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Plant Breeding And Genetics MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Agriculture MCQs

Plant Breeding And Genetics MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Agriculture MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Agriculture MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Agriculture MCQs

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Latest Plant Breeding And Genetics Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Plant Breeding And Genetics Mcqs ( Agriculture ) in past papers. Past papers of Plant Breeding And Genetics Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. Past papers of Plant Breeding And Genetics Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Plant Breeding And Genetics Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. The Important series of Plant Breeding And Genetics Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs are given below:

Erucic acid is found is_____________________?

A. Til
B. Safflower
C. Soybean
D. Mustard

Neurotoxin is found in___________________?

A. Berseem
B. Pearl millet
C. Lucem
D. Sorghum

Nutritional quality breeding deals with genetic improvement in__________________?

A. Protein
B. Oil
C. Vitamin
D. All the above

In pulses, limiting amino acids include__________________?

A. Threamine
B. Lysine
C. Tryptophan
D. Methionine

In green vegetables, the limiting amino acids is__________________?

A. Methionine
B. Lysine
C. Arginine
D. Trytophan

Soybean contains___________________?

A. Goiterogens
B. Typsin inhibitor
C. Both A & B
D. Neither

Dominance hypothesis of heterosis was first proposed by__________________?

A. Davenport (1908)
B. Bruce (1910)
C. Shull (1914)
D. Davis (1927)

The term heterosis was coined by____________________?

A. Bruce (1910)
B. Hull (1945)
C. East (1908)
D. Shull (1914)

In allogamous species, a true breeding line obtained by continuous inbreeding is__________________?

A. Top cross
B. Hybrid
C. Poly cross
D. Inbred

Heterobeltiosis is estimated over the___________________?

A. Better parent
B. Standard parent
C. Mid parent
D. Popular variety

Haploid plants have been produced by another culture in tomato by_________________?

A. Greshof and Doy (1972)
B. Mehta and Upadhya (1960)
C. Tyagi and Prasad (1965)
D. Singh (1960)

Increased flower size has made tetraploidy important for___________________?

A. Agronomist
B. Plant breeder
C. Horticulturist
D. Pathologist

An individual lacking only one chromosome from the diploid set is referred as_________________?

A. Trisomic
B. Monosomic
C. Nullisomic
D. Tetrasomic

Blackeselee reported the first case of monoploid in__________________?

A. Datura
B. Brassica
C. Rye
D. Oat

A gene which exhibits higher mutation rate than others is referred as___________________?

A. Antimutalor gene
B. Mutator gene
C. Mutable gene
D. Hot spot

Mutation was first discovered by________________?

A. Morgan (1910)
B. deVries (1900)
C. Stadler (1928)
D. Wright (1791)

Maximum mutants varieties are evolved in_________________?

A. Rice
B. Barley
C. Wheat
D. Maize

Vertical resistance is also known as_________________?

A. Oligogenic
B. Race specific
C. Qualitative
D. All the above

In rice, brown plant hopper has no preference for___________________?

A. Low aspergine
B. Purple stigma
C. Red pericarp
D. All the above

Disease and insect resistance is governed by________________?

A. Polygenes
B. Plasma genes
C. Oligogenes
D. All the above

In barley, resistance to cereal leaf beetle is associated with_________________?

A. High silica content
B. Waxiness of leaves
C. High aspartic acid
D. High benzol alcohol

Drought resistance is associated with___________________?

A. Physiological factors
B. Biochemical factors
C. Morphological factors
D. all the above

Drought tolerance is associated with ____________________?

A. Small waxy and thick leaves
B. Deep root system
C. Sunken, small and less stomata
D. All of the above

Concept of ideotype___________________?

A. Good plant model
B. Model plant type
C. Ideal plant type
D. All the above

Concept of ideotype was coined by__________________?

A. Sorghum
B. Oat
C. Wheat
D. Rice

In forage, crops, ideal plant type consists of ______________________?

A. Tall, leafy, high leaf/stem ratio
B. Late resistance to disease
C. Dwarf stature
D. Dwarf, late green

Food Technology MCQs

Heat, cold and frost resistance ideotype have been developed in_____________________?

A. Pulses
B. Cereals
C. Millet
D. None of the above

The experimental design which controls fertility variation in two directions in known as_________________?


Gamatophytic system of self incompatibility was first discovered by____________________?

A. Bresbaker (1958)
B. Frankel (1977)
C. Hughes and Babceek
D. East and Mangelsdref (1925)

The value of regression and correlation is the same when the correlation between two variables is________________?

A. Positive
B. Perfect
C. Imperfect
D. Negative

Plant breeder right are operating in____________________?

A. 50 meters
B. Geneva
C. 200 meters
D. 3 meters

Citification is not required for_____________________?

A. Foundation seed
B. Breeder seed
C. Nucleus seed
D. Certified seed

In sunflower, production of foundation seed requires as isolation___________________?

A. 400 meters
B. 200 meters
C. 800 meters
D. 100 meters

Cuscuta is an object ional weed of_____________________?

A. Berseem
B. Cowpeas
C. Sorghum
D. Luceru

Parthenocarpy is the production of____________________?

