection are exclusively man to animal
B. albicans is not pathogenic to lab animals
C. Rhinosporidium causes deep infection in man
D. Candida infection is usually endogenous

Common name for Trichuris trichura________________?

A. Tape worm
B. Whip worm
C. Round worm
D. Seat woman

Rapid evaluation of fungal hyphae/spores can be achieved with_______________?

A. Grocott Gomori Methenamine silver
B. Peri-iodic Acid Schiff
C. KOH wet mount
D. Hematoxylin and Eosin

Leishmania is cultured in ________________ media?

A. Tellurite
C. Chocolate agar
D. Sabourauds

Which is false about Wucheraria bancrofti_________________?

A. Body is slender and long
B. Causes filariasis
C. Terminal nuclei absent
D. Man and anapheles mosquito are hosts

Kolmer test is a screening test done for_________________?

A. Syphilis
B. Gonorrhea
C. Tuberculosis
D. Lymphoma

Cysticercosis celluosae is caused by_____________?

A. T. Solium
B. T. Saginata
C. Echinococcus granulosus
D. nana

Malaria pigment is________________?

A. Haemoglobin
B. Bilurubin
C. Iron
D. Haematin-globin pigment

In transmission of malaria, mosquito bite transfers_______________?

A. Sporozoite
B. Hypnozoite
C. Merozoite
D. Gametocyte

Amoebic liver abscess can be diagnosed by demonstratig________________?

A. Cysts in the intestine
B. Trophozoites in the pus
C. Cysts in the sterile pus
D. Trophozoites in the feces

parasitic inflammation would show predominantly____________________?

A. Neutrophilis
B. Lymphocytes
C. Eosinophils
D. Basophils

Megaloblastic anaemia is caused by_________________?

A. Hookworm
B. Dog tapeworm
C. Fish tapeworm
D. Threadworm

L.D bodies are seen in_______________?

A. Kalahazar
B. Malaria
C. Toxoplasmosis
D. Sleeping sickness

Hydatid cyst is__________________?

A. Parasitic in nature
B. Congenital
C. Fungal
D. Viral

Candida albicans causes all of the following except______________?

A. Meningitis
B. Mycetoma
C. Endocarditis
D. Oral thrush

Candida is most often implicated in causation___________________?

A. Tenea capitis
B. Conjunctivitis
C. Desert rheumatism
D. Thrush

Pseudohphae are seen in____________?

A. Aspergillus
B. Alternaria
C. Osporium
D. Candida albicans

A sporangium contains_______________?

A. Chlamydospores
B. porangiospores
C. Spherules
D. Oidia

Aflatoxins are produced by________________?

A. Aspergillus fumigatus
B. Aspergillus niger
C. Aspergillus flavus
D. All of the above

Germ tubes are formed mainly by_______________?

A. Candida albicans
B. Candida tropicalis
C. Candida stellatoidea
D. Candida pseudotropicalls

Fungal infection of human beings is called as_____________?

A. Fungosis
B. Mycosis
C. Mucorsis
D. Micromia

Which of the following is true about amoebic liver disease ?

A. Portal system is the main filtration system
B. Left lobe of liver is commonly involved
C. Trophozoites can be visualized in the pus
D. Non-suppurative form is the serious form of extra intestinal amoebiasis

New Mycology And Parasitology ( Microbiology ) MCQs – Latest Medical MCQs