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As all of us knows that English has become an international language and the language of science and technology. So, it is essential for everyone to learn this language. You must be aware and well known about the parts of speech.

Without having the knowledge of parts of speech, one cannot be able to make a sentence. Parts of speech defines that how a word can be used in a sentence. There are total eight Parts of speech which are given below:

(1) Noun

(2)  Pronoun

(3)  Verb

(4)  Adverb

(5)  Adjective

(6)  Proposition

(7) Conjunctions

(8) Interjections

Now the detail of all these Parts of speech is given below.

(1) Noun

Noun is the name of a person, place, or a thing.

For example:- Person: Ali, Ahmad, Girl,

Place: Lahore, Multan, Islamabad,

Thing: Car, Book, Key, etc,

Example in Sentence:-

i) Ali is tired, He wants to sleep.

ii) I proposed her to dance with Saleem.

In the above sentences, underlined words are nouns.

(2) Pronoun

It is a word which can be used instead of noun or it can be a word which can be replaced by the noun.

General Example:- I, My, We, She, they, this, those, it, etc.

Example in sentence:-

i) Ali is a good boy.

ii) He goes to school daily.

iii) His abilities are up to the mark.

The underlined in the above mentioned sentences are pronoun.

(3) Verb

The word which shows an action is called verb.

General Example:- Pray, Place ,Sleep, Show , Run, Catch, etc

Example in sentences:-

i) He  goes to school daily.

ii) I like to play cricket.

iii) I love you.

The underlined in the above mentioned sentences are Verb.

(4) Adverb

The word which describes a verb, an adjective or adverb is called verb. It also modifies the Adverb  and Adjectives etc.

General Example:- Never, Slowly, Too, Very, etc.

Example in sentences:-

i) Yesterday, finished my work quickly.

ii) I am usually busy.

The underlined in the above mentioned sentences are Adverb.

(5) Adjectives

A word which enhances the quality of the noun or pronoun, Or describes it is called adjective.

General Example:- Little, young, great, a lot.

Example in sentence:-

i) Sara is a little Girl.

ii) Ali is a young man.

iii) They had great fun.

iv) I have a lot of toys.

The underline words are adjectives.

(6) Prepositions

A word which shows or represent the link of a noun/Pronoun with the other word is called Preposition.

General Example:- At, on, there, from, of, to, etc.

Example in sentence:-

i) The Book is on the table.

ii) She goes to school daily.

The underline words are Prepositions.

(7) Conjunctions

A word which join or combine two words, Phrases, clauses or ideas in a sentence is called conjunction.

General example:- If, but, and, so, or, etc.

Example in sentence:-

i) I tried to catch the train but the train was gone.

ii) He will have to work hard if he wants to be number one in the match.

iii) Ali is Ahmad’s brother and Sara is Ali’s wife.

The underline words are conjunctions.

(8) Interjections

A word which is used to express someone’s feelings or emotions is known as interjections.

General example:- Wow, ohh, alas,

Example in sentences:-

i) Wow! We have won the match.

ii) Ouch! A barb is pierced in my foot.

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