A. Seed without fertilization
B. Fruit without pollination
C. fruit without fertilization
D. Only seed and no fruit

The smell in onion bulb is due to________________?

A. Much sugar
B. Bad odour of soil
C. Sulphur compounds
D. Freshy leaves

Fertilization in a flower occurs within the____________________?

A. Anther
B. Pollen tube
C. Style
D. Ovule

Dispersal of seeds by parachute mechanism is present in__________________?

A. Tomato
B. Onion
C. Cotton
D. Sorghum

In bisexual flowers when the gynoecium’s mature earlier than androecium’s it is called as _______________________?

A. Heterogamy
B. Autogamy
C. Protandy
D. Protogyny

A bisexual flower which never opens in its lifespan is called___________________?

A. Cleistogamous
B. Heterogamous
C. Dichogamous
D. Homogamous

Which one is C3 crop plant__________________?

A. Tomato
B. Gram
C. Onion
D. all the above

The food in onion is stored in_________________?

A. Stem
B. Root
C. leaves
D. Scale leaves

Edible part of orange is__________________?

A. Unicelled placenta hairs
B. Unexcelled endocarp hair
C. Multicelled endocarpic hair
D. Multicelled placental hairs

Rum is distilled from____________________?

A. Fermented fruit juice
B. Unmalted potatoes
C. Unmalted cereals
D. Unrefined products of sugarcane

A healthy plant not selling seed may be due to____________________?

A. Female sterility
B. Male sterility
C. Self incompatibility
D. All the above

Red flower pea plant is crossed with the white flowered pea plant, F1 is red; with flower color is ______________________?

A. Non-genetic
B. Recessive
C. Dominant
D. Unexpressive

Where would you look for active cell division in a plant _____________________?

A. Cortex cells
B. Pith cells
C. Internodes regions
D. Tips of stem & roots

Animal Husbandry MCQs

The parry of Cauliflower which is eaten is__________________?

A. Fruit
B. Flower
C. Bud
D. Inflorescence

Ribosome’s are the centers of_____________________?

A. Starch synthesis
B. Fat synthesis
C. Protein synthesis
D. Anaerobic respiration

Meiosis is significant because___________________?

A. Occurs only in somatic
B. Restores original number of chromosomes
C. Produces identical cells
D. Doubling of DNA content in the cell

How many times mitotic divisions must occur in a cell of the root tip to form 256 cels___________________?

A. 8
B. 64
C. 32
D. 120

When a cell with 40 chromosomes undergoes meiosis each of the four resulting cells has_____________________?

A. 40 chromosomes
B. 20 chromosomes
C. 10 chromosomes
D. 30 chromosomes

If diploid chromo me number in flowering plant is 8 then 4 chromosomes will be present in_________________?

A. Leaf cells
B. Endosperm cell
C. Cotyledonary cell
D. Synergids

Triticuin aestivuin is_________________?

A. Teuaplioid
B. Triploid
C. Hexaploid
D. Oetaploid

All organism or cell having a chromosome number that is not an exact multiple of the monoploid or basic number is known as___________________?

A. Autopolyploid
B. Allopolyploid
C. Aneuploid
D. Euploid

The geometrical device that helps in visnalizing all the possible combinations of male and female gametes known as____________________?

A. Morgan square
B. Punneu square
C. Mendel square
D. Bateson square

Year 1900 was significant for geneticists due to__________________?

A. Principles of linkage
B. Discovery of gene
C. heredity theory
D. Rediscovery of Mendel’s

Liposome’s originated from____________________?

A. Plastids
B. Mitochondria
C. Ribosomes
D. Leucoplasts

The cell theory was propounded by____________________?

A. Sarwin and Wallace
B. Scheiiden and Schwann
C. Watson and Crick
D. Morgan

Common and easily available source of energy does not contain RNA__________________?


Which one of the following does not contain both DNA and RNA__________________?

A. Fungus
B. Virus
C. Bacterium
D. Algae

A mutation is a change in_________________?

A. Chromosome number
D. Chromosome structure

RNA contains__________________?

A. Argenine
B. Thymine
C. Cystine
D. Uracil

Strands of DNA are bounded by___________________?

A. Carbon
B. Icygen
C. Hydrogen
D. Nitrogen

The name “Suicide bag” is given to___________________?

A. Centrosomes
B. Ribosomes
C. Microsomes
D. Lysosmes

The ATP formed in__________________?

A. Golgi bodies
B. Mitochondna
C. Chloroplast

Amount of DNA is the diploid cells____________________?

A. Constant for particular organism
B. Coustant for all organismes
C. Varies with the age
D. None of the above

Which are the necessary conditions for the hardy Weinberg principle for applying to genetic population________________?

A. Selective mating and small population
B. High mutation ratio and small population
C. Low mutation population
D. No migration and large population

Gene responsible for the synthesis of repressor is called__________________?

A. Structural gene
B. Operator gene
C. Regulator gene
D. Promotor gene

The small unit of DNA capable of undergoing crossing over and recommbination is________________?

A. Recon
B. Cistron
C. Muton
D. Complan

In a population gene frequencies remain constant when there is_________________?

