Pak Israel Rivalry

May 14, 1948 was a black day in human history pages when Israel (illegal offspring) of America announced its formation under the umbrellas of UNO. The tensions broken out in the 20th century between Palestinian Jews and Arabs, gone through several stages, and touch its uttermost point, afterward which became cause to erupt the civil war in 1947. The event occurred in 1948 resulted to long term hostilities. The Palestinian Muslims were forced into oppression and every next day they faced the narrowness of their own land through Zionist hands. Since the inception of Israel, it has fought eight recognized wars, two Palestinian Intifadas, plus series of armed widespread Arab Israeli conflicts. The Brutal and Barbaric attitude of Israel and their right wing allies compelled Muslim World to turn against Israeli lobby. As West particularly America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Switzerland and most of the European Countries refused to recognize the Palestine as an independent state. Following this stiffness between West and East, some of the Muslim Countries Especially Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Indonesia and other Arab countries took big opposition stance against this brutal occupation inside Muslim Countries.

From the first day of Israel declaration, leaders of Israel believed that we should developed diplomatic relations with Pakistan. They were assuming the thought that Pakistan would work as a bridge between Muslim World and us. Subsequent, this myth Pioneer Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Groin sent telegram to Muhammad Ali Jinnah the Founder of Pakistan but Jinnah presented no particular response and Pakistan passport marked with a historical and a land mark-line “This passport is valid for all countries in the world except Israel”.

During Israel War of Independence, diplomatic mission of Israel in Washington received information that Pakistan is going to support Arab militarily, also included rumors that Pakistan would sent a battalion to fight alongside with Arab against Israel. Moreover, Pakistan bought Two Lakhs and Fifty Thousands (250,000) rifles Czechoslovakia that apparently doomed for Arabs. This was also become famous; Pakistan bought three war aircrafts from Italy to support Egyptians. Furthermore Pak Air Force participated heartedly in 1967 [Six (6) Days War] and Yom Kippur War transpired in 1973.  A Pakistani Brave fighter pilot Saif-Ul-Azam shot down at least four (4) Israeli aircrafts and acquired high degree appreciations from Arabs.

In 1980’s it was perceived that Israel had planned to attack bomb capacity in Kahuta, Pakistan as individually or with the support of India. According to Asian Age Journalist Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark stated in their book, Deception Pakistan and The US Global Weapons Conspiracy, “The Israeli Air Force was to launch an air attack on Kahuta in the mid of 1980’s from Jamnagar airfield Gujarat, India. But plan was unsuccessful and failed by ISI tigers. Furthermore, Mossad and ISI agents are facing clashes throughout the world for better interest of their countries. Now-a-days India has been emerged the largest arms market for Israeli arms. During recent Pak-India pressures Indian Press openly trumpeted the fact that the Indian Air Force used the Israeli made Rafael spice 2000 smart bombs inside Pakistan against the Jaish-e -Muhammad (JeM). The outlandish thing was occurred when Zafar Hilali a Pakistani defense analyst shared the information that the second captured pilot belongs to Israel Nationality. The Intelligence reports were also showing the consequence, Israel was master mind regarding such plan to backing India to do a heavy attack on Rajhistan side on Pakistan. Luckily our heroes made them totally botched. Now to end the coalition of India and Israel some friend countries and individuals in Pakistan tried their best to agree the Government to build relationship with Israel. But it is very fortunate; Imran Khan refused these sympathetic suggestions simply by saying “My heart don’t want to recognize Israel against Palestinians.”

Although the Governments of the two (2) States don’t have any diplomatic official relations with each other, but some sources said that there have been number of contacts among two states besides multiple reports contains authentic information belonging to many Pakistani top personalities and figures whom have visited Israel recently. Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharaf had openly said in favour for Pak-Israel diplomatic relations. Pervaiz Musharaf was the first Pakistani Muslim to be interviewed by the Haaretz writer Dana Harman in London. Moreover it is very unfortunate after the recent tensions with India; Arab Nations are consecutively pressurizing Pakistan Government to take a proper step to develop diplomatic relations with Israel. So, this is crucial time for Pakistan not to discontinuity the article 40 Of the Constitution, which bounds the state Machinery not to be the part of any union which having anti-Muslim interests.

The recognition of Israel will be powered some another block against Palestinians even against Iran. If our leaders make such an historical mistake, it will also affect the Pakistan stance on Kashmir issue too. The most important thing is that the restoration of diplomatic relations resulted into strengthen of Israel. Nearby future Israel might be face an International Isolation; even IAJN is active against Israel. Therefore, if Pakistan recognizes, it would favour Israel at big extent to come out from the stage of Isolation. It is quite clear like a broad day light, Pakistani nation will not let it to happen at any cost.

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