Primary schools reopened, and children began to wave again

Primary schools reopened, and children began to wave again

Six months later, primary schools across the country, including Lahore, were reopened. With the reopening of primary schools, educational activities of more than five million students across Punjab were restored. Let’s see

According to the details, the third phase of opening of schools has started. As the number of corona cases has decreased, primary educational institutions across the country have also been opened from today. The children coming to school have been divided into two groups. One day off will be the next day’s attendance. More than six lakh children are studying in two thousand primary schools of Lahore district, who will be called to school on alternate days. There is no 100% grip of the administration on the implementation of CoronaSOPs in public schools.


Teaching has started in the primary sections of 500 government and 1200 private schools in Lahore. In the third phase, fifth graders will come to school from nursery. No child is allowed to enter school without a mask. The number of primary schools in Punjab is 350,000. More than

Teachers of government schools say that they are trying their best to implement Sufi government SOPs but due to inattention of parents, children do not come from home wearing masks. Will be able to complete the curriculum.


Primary schools reopened, and children began to wave again

Author: Haroon Malik

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