A. Out breeding
B. Iubreeding
C. Random mating
D. Selective mating

DNA is genetic material was first discovered by____________________?

A. Crick (1953)
B. Attmann (1889)
C. Sressler (1968)
D. Avery et al (1944)

Ieucaena lencocephala is a popular tree for______________________?

A. Seasonal fruit
B. Beautification
C. Medicinal plant
D. Nutritive forage

Maximum vegetable crops belong to the family____________________?

A. Cruciferae
B. Solanaceae
C. Cucurbitaceae
D. Legumunaceae

The term vertical resistance and horizontal resistance were first used by________________________?

A. Van der plank (1963)
B. Hull (1945)
C. Karpechenko (1927)
D. Correns (1900)

A gene which enhances the natural mutations rate of another gene in the same genome is kanown as___________________?

A. Mutable gene
B. Recepror gene
C. Mutator gene
D. Articulator gene

Soil Science MCQs

Gametophytic self incompatibility was first reported in___________________?

A. Set aria sphacelata
B. Nicotine sandarac
C. Lena sativa
D. Scale cereals

Seed germination in typhoin walermelon can successfully be obtained by____________________?

A. Scarification
B. Seed cot removal
C. Seed risking
D. All the above

Prescribed germination percentage of foundation seed of groundnut____________________?

A. 70
B. 90
C. 20
D. 95

In oat an site-specific cross between Ivena sativa and A busantus_____________________?

A. Partially fertile
B. Incompatible
C. Sterile
D. Fully fertile

Reciprocal recurrent selection is effective with___________________?

A. Complete dominance
B. Incomplete
C. Over dominance
D. All the above

In case of incomplete dominance in the f2 generation_______________________?

A. Ratio of genotypes is 3:1
B. Ratio of phenotypes is 3:1
C. Phenotypic ratio corresponds to the genotypic ratio
D. None of the above

Who arrange the following associated with genetic engineering___________________?

A. Crick
B. Watson
C. Koruna
D. Morgan

Who gave the principle that man tends to multiply faster than food supply________________?

A. Mathis
B. Darwin
C. Mendel
D. Haldane

Epitasis implies_____________________?

A. One gene pair enhances phenotype expression of another gene pair
B. One gene pair independently controls a phenotype
C. One pair of gene can completely mask the expression of another gene pair
D. Many gene together control a parucular phenotype

After self pollination of red flowered plants out of 40 plants of progeny were white flowered. this indicates that the plants are__________________?

A. Homogenous
B. Heterozygous
C. Heterogeneous
D. Homozygous

haploids are better for mutation studies because in them all the mutations whether recessive or dominant are expressed as_______________?

A. There are two alleles of each gene in each cell
B. There are many alleles of each gene in each call
C. There is only one alleles of each gene present in each cell
D. None of the above

Red (RR) is crossed with white (ww). All the (Rw) offsprings are pink this is an indication that the R gene is_________________?

A. Mutant
B. Incomplete dominant
C. Recessive
D. Dominant

Hereditary variations in plants have been produced by the use of________________?

A. X-rays
C. Gibberrellic acid
D. Auxins

Which of the following had great influence on Drawing during during formulation of his theory of natural selection_________________?

A. Lamark’s idea on inheritance of acquired character’s
B. Mendes’s experiment on pea
C. Mathis’s essay on population
D. De Vries theory of mutation

The organic evolution look place about__________________?

A. 300,000,000 years
B. 200,000,000 ears
C. 100,000,000 years
D. Still occurring

In a monohybrid cross, 2 heterozygous individuals were crossed, phenotypic ratio came to be (2:1), it is due to__________________?

A. Dominant epistasis
B. Dominant lethal genes in homozygous individuals
C. Dominant lethal genes in heterozygous individuals
D. None of the above

If the haploid number of chromosomes in a plant is 12, then the number of chromosomes in monosmic is_________________?

A. 24
B. 12
C. 22
D. 23

Presence of slight differences in identical twins support the hypothesis that___________________?

A. Dominance may be incomplete
B. Single gene may produce multiple effects
C. The environment effects the expression of genetic character
D. Genetic trails are influence by many genes

Superiority of heterozygote in respect to one or more traits in comparison to corresponding homozygote is known as____________________?

A. Heterocyst
B. Hypostasis
C. Hetropyenosis
D. Epistastasis

Mutant allele that has little or no effect on the expression of a tart is known as_____________________?

A. Auxotroph
B. Atavism
C. Axoneme
D. Armor

A useful process for determining whether an individual is homozygous or heterozygous is_____________________?

A. Self fertilization
B. Back crossing
C. Cross breeding
D. Inbreeding

Episodes may be factor in____________________?

A. Dominance
B. Incomplete dominance
C. Cytoplasm inheritance
D. Chromosomal inheritance

Evolution may be described as___________________?

A. History of development of larger biological units
B. Discontinuous genetic variation
C. Inheritance of acquired characters
D. Cntinuous genetic variation

Organism arise from existing forms by genetic variations is called_________________?

A. Genetics
B. Genetics
C. Mutation
D. Hybridization

Plant Breeding And Genetics MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Agriculture MCQs