Pakistan Blemish Education System

Providentially, in the whole Universe ALLAH ALMIGHTY made all the possible arrangements of education and upbringing for human beings. Unfortunately we are searching out materialistic benefits in education. Thereby, the education having no ultimate objective in today’s life. The actual goal to get education is to approach the objective of our creation. The foremost duties of the prophets were the education and upbringing of all segments of the society. Unluckily, we have separated the religion and the mortal world, that’s why; we are humiliating and facing the bad consequences. University education is using for earthly affairs and the seminaries for religious; this is quiet wrong concept, which has been emerged by decades in Pakistan. Because of religious and earthly separation, both are out of reach. How could we realize that the education is religious or earthly?

Therefore, the goal of getting education is the sole scale which determines whether it is worldly or religiously. If someone learns from seminary as means of earthly benefits, economic reason, then this is worldly education. On other hands, if someone gets education from University and his/her aim to attain the willingness of ALLAH and prosperity of nation then this belongs to religious education. As the goal related to the happiness and will of ALLAH. Those having aim to get education for the purpose of job only then it is the big scoff of education.

Education or knowledge is glimmer due to which one can observe the path in the darkness and provide a way to reach the destination. There is a dire need of upbringing or breeding. This is the reason; Prophets utilized more time and attention on Education and upbringing than anything else. That’s why the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) devoted 1st Ten Years of his Prophethood to education and upbringing of every Muslim either male or female in Mecca.

Its universal truth that job and fulfillment of economic necessities are basic needs but our objective to get education should not only limit to such needs. Now-a-days dilemma is that, we study the religion to attain materialistic benefits. But it has already been revealed like a broad day light, “Materialistic person never gets his/her objectives”.

Unfortunately, the education system existing in Pakistan is like second hand education System. The syllabus and contents of Pakistan’s education system are specifically organized and designed by western extremist educationist. They have intention to implement educational status quo in Pakistan. The subjects and courses studying in Pakistan are not the actual contents belonging to west culture. If someone says, our education system is of western type; if it is, why most of the Pakistanis are not inventors? Why we are not capable to bring the revolution in physics, chemistry, biology, information technology etc. Many decades have been gone but our generation still revolving around the same Newton third law of motion etc. There is no enough contribution in the multiple fields of education by us. 

In such context Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal stated his one of the verses, “It is a poison not the knowledge for liberated people just to award them with breads”. Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal narrated that the education through which one can only acquire his/her economic needs are just like a poison for liberated people.

In current scenario, the education system in which our kids and young generation are studying, they can only be salesman, investors or etc. The current education system cannot be helpful to convert students as productive or inventive part of our society.

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal stated, “The education system of west is nothing more than a conspiracy against our religion and obliging. In simple words, Dr. ALLAMA Muhammad Iqbal tried to share his thoughts regarding education system, which has been developed by west as big conspiracy against Muslim world, so just ignore it. He also pointed out the flaws of the present education system as, “The current education system is just like Angel Izrael for Muslim Ummah who has taken off your soul and converted to the economic tension. He portrayed the message that never gets an education for job. ”

The actual problem is that we have education system without having policies. Therefore, we should know the philosophy of any discipline of education; afterwards we should design a map or plan to develop such genres of education in Pakistan.

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal beautifully said in his verse to provide a solution or idea that I did not only acquire education from the west but also deeply examined and observed the western education system. Aftermath he had reached the conclusion that the western education system never impressed me at all. He further suggested if you want to reach the higher ranks then visit Madina and Najaf. He also said that the dust (Khak) of Madina and Najaf is the kohl of my eyes.

By all discussion mentioned above, if we want to attain ultimate success through education then you have to follow the teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) whom tomb is located in Madina (KSA) and also go towards Hazrat Ali (R.A) whose tomb situated in Najaf (Iraq). A renowned Hadith of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) which stated that I am the city of Knowledge and Hazrat Ali (R.A) is the door of that City.

Therefore Pakistan government should devise those disciplines through which our upcoming generations become Inventors, discoverers, researchers and leaders but not having labours. The selection of teachers should be based on merit. The nepotism and bribery should be discouraged from the society. The Government must allocate sufficient budget for urgent reforms as prescribed by Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal under the teaching of Quran and Sunnah. There is dire need to design or create such disciplines which should be helpful to avoid cheating from the society at any cost. Pakistan Government should provide opportunities, equipment, environment and everything to youngsters/talented students for Higher Education and Research Activities. In this regard we should follow the Islamic teachings as Islam is a complete code of life. Moreover, it’s not only the religion of Haiz and Naifaz rule description. Unfortunately our education experts are much more impressed by Karl Marx, Stallin, Linen, Newton, and Shakespeare etc. instead of Islamic Personalities, Saints and the Holy Quran which is very unfortunate.

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