Photo of Kareena Kapoor ‘s second child goes viral on socialmedia

Photo of Kareena Kapoor’s second child goes viral on social media?

Photo of Kareena Kapoor's second child goes viral on social media?

Mumbai: A picture of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s second son is going viral on social media.

Bollywood couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor became parents for the second time on February 21 this year. This time too, a son was born to both of them. However, unlike the birth of their first son, Timur, the two did not show their son’s picture or name this time.

That is why the entire Indian media and Saif Kareena’s fans are anxious to know what Safina’s other son looks like and what his name is. However, a collage of photos was shared on Kareena Kapoor’s father Randhir Kapoor’s Instagram account yesterday, with a photo of Kareena’s eldest son Timur on one side

The child is wearing a light blue T-shirt and has light brown hair. Interestingly, Randhir Kapoor removed this photo immediately after sharing it on Instagram. According to Indian media, the two children have a lot in common and that is why the Indian media is calling him Timur’s younger brother.

Despite being deleted, the screenshot of the photo is circulating in the entire Indian media. However, neither Kareena Kapoor nor Saif Ali Khan has yet confirmed whether the photo is of their second son.

Photo of Kareena Kapoor’s second child goes viral on social media?

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Author: Haroon Malik

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