Punjab Education Boards make important decision regarding admission fees

Punjab Education Boards make important decision regarding admission fees

Punjab Education Board will not Refund Examination Fees

Bad news for students, education boards across Punjab have decided not to refund admission fees.

According to sources, the board exams have been canceled but the examination fee submitted to any student will not be refunded, no board of Punjab will refund the entrance fee, the admission fee submitted for the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth exams will be refunded.

Tenth class examinations have been taken but not practical, ninth, eleventh and twelfth examinations have been canceled, 4.1 million students have applied for the examinations, nine education boards of the province have received crores of rupees in admission fees. Chairman PBCC Riaz Hashmi said that arrangements have been made for the examinations which cost a lot, the results have to be released to the children.

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On the other hand, the Punjab Board Committee of Chairmen has made important recommendations regarding board examinations, according to which 11 categories of supplementary, composite, repeat and improv students have been made, which is 7% of the total students. But students will be allowed to take the exam next year if they wish.

According to the recommendations, ninth grade students will be promoted to tenth grade, eleventh grade students will be promoted to twelfth grade, eleventh grade marks will be doubled and twelfth result will be prepared. All the recommendations prepared by Punjab will be presented in the inter-provincial meeting to be held tomorrow under the chairmanship of the Federal Minister for Education, however, the final notification will be issued after the approval of the federation.

In addition, the Punjab Teachers Union demanded a review of the decision to close schools till July 15 and cancel board examinations.

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