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PPSC Lecturer Past Papers PDF (Subject Wise Previous Papers)

PPSC Lecturer Past Papers PDF (Subject Wise Previous Papers)

PPSC Lecturer Past Papers in PDF Format & MCQs, Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Past papers for Lecturership, PPSC Lecturer MCQs PDF, Punjab Public Service Commission Previous Papers for Lecturers, Sindh Public Service Commission Lecturer Past Papers & MCQs for SPSC, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPPSC) Lecturer Past Papers & MCQs, Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) Lecturer Past Papers & MCQs, Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJKPSC) Lecturer Past Papers & MCQs. All of us are well known by PPSC Lecturer Jobs that the test of Subject Specialists Jobs Tests conducted by Public Service Commissions which consist of MCQs (100 Questions).

PPSC Lecturer Past Papers PDF (Subject Wise Previous Papers)

How to Apply Online for PPSC Lecturer Jobs 2020?

Selection Criteria for PPSC Lectureship (Lecturer)

A minimum of 2nd Division in Masters Degree / BS is required to apply for the post of Lecturer.
The candidate for the post of Lecturer through PPSC is tested in three ways and finally recommended on the basis of a combination of the three. The methods are as follows:-

1) There are a maximum of 40 academic marks and the details like e.g.,

Matric 05
FA / Fsc (Intermediate) 07
BA / Bsc (14 Year Education) 11
MA / Msc (16 Year Education) 17
BA / Bsc / BS – Hons 28
Mphil 02
PhD 03

In both cases there is a total of 40 marks. These marks are given to you based on the percentage you get. Candidates usually score between 30 and 36. There is a test of 100 marks which is later halved ie the marks obtained from 50 marks are counted instead of 100. For example if you have got 60 marks out of 100 in the test then out of your 50 marks. There will be 30 counts. The test consists of 100 MCQs (80 of the article and 20 of the General Knowledge etc.). One number is given for a correct answer while 0.25 marks are given for a wrong answer.

You are called for an interview based on your performance in the test. 5 times more candidates are called for interview than the number of seats in an article. Suppose if there are 80 seats in Physics then the above 400 = (80 × 5) candidates will be called for interview based on the test result. The final candidate’s mark will be this year’s closing merit.
The interview is numbered 100. It has a minimum of three and a maximum of four people, including a ppsc representative, two related subjects and a psychologist. Sometimes a psychologist does not.

Numerous vacancies have been announced through PPSC for lecturers of all subjects. Both men and women can apply here for any subject if they have 16 years of education in their subject. So if you want to pass the Master Level Subject wise Test which will be conducted by PPSC and aspire to be selected, then male and female candidates should start preparing from all the previous papers that we have sharing with you.

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  4. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Commerce (PDF)
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  7. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Physics (pdf)
  8. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Philosophy (pdf)
  9. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Physical Education (PDF)
  10. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Pakistan Studies (pdf)
  11. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Sociology (pdf)
  12. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Geography (pdf)
  13. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers English (pdf)
  14. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Education (pdf)
  15. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Statistics pdf
  16. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Economics (pdf)
  17. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Journalism (pdf)
  18. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Botany pdf
  19. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Punjabi (pdf)
  20. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Persian (pdf)
  21. PPSC Lecturer MCQs Chemistry
  22. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Physics (pdf)
  23. PPSC Lecturer Zoology MCQs
  24. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Urdu (pdf)
  25. PPSC Lecturer Past Papers Political Science (pdf)
  26. PPSC Lecturer English MCQs
  27. PPSC Lecturer Pakistan Studies MCqs
  28. PPSC Lecturer Previous Papers History MCQs
  29. PPSC Lecturer Previous Papers English MCQs Paper (pdf)
  30. PPSC Lecturer Previous Papers MCqs
  31. Lecturer Past Papers MCQs Paper by PPSC
  32. PPSC Islamiat Lecturer MCQs Paper

Question Asked at Final Interview of PPSC Lectureship (Lecturer) for Punjab Higher Education Department?

The PPSC representative would ask you personal questions. The first question would be Introduce Yourself in which you would have to state your name, area, education and educational institution etc. You should be able to talk about yourself for at least 2 minutes. He may ask another question from your introduction. The two people related to your subject would ask you at least three questions. The psychologist will ask you general knowledge or personal questions. You can also ask about the history of your district and famous objects or places. Interviews can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
A Candidate can claim for 10 marks if one of his parents was in the civil service and died during the service. These 10 numbers can be found by any one of the siblings.

Thus, Academic Marks 40 + Test Marks 50 + Interview Marks 100 + claimed Marks 10 would make a total of 200 marks out of which the candidate is selected on the basis of merit. There are usually four to five separate panel interviews a day. You can be assigned to any of these panels.
Higher education which has 2 marks of M.Phil and 3 marks of Ph.D but these are not given in every post. The post instruction would say whether these numbers will be given to you or not.

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PPSC Lecturer Past Papers PDF (Subject Wise Previous Papers)

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