Pride Hath A Fall

In every period America has been a blood cancer for the peace of world. Either Non-Muslim countries or Muslim countries both are remained major victims of the United States atrocities over and above barbarism across the world. Because of its international anti human policies now it becomes the lonely state which has worldwide foes.

According to American mind set, definition of terrorist and terrorist state, “the sentiments and expressions in the opposition of inhumane, immoral and unconstitutional act of America”. Americans strongly believes to be involved in national interests across the globe, no matter how much world pays any cost either in the shape of human lives, heavy Casualties, Quagmire situation and Demolishing infrastructure etc. The fact is that being a unilateral power Americans want to govern the world according to their own will.

This article is about to reveal some past deeds belongs to the most civilized and peace loving nation of the world. With the assistance of bitter, heart touching and barbaric incidents; America has been done some even before its inception.

History pages of world marked Americans “A Racialist Nation which has been proved by the arrival of white foam pirates in America as they killed the aborigines of America unobtrusive brutally. They set their villages on fire and also brutally occupied their Oil reservoirs, agricultural lands, playgrounds and cattle etc.

According to statistics report, the real inhabitants of America were more than ten (10) million in population at the arrival of Columbus in America. As a result of merciless Genocide planning, the real American population was lessened into 0.9 million while European Christians new population crossed 220 million in America. Undoubtedly, there is no such example of genocide exist in the world. Moreover, they were the Ancestors of Richard Holbrooke who had been done most inhumane massacre of Red Indian Farmers etc.

Who blasted his own Ship “MAINE” through his agents and alleged the blast on the inhabitants of occupied island of Haspania (Spain)? Who also started escalation after defeat and Americans occupied the Cuba and Philippines? Such cheap sophistry was done by the American Navel Secretary Theodore Roosevelet. Subsequently, pirate was elected as 26th American President. Later on he put his nose at large level in the internal affairs of Latin American States and looted their natural resources as well.

In 1915, again it was America, who had done the navel attack on the two poor states Haiti and Dominican Republic of Caribbean Sea. In August 1953, America had sent FBI and CIA agents Kermit Norman Schwarzkopf velt with Briefcase which was full of one Million dollars gave the bribe to the Traitor Army generals to overthrow the elected Iranian government. These two Americans destroyers had shoot down the Musadiq government Ministers through the notorious Shaban rented soldiers of Tehran; then Americans slave and drugs addicted General Fazlullah Zahidi was appointed as Prime Minister of Iran. In this way Americans get occupied Iranian oil by the hands of their oil companies.

In 1954, the American secretary of defense ministry John Foster Dulles his brother and CIA director Allen Dalles ended the Jose Arbenz government because of nationalization of American united fruit company.

In 1973 America ended the elected government of Chile President Alliende. Alliende and the Latin America most popular national poet Pebula Neruda were brutally killed by America and Pinoche named Executioner was nominated as a president of Chile.

From the period of 1950 to 1953   America invaded North Korea and boarded the Korean and Chinese war prisoners and then threw down the prisoners from massive height.

America killed one (1) million Korean inhabitants; two (2) million in Vietnam and one (1) million people from Laos and Cambodia. In addition, a nine year girl named as Milli was raped and then killed by Americans in the village of Vietnam. America also attacked on Cuba in 1961.

America also intervened heavily in the internal affairs of Sudan to destabilize the country. The recent attacked by American on Afghanistan which demolished everything there.

America also attacked Iraq which claimed for having mass destruction weapons and deadly attack on Iraq cost them approx. 1.5 million lives. America also attacked on Syria which cost Syrian people with heavy casualties. It is the America who supporting KSA against Yemen which renowned as poorest country of the Arab world.

On 14th may 1947, it was America who illegally recognized Israel and later on they support the Israel government to emerge as nuclear power in the world. Moreover, the recent decision of Trump which illegal announce for the recognition of Syrian Golan heights inside Israel territory.

There is large number of atrocities in which America extremely involved. It’s a universal truth that every Rise has a fall ultimately. I believe American Civilian population will not be in support of all these atrocities. But different governments and all establishment units are responsible for all these atrocities. But now the people of America are having different school of thoughts as it was before. They’re in favor of peaceful environment around the world and establishments also have been produced hostilities worldwide. Almost every part of the earth has a number of American foes. If all the victimized people get a chance then what will be their reaction and consequences? It is understood that without the power of Allah Almighty every power and every pride hath a fall.

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