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Pak Study MCQs – Solved MCQs for Exams

Pak Study MCQs – Solved MCQs for Exams

Who was the first President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan

a) Quaid-e-Azam

b) Liaquat Ali Khan

c) Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

d) Moulvi Tameez-ud-din

After how many years Pakistan got its first Constitution?

a) 5 years

b) 7 years

c) 9 years

d) 11 years

When the Constituent Assembly passed the Objective Resolution?

a) 15th February 1953

b) 12th March 1949

c) 9th June 1949

d) 15th August 1949

When Mohammad Ali Bogra presented Bogra formula in the Assembly?

a) January 1953

b) April 1953

c) September 1953

d) October 1953

Who was Mohammad Ali Bogra?

a) Foreign Minister

b) Prime Minister

c) Law Minister

d) Parliament Minister

What is the other name of Mohammad Ali Bogra formula?

a) Pakistan Report

b) New Law of Pakistan

c) Constitutional Report

d) Third Report

When first Constitution of Pakistan enforced?

a) 8th June 1956

b) 23rd March 1956

c) 14th August 1956

d) 25th December 1956

What age was prescribed for President in 1956 Constituent?

a) 40 years

b) 45 years

c) 50 years

d) 60 years

What was the official Language declared in 1956 Constituent?

a) Hindi

b) Urdu

c) Benagli

d) Both b & c

Who abrogated 1956 Constituent?

a) Tikka Khan

b) Ayub Khan

c) Yahya Khan

d) Iskander Mirza

When the first Constituent was abrogated and Martial Law was proclaimed?

a) May 1958

d) July 1958

c) October 1958

d) November 1958

When Ayub Khan enforced new Constituent in Pakistan?

a) 9th February 1962

b) 12th February 1962

c) 15th March 1962

d) 8th June 1962

Which kind of system of Government was introduced by the 1962 Constituent?

a) Bicameral

b) Confederate

c) Presidential

d) Autonomous

When the Constituent of 1962 was abrogated?

a) 26th March 1969

b) 30th March 1969

c) 3rd April 1969

d) 15th April 1969

Who abrogated 1962 Constituent and became CMLA?

a) Gen. Ahsan Khan

b) Gen. Ayub Khan

C) Gen. Tikka Khan

d) Gen. Yahya Khan

When Mr. Z.A Bhutto launched a new Constitution in the Country?

a) 10th August 1973

b) 14th August 1973

c) 18th August 1973

d) 22nd August 1973

Which kind of system of Government was introduced in 1973 Constituent?

a) Presidential

b) Autonomous

c) Basic Democracy

d) Parliamentary

Who elects the President according to 1973 Constituent?

a) Senate

b) Provincial Assemblies

c) National Assembly

d) All of them

According to 1973 Constituent who elects Prime Minister?

a) National Assembly

b) Senate

c) President

d) Provincial Assemblies

In which Constituent Bicameral Legislature was provided for the first time?

a) 1949

b) 1956

c) 1962

d) 1973

In Constituent 1973 what number of seats in Senate was set?

a) 150 seats

b) 110 seats

c) 100 seats

d) 120 seats

According to 1973 Constituent what is the term of the office of President?

a) 6 years

b) 4 years

c) 5 years

d) 3 years

How many articles were there in the Constituent of 1956?

a) 300 Articles

b) 259 Articles

c) 254 Articles

d) 234 Articles

How many articles were there in 1962 Constituent?

a) 225 Articles

b) 290 Articles

c) 250 Articles

d) 300 Articles

How many articles were there in 1973 Constituent?

a) 220 Articles

b) 240 Articles

c) 260 Articles

d) 280 Articles

In Constituent 1973 who were declared none Muslims?

a) Hindus

b) Christians

c) Jews

d) Qadiyanis

When did Fatima Jinnah joined All India Muslim League?

a) 1927

b) 1939

c) 1949

d) 1947

Where is the biggest salt mine located in Pakistan?

a) Mangora

b) Swat

c) Jhelum

d) None of these

The longest river in Pakistan is ——?

a) River Ravi

b) River Chanab

c) River Sindh

d) River Jehlum

Which is the national flower of Pakistan?

a) Lily

b) Tulip

c) Rose

d) Jasmine

Which is the national bird of Pakistan?

a) Markhor

b) Piggon

c) Parrot

d) Chakor

Who is the national animal of Pakistan?

a) Markhor

b) Elephant

c) Rabbit

d) Zebra