Sound international relations and Successful diplomatic ties are greatly influenced by strong, stable and smooth foreign policy. History pages have raised the actuality that foreign policy is a maturity scale for any country to deal with the rest of the world for the better interest of the state. According to the philosophy of the foreign policy there is neither any a permanent friend nor any a permanent foe ,only the thing which is permanent is the national interest where ever it lies , the state foreign policy makers must follow the mission.

In the case of Pakistan this Philosophical statement is facing contradictions, because despite,  the fact that there is no myth of permanent friendship and Hostility in developing International diplomatic ties while designing the national foreign policy, yet now, unfortunately we have almost Permanent friends and Permanent foes but don’t have Permanent National interest at any cost. It is very unfortunate that we have a fixed rigid Foreign Policy since the inception of Pakistan. Modern Foreign Policy makers believe on the Flexibility of the policy for their larger interests on world level. They are discovering new ways to connect great number of the countries to strengthen their countries in every regard. America, United Kingdom, China and Russia etc. are the clear examples. The stability and rigidity of foreign policy has strongly disturbed our national interest. Our Policy for our neighboring countries is out of getting.

Since the foundation of Pakistan we have rifts with India and Afghanistan. In case of India let we can say no big matter as India is our eternal enemy but why Afghanistan turned into our hostility? Why Afghanistan with which we have certain similarities in different regards like religion, culture etc. called Pakistan as their National enemy? Why Afghanistan a Muslim State has a soft corner for India? Why Afghanistan is ready to use their soil against Pakistan? Why they are supporting anti Pakistan movements like PTM in Pakistan? Why they are planning to take revenge from Pakistan? Why they are cursing on some Pakistani religious clerics for giving Paradise certificates for committing suicide attacks inside Afghanistan?  These Questions should be answered by the wrong Policy Makers of General Zia and General Musharraf regimes who indulge Pakistan in endless Afghan war. It is true that Afghanistan is also involved and used against Pakistan and is equally responsible in creating distance, so they should also review their foreign policy regarding it is in interest of both countries.

 Iran is a second neighbor in our west. It was Iran who firstly recognized Pakistan as an independent Muslim State. During nine (9) decades we were having brotherly relations and both countries helped each other in cumbersome situations but why now from several years we are losing trust on one another? Why Iran is tilting towards India? Why India is investing $85 billion in Chah Bahar?  Why India is fulfilling half of its Petroleum needs from Iran? Why Iran is claiming Pakistan for the terrorist activities inside Iran?  Why Iran was ignored in CPEC? Why Signed gas etc. projects were cancelled with Iran? Why Pakistan is claiming Iran support with Indian Raw agents etc.

These are all those questions which itself the reason of distance between Pakistan and Iran. These questions should be answered by our foreign policy makers from 1990 till now and Iran should also review its policy regarding Pakistan otherwise India, America and Israel would take the benefit of it.  Our third neighbor is our permanent friend China. Our friendship example is given all over the world but Why China did not support Pakistan practically on the ground this time against India? Like other countries China also preached the both states to start negotiation and not to fight. But in this context if we see the history in last seventy two (72) years it was the China who put itself on front line to threat and stop India from attack on Pakistan. China President’s one call was enough to end the rift between two rival countries.

But why China is behaving different this time? Is there anything wrong goes with China in CPEC deal? In addition to Bangladesh the Country which was belongs to us. Why Bangladesh was separated and since from its inception against Pakistan is another question mark on our Foreign Policy?

A food for thought is that our all neighbors and near Muslim Countries is allies of India and not having soft heart for Pakistan. This is a dilemma for our Foreign Policy. Moreover Our diplomatic relations with America is always on Do more Terms which heavily damaged Pakistan in several types of Casualties. Due to America we have loss 70000 lives and billions of dollars, even American hostility on every ground. This is very interesting thing that India does nothing for the elimination of terrorism instead promoted terrorism like always but America favors India in comparison to Pakistan. Moreover our Foreign Policy for Arabs especially KSA and UAE is always brotherly friendly and Islamic and up to some extent they are proving their selves our allies by giving certain aids packages which is quiet appreciable but entry of India in OIC in recent conference  held at Dubai and exit of Pakistan is quiet dramatic. One cannot believe that Arabs can do so with Pakistan but it’s the gift of our so called Foreign Policy. Fortunately nature gifted us with great geo strategic region. World economic gate famous as Gawadar is in our holy land, we have world top class intelligence agency which has no example in its expertise within less resources. Similarly Pakistan armed forces are popular for its training and best services etc. we have a Foreign Ministry, in the same way we have sound departments for all walks of life, but still we are not having a solid and stable Foreign Policy.

Such type of policy should be adopted which change the fortune of the country. We need policies which results India isolation in the region. Pakistan should resolve all the grievances with neighbor Muslim countries because it’s our actual strength. Pakistan Foreign Policy should be extended to approach all those countries where we can build better diplomatic relations. Pakistan foreign office should review its Foreign Policy pages and give some space for some better amendments which create more chances for engagement of better relations across different countries in different continents of the world. Exceptional Foreign Policy can make Pakistan Asian Tiger and we can be in better position to play in Worldly politics for the best future of Pakistan.

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